How to ground the washing machine

Buying household appliances, the user is obliged to take care of its safe connection to protect themselves from electric shock, and household appliances from breakage. The washing machine is often installed in the bathroom, where the risk of electric shock increases several times. How to avoid this? It is necessary to ground the washing machine.

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  • 1Why it is necessary to ground the washing machine
  • 2Washing machine ground in the apartment
    • 2.1The first option: grounding in old houses
    • 2.2The second option: grounding in the bathroom
  • 3Earthing machine in a private house

Why it is necessary to ground the washing machine

Many users after buying the stylalki boldly connect it to the nearest outlet and do not even think about whether it's right. First of all, you need to ground the washing machine for your safety.

Think! Even machines with an interference suppression filter installed are able to pass current through the housing - 110 volts. And if the filter burns or the wiring is broken, the electric shock can be 220 volts. This is a direct threat to your health, and when installed in a damp room - life.

Moreover, if there is no grounding, the technique itself may deteriorate. A water contact with a damaged wiring will result in a short circuit and a complete burn of the styalki. Think about what is more advantageous: learn how to properly ground the washing machine or buy new equipment. Let's look at the features of installing the grounding yourself.

Washing machine ground in the apartment

The apartment provides two options for grounding. One of them is correct and authorized. Another is also often used by the inhabitants, but it is ineffective and "outlawed" for today. We will talk about each of them so that you have an idea of ​​the pros and cons of these methods. What tools will be needed:

  • Pliers;
  • indicator screwdriver;
  • tool to clean contacts.

Attention! Unplug the machine before starting work.

The first option: grounding in old houses

This method will tell you how to ground the outlet and washing machine in the apartment, if there is no grounding. Immediately make a reservation that this option is suitable for residents of old houses, since in new buildings all sockets are equipped with modern standards. Progress:

  1. It is necessary to arrange a wiring that will go to all household appliances, including lighting in the apartment.
  2. For this purpose, two buses must be installed in the electrical panel, to which the wiring will be connected in the future. Tires are designated as zero - N, and with grounding - PE. How to connect the ground to the shield, read on.
  3. From the outlet, which connects the AGR, a wire is attached to the shield. It should consist of three veins with a copper section. The connection is made as shown in the photo below.

First, connect the blue neutral wire, which is fed to the bus N. Then connect the ground wire to the PE bus, in different cases it can be green or yellow. Now the red phase wire is connected to the RCD of the counter.

Note! It is forbidden to swap contacts.

So you can protect yourself and your equipment. If you are afraid of doing such work, then call an electrician.

The second option: grounding in the bathroom

How to install the grounding on the washing machine in the bathroom, if the shield does not have special contacts? Use the method of equipotential bonding. The fact is that in the bathroom there are a lot of objects that conduct electric current. To get a small electrical discharge, you do not need to touch the SMA body - just touch the mixer. We suggest connecting all the objects that conduct current with metal wires - thus equalizing the potential.

Having AGA in the bathroom, it is necessary to install moisture-proof outlets.

However, this is not enough. For a washing machine without grounding, an RCD is additionally installed. Also need a flap-automaton. In case of failures and overloads, the shield will simply knock out, which will keep your equipment from spoiling. Of course, it was not without home craftsmen who came up with their way of equalization. It is much cheaper, just as effective, but against safety engineering and has its drawbacks. In this case, the grounding wire of the washer is fixed to a metal pipe or battery.

Quite a doubtful option, because the pipes are quickly destroyed by electricity. This will entail additional costs for their replacement.

Many doubt: is it possible to zero the washing machine? This question is relevant when there is no ground wire on the shield. In this case, there is an option to connect the wire to the zero phase. However, this method is not safe. You decide which option to use in the apartment. One thing is for sure: a washing machine without grounding will sooner or later cause unpleasant situations.

Earthing machine in a private house

If it is important for you to know how to ground a washing machine in a private house, then you can do it the same way as in an apartment - follow the above described methods. However, there is another option.Residents of the private sector can independently organize a grounding on the street. To do this, select a free plot in the yard. It will take three metal pipes. Usually, pipe from old beds, at least, meters long, is used for this purpose. Then proceed as follows:

  • Install the pipes in the ground, to a depth of at least 2 meters. The distance between them should be from one to one and a half meters.
  • Installation is carried out so that 15 centimeters of pipe remain to hang over the ground. Metal plates are welded to them.
  • This wire is connected to a ground wire, which is welded to one of the plates.
  • The other end of the wire is fed to the switchboard and connected to the PE bus (ground).

If there is a special bolt on your stiralk, you can wire it, not the shield. There are times when a machine is beating current due to a breakdown. Therefore, before proceeding with the work, inspect the stylalk at the time of the wiring damage. After all, if you do not replace the damaged area, there simply is no sense in carrying out the work. Grounding in any room should be organized using three-wire wires. Conduct them from the shield to all the sockets. The remaining options, though effective, but dangerous to health. If you do not understand the electrician, it is better to call a specialist at home. For those who decided to work independently, a video on the topic:

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