The lawn mower does not start: causes and remedies

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Agree that almost any problems with the trimmer can be solved on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. When the lawn mower does not start, the causes and remedies for the malfunction lie on the surface itself. It is only necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the device and determine the key causes of problems.

In this article, we will consider the popular causes of benzocose breakdowns, how to detect them. Here are some home repair tips. To make it easier for beginners to understand the process, we will provide the material with visual photos and detailed video instructions.

The content of the article:

  • Typical malfunctions of lawn mowers
  • Key causes of breakdowns
    • №1. Fuel tank problems
    • №2. Candle and candle channel problems
    • №3. Fuel line faults
  • Why does the trimmer stall quickly?
  • Basic rules for operating lawn mowers
  • How to prevent breakage during storage?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Typical malfunctions of lawn mowers

Difficulties with the operation of lawn mowers can arise at any time of operation. Even a completely new trimmer can stop starting.

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The most common problems with these devices include:

  • various engine damages, which are indicated by problems with starting the engine and unusual vibration;
  • clogging of the fuel filter - this problem is indicated by turning off the unit at minimum speed;
  • lack of spark - a malfunction occurs due to the fact that the fuel fills the candle;
  • noticeable vibration of the rod, which makes it difficult to operate the trimmer;
  • severe or rapid overheating of the gearbox;
  • decrease in the speed of rotation of the knives;
  • blockage of the starter grill;
  • carburetor clogging;
  • other.

A detailed list of typical faults depends on the model and brand of the trimmer. The intensity and nature of breakdowns is also determined by the technical parameters and originality of the tool.

Inspection of lawn mowers

To prevent the lawn mower from breaking down at the most inopportune moment, you need to conduct regular technical inspections and carefully monitor its condition in autumn and winter.

Key causes of breakdowns

Lawn mowers and trimmers often stop starting after long periods of storage. To determine the cause of the malfunction, a multi-stage diagnostics should be performed using special tools. In most cases, trimmers break due to problems with the gas tank and filters.

Much depends on the resource of the tool. The older the unit, the more difficult it can be to break. Each part of the trimmer has its own recommended service life. When it comes to an end, it is recommended to replace the spare parts of the lawn mowers with new ones.

№1. Fuel tank problems

Before starting the lawn mower, check the quality and technical characteristics of the fuel and oil used.

To determine the right amount of oil and fuel mixture, you must read the owner's manual. Fuel is poured into the tank exactly once, so that it can be completely used up during the work.

Carefully pour fuel into the lawn mower

Fuel in the lawn mower must be poured as carefully as possible. To minimize the chance of it getting outside the trimmer, you can use a standard funnel

If the fuel is left in the tank for a long time, after some time it will lose its key characteristics. Such gasoline can seriously harm the engine and lead to engine breakdowns. For this reason, do not fill in large quantities of fuel for future use.

Often lawn mowers stop starting precisely because of the presence of old fuel in them. In this case, you need to pour out the old mixture, clean the tank and pour new gasoline into it.

Instructions for the lawn mower

The recommended characteristics of the fuel mixture to be used on the lawn mower (including the exact ratio of gasoline to oil) can be found in the operating instructions

In this case, the fuel poured into the tank must have the appropriate physical and chemical characteristics. It is not recommended to use low-quality gasoline mixtures of unknown origin.

Most manufacturers of trimmers, for example, the STIHL and Husqvarna brands, recommend pouring at least AI-95 gasoline into the tank. You can buy it at a trusted gas station.

The use of high-octane and high-quality fuel will determine how long the trimmer can last.

№2. Candle and candle channel problems

In the event of a trimmer malfunction, make sure that the candle channel is not flooded with a combustible mixture. If the air damper is not moved to the open position in a timely manner, the spark plug will be filled with gasoline when the engine is turned on.

To make sure that the problems with starting the lawn mower are related to the candles and the candle channel, you need to do the following:

  • unscrew the spark plug, clean it and dry it, because only dry candles can be placed in internal combustion cylinders;
  • drain unused fuel from the hole in which the candle was located;
  • remove carbon deposits on a candle - you can use ordinary manicure accessories (scissors or a file);
  • assemble the block again and restart the system.

In most cases, these manipulations will make it possible to start the engine.

If after replacing the spark plugs the trimmer does not work, you need to check for a spark. If it is not there, then you need to check the cable (ring the tester) connecting the coil and the candle. In case of problems with the wire, you need to stretch a new high-voltage cable.

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№3. Fuel line faults

If the scythe leaves a wet trail and there is no traction, this indicates problems with the fuel line. Its condition can be checked visually - cracks and holes may form on the fuel line.

Usually a leak and any mechanical defects are quite noticeable, and therefore easily determined during a routine inspection.

Chinese trimmer

Especially carefully you need to check the fuel line on a Chinese lawn mower, as it can be severely deformed (twisted or torn)

Regardless of the nature of the fault, the defective wire should be replaced with a new one. When selecting such components, you should choose original spare parts.

Why does the trimmer stall quickly?

If the lawn mower stalls after seasonal storage, service is required. It consists in removing the fuel system, incl. fuel and air filters, disassembling the carburetor, cleaning parts, blowing filters and changing fuel.

During maintenance, the owner needs to make sure that all parts of the trimmer are not broken and can perform their functions.

When the trimmer starts and quickly stalls, you should check the integrity and cleanliness of the air inlet valve to the fuel tank. If the valve is very clogged, then a vacuum will be created in the tank, due to which less fuel will enter the carburetor, and the lawn mower will start, but will stall soon after. To resolve the situation, you need to clean the valve, as well as start the device with the fuel tank cap not fully screwed on.

Besides the trimmer may suddenly stall due to an under-adjusted carburetor. Indirectly, problems with the carburetor are indicated by vibrations during engine operation. Similar signs point to several problems at once: poor idle speed control, changing the composition of the fuel mixture and loosening the carburetor adjusting bolts under the influence of vibration and other forces.

Carburetor adjustment

The loosening of the adjusting bolts on the carburetor of the lawn mower can be easily determined during a visual inspection without the use of special equipment

Repair and adjustment of the carburetor should be done with clean filters (fuel and air). All the nuances of the repair are present in the instructions for the trimmer. This instruction manual is always included with the device.

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Basic rules for operating lawn mowers

The lawn mower needs high-quality and accurate operation. The expected life of its service and the absence of any serious malfunctions depend on this.

When using it, you must:

  • monitor the cooling system during operation;
  • clean the charter channels and starter ribs in a timely manner, and special detergents or ordinary kerosene should be used for cleaning;
  • cool the instrument before cleaning.

If fuel is drained, let the lawn mower run at idle until it stalls. This will allow timely removal of all residues of the working mixture, regardless of the power of the device.

How to prevent breakage during storage?

Benzokosa are used in a warm season. For the winter, they are stored in a pantry, closet or garage.

Quality scythe maintenance

Maintenance of the trimmer should be carried out several times a year (including after winter storage) in order to increase its possible service life

To prevent tool breakage, you need to properly prepare it for seasonal storage:

  • drain the fuel mixture - it should always be drained if the device is not going to be used for months, because fuel breaks down over time into various heavy fractions that can clog channels carburetor;
  • completely disassemble the lawn mower;
  • rinse, clean and dry all parts to which there is access;
  • inspect all elements of the trimmer for damage;
  • eliminate all possible malfunctions, distortions and minor defects;
  • pour a sufficient amount of oil into the gearbox;
  • partially disassemble the engine;
  • rinse and lubricate all necessary elements, incl. piston;
  • clean the air filter.

If the lawn mower is stored outside the home and residential area, it can be wrapped with an oiled cloth. This minimizes the risk of rust on the tool and extends its life.

Careful preparation and processing of the trimmer will allow you to store the device without problems for several seasons.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The main reasons why the lawn mower does not start, or starts and immediately stalls:

Why the Chinese lawn mower does not start: an overview of the main causes and troubleshooting tips:

You can carry out a small repair of trimmer malfunctions with your own hands at home. It is worth contacting specialized repair services only in case of serious breakdowns, as well as in those cases, if we are talking about a very expensive lawn mower, and its price is not comparable to the cost of a professional repair.

It is better to fix a cheap trimmer yourself or buy a new one instead.

Your lawn mower has broken down and you can’t find the cause of the malfunction? Ask for advice from our experts and more experienced site visitors - ask your question in the comment section. Also here you can share your personal experience in repairing lawn mowers, add original photos of breakdowns, and leave useful recommendations for beginners.

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