How to open the washing machine, if it is locked

When there is any failure in the operation of the washer, the automation can block the entire unit. Then the user has a problem: how to open the washing machine, if it is locked, without harm to the equipment and its own life?

It is very important to find out the root cause of the malfunction. If it is not related to the breakdown of key elements of the machine, then the user will be able to correct the situation on his own.

The content of the article:

  • Reasons for blocking the door and their elimination
    • Reason # 1 - auto-lock on completion of washing
    • Reason # 2 - software failure
    • Reason # 3 - problems with the lock
  • Technical Remedies Guide
    • Instruction # 1 - drain the water from the tank
    • Instruction # 2 - change the locking mechanism of the hatch
    • Instruction # 3 - change the broken door handle
    • Instruction # 4 - unlock the washer-vertikalku
  • Unlock secrets for different brands of cars
  • Restrictions on self-repair
    • What is absolutely not worth doing?
    • When should I call the wizard?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic
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Reasons for blocking the door and their elimination

Whatever the root cause of the blockage, remember that it is strictly forbidden to try to unlock the door using force. This is fraught with the fact that you may be hit by a current or a washer would require expensive repairs or its complete replacement. Let us examine the main reasons.

Reason # 1 - auto-lock on completion of washing

Automatic locking is necessary in order to avoid injury to a person and equipment damage. When the cycle is completed, the hatch will automatically open.

But often the user is faced with the situation that after stopping the drum it is not possible to get things out - the door does not give way.

This is not a failure at all, just right away. after the end of the wash cycle the hatch does not open. In this situation, you should wait from 1 to 3 minutes, the duration depends on the model of washer.

The door does not open

Temporary blocking is a precautionary measure designed to stop and cool the drum of the machine and the device itself.

If such a situation arises, do not even try to pull and pull the door - in this way you will not solve the problem, but only break the door. You should wait for a characteristic click or melody, then the door itself opens.

Reason # 2 - software failure

Failure in the washing machine program, unfortunately, not uncommon. This happens for several reasons: due to voltage drops, frequent power cuts, lack of water.

Let us consider in more detail the procedure of actions depending on the factor that led to the blocking.

If a problem in the absence of lightthen turn off the unit immediately. Wait until they turn on the electrics, connect the device to the network and start spinning and rinsing, then the machine will turn off in working mode when the cycle ends.

If there is no light for a long time, then it makes sense to independently drain the water through the hose on the back of the machine, previously de-energizing it. In this case, the door will open itself.

Drain water from the machine

Before draining the water in the drum through the hose, spread a soft cloth or towel under the bottom of the washing machine.

If a lock occurred due to board failure - then you should turn off the machine, hold the button ON / ON, and then remove the cord from the outlet.

You can connect the device to the network after 30 minutes, during which time the machine will have time to perform a reboot.

Water stayed in the drum

If electricity is turned off during the washing process, the machine should be disconnected from the mains and the water should be drained independently. After that, remove the laundry and wipe the drum.

What to do, if turned off the water? The device should be de-energized, wait until the water appears and then connect the washer again.

Reason # 3 - problems with the lock

In most models, the styralok has an option to protect the equipment from the encroachments of the younger heir. That it can cause the door to lock.

Child lock function activated. To disable this program, you can refer to the instructions - there is an algorithm for enabling / disabling this mode for your model of machine.

Or just hold the button "Start" 5-10 seconds and the hatch is unlocked automatically.

Child lock function

The function "Child Lock" will protect your baby from injury. To disable it, refer to the instructions, which sets out the algorithm for pressing buttons

Another problem associated with the lock - its failure. The fact is that the physical mechanism that locks the door, equipped with all the machines without exception. And it may break.

If the error code says that problem in a failed lock and there is no water in the tank, it is necessary to force the door open. This can be done in two ways.

1 way. Unplug the washer from the network. Take a rope or a very thick thread. Gently pull it between the door and the body of the machine. After these actions, there will be pressure on the tongue of the lock, it will be released from the lock, and the door will swing open smoothly.

2 way. Having de-energized the device, remove the top cover. Find the lock (use a flashlight), and to make it easier to get to the door, tilt the washer slightly toward you. Then gently press the hook with a finger or a screwdriver. After clicking the hatch will open wide.

Technical Remedies Guide

If a a lock or water level sensor has failedThis will be signaled by an error code on the screen of the machine. If you are confident in your abilities, you will be able to carry out repairs yourself, otherwise call a specialist.

Instruction # 1 - drain the water from the tank

Many machines are programmed so that if there is liquid in the tankthen the hatch will remain locked. Then you should drain it yourself.

The drain hose must be disconnected from the drain and lower its free end into any container that must be placed in advance below the level of the tank.

The water in the drum after washing

If you see that there is water in the drum after washing, then immediately de-energize the machine. Use a hose to force the drain.

If the first method did not work, you should inspect the filter, which is located on the front panel below.

This is extremely simple: remove the decorative panel, unscrew the filter, tilt the washer and substitute the basin, then get rid of the water, clean the filter and twist the part into place. Connect the program "Rinsing" or "Spin".

If after these actions the water is still inside the drum, then the drain pump pipe is clogged. To get to it, you need to put the washer with the back wall on the floor.

Pre-spread on the floor under the unit some soft cloth or towel, so as not to damage the equipment. When access to the bottom of the device is obtained, to find a pipe is not difficult. Unscrew the mount, disconnect the hose and remove the water.

Instruction # 2 - change the locking mechanism of the hatch

If a lock device issue, here you need a complete replacement of the unsuitable part with a new spare part.

Hatch lock device

The hatch locking device is one of the key parts of the washing machine. It is better to entrust its repair or full replacement to a specialist.

Just follow the recommendations if you are confident in your abilities and decide to do it on your own:

  1. De-energize the typewriter. Raise the top cover of the machine and remove the screws that hold the blocking element. For convenience, tilt the machine and unlock the door with your hand, pushing the tongue of the lock.
  2. Remove the clamp fixing the door.and move the right side of the cuff back a little. Slide your hand into the vacated opening and unscrew the screws.
  3. Remember the sequence in which the blocking device was shot.. Now do the same thing in reverse order - install a working UBL.
  4. After installation, be sure to test. To do this, connect the machine and start the cycle.

When the door is locked and opens after the end of the wash, then everything is done without errors.

Instruction # 3 - change the broken door handle

Sometimes the cause of a block can be broken door handle.

First, turn on the emergency opening mode, if it is provided in your car. Most manufacturers install it at the bottom of the machine near the drain filter.

Visually, it is a cable or lever of orange or red color, by pulling which you can open the door. In addition, you can open the lock manually by unplugging the top cover of the machine, or use a cable.

How to replace the door handle

To replace the door handle of the washer hatch, carefully unscrew the bolts holding the entire door with a screwdriver, remove it and disassemble

It is possible to replace a broken handle with a new one by yourself. When selecting a new part, pay attention to the model and brand of the washer.

The replacement itself does not take much time:

  1. Remove the doorusing a screwdriver. Remove all the bolts that connect the parts of the door, and disassemble the hatch into two components.
  2. Carefully remove the glass and set aside.. Fix (schematically or in the photo) the arrangement of all the details, so as not to confuse anything during the installation of the door.
  3. Remove the handle, lock hook and spring.Using an awl or a screwdriver, push down on the metal rod holding the handle.
  4. Thereafter mount new pen: First of all, install a new spring, then a hook with a handle and a metal pin, at the end - a door.

It also happens that the accumulated debris in the drain hose, pump filter or pump broke. It is for this reason that some of the water lingers inside, and the liquid level sensor does not work.

A blinking error is displayed on this situation. To begin with, you should inspect and, if necessary, clean the discharge hose (it is located at the bottom of the machine). After that, you need to drain the water, and then the hatch will open.

Kaka drain the water

In order to remove the water retained in the drum, you should carefully disconnect the drain hose from the sewer and drain excess liquid

The above situations are relevant if you have a machine installed with a horizontal way of loading.

Instruction # 4 - unlock the washer-vertikalku

If the user has a washing machine with a vertical type of loading and one day its door was blocked, then you can try to solve this problem on your own. For this to do a number of manipulations.

Vertical load of linen

Owners of verticals with a vertical loading method should carefully close the drum. If this is not done, the machine will be blocked.

To make this unit work again, you need:

  • Disconnect the machine from the network and water supply.
  • Move away from the wall.
  • Find TEN. To do this, you need to remove the bolts on the back cover and remove it.
  • Then get the heater: remove the belt and detach the bolt holding it. Remove all the wires that may interfere with work (in order not to confuse the location of the wires, sign them).
  • Using a screwdriver, carefully pull out the heater with a rubber seal. Please note that the gum sometimes sticks to the body, so difficulties may arise.
  • Remove the heater from the machine and then gently rotate the drum in order not to damage the parts.
  • Install the heater back and connect all the wires.

To open the locked hatch, you should not use additional tools, as they can damage the equipment.

How to get a heater

The dimensions and shape of the heating elements of washing machines are different, but the location of the part is almost always the same - under the drum, at the bottom of the machine

When you complete the replacement, you should run the wash again.

Unlock secrets for different brands of cars

To successfully troubleshoot problems, you must carefully read the instructions for the washing machine, as the equipment differs from different manufacturers in its design.

Samsung. If this situation occurred with the model of this brand, and the discharge and 30 minutes of the reboot did not bring the desired result, then there is a problem with the removal of water.

You will need to drain the water by using an emergency hose, it is located next to the filter. In addition, especially for such situations, some models have cables for forcibly opening the door.

LG. The machine of this brand is simply unlocked by removing "Castle of children". To reset, as well as the installation, you must simultaneously activate two modes: “Super Rinse” and "Prewash". After that, the cycle can be continued by selecting the button Start / Pause.

LG washing machine in repair

LG simply unlocks the washers; to do this, deactivate the “Child protection” mode or hold the “Start” button for a couple of seconds

Bosch. To unlock this brand's washing machine, click the button. "minus". This method will work if your model has buttons on the panel. "a plus" and "minus".

If the key is on the monitor and there is no possibility to change the mode, you must hold the button "Start" 5-10 seconds. After that the hatch will open.

Electrolux. All cars from this manufacturer are equipped with a function "Pause", which can be used to complete the wash ahead of time. If the water level in the drum reaches a certain level, and the temperature drops below +50 ° C, the lock will automatically open.

Atlant. The system of emergency opening of the hatch is provided in the washers of this brand. To do this, a special cable is installed to open the door next to the filter for drainage.

Atalnt machine - setting

To unlock the Atalnt machine, you need to find the emergency opening device of the sunroof locking device. It is installed next to the water filter at the bottom of the unit.

Indesit. To begin with, owners of a washing machine of this brand should check the availability of water in the drum. If it is absent, you should restart the machine.

When there is no time and you need to quickly open the door - just gently pull the emergency cable, which is located at the bottom of the unit.

If there is water inside the washer, activate the mode "Drain". If it does not help, then you need to manually remove the water from the machine using a drain hose. After that, the machine is unlocked automatically.

If this does not happen, then use one of the above methods for forcibly opening the hatch.

Ariston. In units of this manufacturer, the door is blocked due to power surges or, as a result, after a power outage.

Manual water drain

To cope with such a breakdown, you have to remove the water. Here you can help either the emergency unlock cable or manual water drain. Both parts are located in the lower right corner of the machine near the filter

The instructions spelled out other possible solutions. Because of the choice of programs "Baby", "Silk" or "Easy ironing" the drum may slow down or the water will not completely drain.

To correct the situation, activate the button “START / PAUSE” or duplicate "Easy ironing".

Restrictions on self-repair

Observance of elementary safety rules will save you and equipment from unforeseen emergencies.

What is absolutely not worth doing?

It is forbidden to carry out any work with the washing machine, if it is energized. Otherwise, you may be electrocuted. In addition, a rotating drum can hurt hands when the hatch is open.

Do not try to force the door open, especially if there is water in the tank. Possible electric shock, irreversible damage to equipment.

It is not recommended to “decipher” the error code without further studying the instructions, even if you are well versed in electronics, as you can spoil it completely. Be sure to read the instructions.

Error code on the display

If the error code or the inscription “door” flashes on the display of the machine, then immediately refer to the instructions for decrypting it.

It is forbidden to break off any wires if you are not sure of their purpose, and to correct module failures on your own (especially soldering anything, without experience with such equipment).

When should I call the wizard?

If it is not possible to open the hatch by known methods, without damaging the car, it is time to call the specialists.

For example, the door handle is broken. For a user who does not have technical knowledge, it will be difficult to choose a suitable part on his own.

How to replace the door handle

New handle to the hatch of the washing machine should be chosen carefully, paying attention to the manufacturer and model of the machine on which you will mount the new part

A specialist will be required if there is still water in the drum after the end of the wash. This may be due to the fact that the pump is out of order.

In the worst case, the reason may lie in the failure of the board or the water sensor. Faults such a plan will eliminate only an experienced master.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The specialist clearly demonstrates a universal way, thanks to which everyone can open a locked hatch lock device without difficulty.

A simple recommendation for unlocking the Bosch typewriter. How to do it in a minute using a simple change of washing mode.

Video tutorial, which will tell you how to open the closed door of the washer, if there is water in the drum.

If you find that the door of the washing machine is locked, try not to panic. Carefully read the instructions for your model.. Try to solve the problem on your own, using our recommendations. If difficulties arise, call a specialist..

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