The best building hair dryer: by price, quality, power, rating, review of 16 professional and home tools

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For builders or people who do their own repairs at home, there are various necessary tools. One of them is the building hair dryer, because it performs many functions, depending on the needs. So that you are not disappointed in the purchase, we have compiled a rating of the best hair dryers, but first you need to understand what to look for when choosing.

The content of the article:

  • What to look for when choosing
    • What exactly is this device?
    • Performance
    • Temperature control
    • Purpose of the tool
    • Classification of building hair dryers
    • Types of building hair dryer and its handles
    • The main characteristics of the building hair dryer
    • Additional functionality of a building hair dryer
    • Equipment
  • Ratings by type of building hair dryers
    • The best rechargeable hair dryers
    • The best hair dryers with stepless temperature control
    • The best hair dryers with step temperature control
    • The best building hair dryers with digital temperature setting

What to look for when choosing

This device is used not only by professional builders, but also by ordinary people who started repairs. It is used in various ways, for example, to perform installation work. With it, you can influence the flow of hot air to the desired area of ​​​​the surface. The temperature of the building hair dryer, in turn, can be completely different from 50 ° C to 500 ° C

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What exactly is this device?

The body of the building hair dryer is a dense plastic. Inside it fit a special heating element, a thermal insulation casing and an electric motor, which is responsible for the power of the air flow, which is fed out through the tool nozzle.


Performance refers to the volume of air that passes through the device in one unit of time. For some models, this parameter can be adjusted. These are in demand when a large, strong flow can blow away some small important details.

Temperature control

An important parameter that the best building hair dryers are endowed with. It allows you to use the device as accurately as possible, without the risk of exposing the parts to an excessively high, unsuitable for them, temperature, depending on their material.

Purpose of the tool

When choosing a reliable building hair dryer, they can perform a wide variety of construction, repair or installation work. At the same time, the time savings are significant in comparison with other tools. For example:

  1. Tired of the old paintwork. Remove it with a spatula, heating with hot air using a hot air gun. So the unnecessary layer will move away from the surface much faster.
  2. Fast drying. Quality tools make it much easier to dry a thick layer of some material, such as glue or putty. It is also used for tiling joints or to remove moisture from the places where parts for laying insulation are connected.
  3. Create structures with a stream of hot air from materials with different compositions, pipes, plexiglass, etc.
  4. For cables or wires, a thermoplastic protective coating can be made.
  5. Defrosting. High temperatures can quickly melt frozen pipes, steps, wires, etc.
  6. wood disinfection. Remove unwanted insects or other organisms with hot air so that the wood is usable.
  7. Gluing. If you heat up the bonding points, you can glue several large elements by increasing the exposure time.
  8. Dismantling. Any fasteners and other connections that have got varnish, paint, glue, or other substance are removed using a quality tool.
  9. Spike. Polyvinyl pipes can be soldered using this construction tool.
  10. House roof repair. It is designed to cut roofing materials or cook overlapped roofing material.
  11. Any types of gluing will be faster if you use a building hair dryer.
  12. Pipe repair. Solder is also used for this - either tin or made of silver.
  13. Soldering. To solder or solder pipes made of copper, they resort to using a building hair dryer. This also applies to wires and cables.

Versatility is confirmed by the multitasking it is capable of. The most important thing is to choose the right temperature and speed at which hot blasts are delivered from the nozzle, or to take an initially adjustable tool. If you choose exactly, according to the announced parameters, the building hair dryer becomes indispensable both at home and for professional work.

Classification of building hair dryers

T. since the purpose of the tool is different, you need to understand which one is needed in a particular case. It is customary to distinguish three types. They differ in maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as the possible load during operation:

  1. professional type. These building hair dryers are characterized by smooth temperature regulation and stabilization for comfortable work with different materials when performing professional work. The design of the tool may be different, for example, the handle is closed, and the heat-insulating casing in some models is removable. Such equipment is of high cost, but it is justified by its versatility.
  2. Industrial type. The operation of building hair dryers here takes place in much more dimensional works. Their intensity also differs. For industrial, building hair dryers with the maximum configuration are purchased. Their temperature can reach up to 700°C, and the power reaches more than 2 kW.
    You can use such a tool for a longer time period. Despite all the advantages, there are disadvantages: the hair dryer is heavy, consumes a lot of electricity, and such equipment is quite expensive.
  3. Household type. Differs in the minimum number of work performed within the household. Features of these building hair dryers in the absence of smooth temperature control, short continuous operation, which lasts no more than 15 minutes. The limit of the tool is 500°C, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.
    The former include simple operation, light weight of the equipment, and the fact that such a tool is inexpensive. To the second - a short time of continuous operation, low power, little additional functionality.

It is necessary to choose a building hair dryer based on the work to be performed. An adequate view of the functionality of the equipment will save money.

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Types of building hair dryer and its handles

When choosing a device, pay attention to the types of building hair dryer. They are different depending on their body. There are only three types:

  • pistol;
  • straight;
  • combined.
Building hair dryer

Combined is considered the "golden mean" between the other two types. It is more versatile and easy to use.

It is also important to mention the types of building hair dryer handles. There are only two of them:

  1. The open handle makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach places. It requires special care, caution during operation, because human hands are not protected in any way. If handled carelessly, there is a risk of severe burns and other damage due to high temperatures.
  2. The closed handle, on the contrary, greatly complicates the work, allowing you to perform manipulations only in the limited available space. This type has the advantage of being a safe process. Hands here are protected not only from the high degree of the hair dryer itself, but also from flying particles of building materials.

You need to choose the one that is suitable for performing the necessary work. It is also important not to forget about your own safety in the process.

The main characteristics of the building hair dryer

There are five main characteristics to consider when choosing a tool. It is on these indicators that it depends on what maximum possibilities this or that hair dryer has:

  1. Temperature range, minimum and maximum value. This characteristic depends directly on how powerful the building hair dryer was chosen. The industrial look is capable of delivering the highest temperature of 700 ° C, while professional-grade tools do not reach more than 650 ° C, and household ones do not even reach 500 ° C.
    In addition to the maximum temperature, it is worth specifying the minimum degree that it is capable of. This is due to the fact that for some types of work a low temperature is needed, which not every equipment can provide.
  2. Power. This parameter determines the efficiency and speed with which the work can be done. More powerful building hair dryers allow you to carry out construction with high temperatures. Another important advantage is that it warms up faster, chasing air flows faster.
  3. Flow. The maximum flow allows you to determine the performance of the building hair dryer. It is measured in liters per minute. The highest rate is in the industrial type of building hair dryers.
  4. Building hair dryer weight. The lighter it is, the longer it will be possible to operate it without the appearance of fatigue. Weight ranges from 0.5 kg to 1.8 kg. For medium-sized building hair dryers, it ranges from 1 kg to 1.2 kg.
  5. Modes. Building hair dryers have three modes of operation, two of which are the main ones - this is the minimum and maximum temperature of the air flow. The third is the cold air blowing mode, which helps the appliance cool down after a long period of use. Not all models of building hair dryer have it.

In addition to the main indicators, it is advisable to pay attention to additional functions when choosing.

Additional functionality of a building hair dryer

To make the building dryer more convenient to use, it often has additional features. For example:

  • the ability to regulate the temperature of two types: either smooth or stepped;
  • temperature stabilizer;
  • the ability to adjust the speed of hot air;
  • filter for the air that enters it;
  • special protection against tool overheating;
  • an indicator that allows you to control how hot it is;
  • thermal cover.

Each of them in its own way helps to facilitate any construction or repair process, and also helps to save it for a longer period.


Please note that, in addition to nozzles, a lot of additional useful things may be included in the package of a building hair dryer. For example:

  • welding rods;
  • various adapters;
  • interchangeable handles;
  • special scrapers;
  • suitcase.

Of particular importance in the configuration are the nozzles, since they can perform various construction manipulations. Their views can be seen in the image.


Ratings by type of building hair dryers

We have compiled a rating of the best hair dryers, depending on their type, based on customer reviews and the opinions of professional builders. To make it easier to choose the right tool, the advantages and disadvantages of each model are presented.

The best rechargeable hair dryers

Cordless devices allow you to work without a permanent connection to electricity. Consider the top 5 that were included in the review of the best building hair dryers. Also, for convenience, the average price on marketplaces valid for 2023 will be indicated.

Building hair dryer DEKO HG2000W, 2000 W

The model from the DEKO brand is designed for a wide variety of tasks, including the removal of paintwork material from the surface, welding of plastic and softening of coatings. The building hair dryer is not intended for long-term work. Its temperature is kept in the range from 350 to 500°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Budget friendly, well built. Light weight allows you to comfortably hold the equipment in your hand. According to buyers, it is great for domestic tasks. It gets too hot and takes a long time to cool down. It automatically turns off in case of overheating, there is overload protection and step-type temperature control.

The price of the model is 999 rubles.

Construction hair dryer Electrolite Ф 2200, 2200 W

The equipment of this model is designed for construction or repair tasks of a domestic type. According to the manufacturer, the body is made of high quality material. The temperature of the hair dryer varies from 400 to 600°C, so it is suitable for removing paint or softening any coating.

Advantages Flaws Additional functions
The tool quickly heats up the air. Unpleasant odors are absent, with the exception of the first application. There is a good wire, and the appearance of the case looks stylish. There is no cold blowing function, which is why it cools for a long time. Stepped temperature control. You can control the air flow.

The price of the model is 1,075 rubles.

Construction hair dryer Electrolite Ф 2200, 2200 W

Building hair dryer VORTEX TP-2000, 2000 W

This model is suitable for drying surfaces: walls or floors. They can also heat pipes or remove unwanted coatings of various materials. The building hair dryer has three operating temperatures: 25, 350 and 500°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Affordable price. The device is able to work in the cold. Comes with a storage case and a lot of attachments. Light weight means less fatigue.

Also heats up quickly. There is a convenient hanging loop.

According to some buyers, the hair dryer does not meet the declared temperature. When you first turn it on, there is smoke, but it passes and the tool continues to work properly. There is overheating protection and a temperature regulator. He's stepped here. You can also control the air flow.

Price — 1 990 rubles.

Dryer construction Procraft PH-2300E

Equipment from the ProCraft brand is considered industrial and semi-professional equipment. Heated to a temperature of 70 to 600°C. The air flow rate of this model of building hair dryer reaches 650 l / min. The set includes several different attachments that allow the tool to be multifunctional.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Convenient and easy to use. It has a high-quality case, made of good material. Affordable price and lack of unpleasant odors. There may be smoke on first use, buyers assume that this is the burnout of the paint inside the equipment. This building hair dryer has protection against overheating. Step temperature control and two modes to control the air flow.

Price - 2,500 rubles.

18V rechargeable heat gun Makita BL1830 1840 1850 1860

A tool that is suitable for domestic tasks or professional work. The weight of the device is only 500 g. The maximum temperature reaches 650°C, and the air flow rate is 650 l/min. This model is made in China.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Powerful batteries. Lightweight and easy to use. High-quality appearance of the case. There is no device to safely change nozzles. It does not perform very well at low temperatures, in the cold. Automatically turns off when overheated. This model of equipment is backlit. There is a latch lock and a lock against accidental shutdown. There is overload protection.

Price — 3 400 rubles.

The best hair dryers with stepless temperature control

Temperature controlled equipment is either step type or stepless type. Consider models that fit the second of them. The rating is also based on reviews and the price of the tool.

Building hair dryer ZUBR FT-P1800, 1800 W

The device of this model from the ZUBR brand is included in the class of professional equipment. It is designed to remove unwanted or obsolete paintwork. The maximum temperature to which it can be heated is 550°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Comes with a long cord so you don't have to be near an outlet. The air intake is located on the sides of the building hair dryer, so it is convenient to put it on the back side in between work. Average weight - 0.9 kg. Nozzles are made of thick metal. It is possible to work both at low temperatures from 80°С, and at high ones. The tool is quality. Its power allows you to quickly complete the necessary tasks. For installation work, the length of the wire is not enough. No suitcase which makes storage difficult. Thermometer missing. Temperature control is smooth. There are two modes of operation: the first is up to 400°C, the second is up to 550°C. There is overheating protection and airflow control. Cold blowing, contributing to the cooling of the model.

Price — 3 290 rubles.

Building hair dryer ZUBR FT-P1800, 1800 W

Building hair dryer tundra, 2000 W

This model is suitable both for removing obsolete coatings, and for defrosting frozen work, loosening nuts, etc. The tool operates in the temperature range from 60 to 600°C. This device belongs to professional equipment. It can be purchased on various marketplaces, including aliexpress, where it is cheaper.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
Quality. Easy to use due to its versatility. There is no airflow to cool the model. Smooth temperature control, which makes it possible to work with different materials as carefully as possible. There is a flow control.

Price — 3 650 rubles.

Building hair dryer ELITECH TV 2000ZhK (Е2207.003.02), 2000 W

Professional type tool for softening coatings and removing paint from surfaces. It has a brushed motor. Temperature gradation — from 50 to 600°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
In the kit, in addition to the classic configuration, there is a scraper, a spatula and a loop to hang it. Functional. Heats up quickly within 3-5 minutes. Quality build. Light weight - 800 g. The cord is difficult to disconnect. The fasteners on the suitcase are flimsy. Smooth temperature control. There is a display. The airflow is also controlled.

Price - 3 920 rubles.

Building hair dryer ZUBR FT-P2000 M2D, 2000 W

Another model from the ZUBR professional class brand. Suitable for a wide variety of construction and repair tasks, such as defrosting pipes or drying surfaces. The temperature varies from 80 to 600°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional features of the hair dryer
Quality, versatility, power and ergonomics. No significant deficiencies were identified. Infinite temperature adjustment facilitates multifunctional use. There is a digital indicator. Cold blowing, Thermal fuse that protects the hair dryer from overheating.

Price - 4 060 rubles.

Building hair dryer Einhell TE-HA 2000 E Case, 2000 W

The equipment is used at home for household tasks. It dries the paint well or removes the outdated coating from the surface, and is also suitable for softening it. Its maximum temperature does not exceed 550°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional functions of the building hair dryer
Good quality hair dryer and wires. Comes with a case for comfortable storage of nozzles, the device. No significant deficiencies were found. The temperature mode is regulated smoothly from 50 °C to the maximum value. The flow rate can also be adjusted. It reaches a maximum of 500 liters per minute. There are LED indicators, cooling system.

Price — 5 155 rubles.

Building hair dryer Einhell TE-HA 2000 E Case, 2000 W

The best hair dryers with step temperature control

Step adjustment for building hair dryers differs from smooth in that there are only a few “steps” and the heating is sharper. For review, we selected three different brands that produce equipment.

Building hair dryer BRAIT BHG2000N, 2000 W

It is used to weld plastic, remove paint or defrost pipes, and much more. This tool is considered semi-professional. It can be operated at temperatures from 350 to 600°C.

Advantages Flaws Additional functions of the building hair dryer
Fits comfortably in the hand. Comes with a storage case and three attachments. Budget value, light weight. Strong smell of plastic, nozzles are hard to put on, and there is no cooling. Stepped temperature control, flow rate control, protected from moisture and dust.

Price — 1 140 rubles.

Building hair dryer STAVR FTE-2000M Case, 2000 W

The performance of a building hair dryer can be either 350 or 500 liters per minute. It also heats up in different ways: from 25 to 600 ° C. On the manufacturer's website it is declared as household.

Advantages Flaws Additional functions
Handles assigned tasks. Affordable price. Poor quality nozzles. Protected from overheating. The temperature mode varies in steps, the flow is also adjustable.

Price - 1,327 rubles.

Building hair dryer ZUBR FT-2000, 2000 W

The building hair dryer is equipped with a high power heating element. Work is provided in a stationary position: there is a flat part, and the handle is made with a support. The semi-professional device copes with various household and other tasks, because it heats up from 350 to 600 ° C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
It performs its functions properly. Price equals quality. He is powerful. No significant deficiencies were found. Different modes of flow rate and temperature. Two thermal fuses to prevent overheating of the model.

Price — 2 090 rub.

The best building hair dryers with digital temperature setting

Building dryers with digital temperature setting are convenient in that it can be controlled, and maximum accuracy is useful for industrial work or experienced craftsmen. Let's consider three models.

STEINEL HG 2320 E Case

Professional type device with a power of 2300 watts. Temperature regime in the range from 80 to 650°С. Performance is also different - from 150 to 500 liters per minute. The temperature setting system is a joystick: a small toggle switch is made at the end of this model of building hair dryer.

Advantages Flaws Additional functions
Good quality. Its cable is three meters long, so it is convenient to work from the mains, it is also protected from breaking. The ceramic heating element is more wear resistant. Weight over one kilogram. The silver coating on the sides quickly peels off, scratches remain if the hair dryer is placed on the table, and not set. It is expensive. Convenient adjustment system, digital display for temperature control.

Price - 12,660 rubles.

STEINEL HG 2320 E Case

BOSCH GHG 23-66 Professional Case

Another model of a professional-grade building hair dryer. There are two modes: 50°C with a capacity of up to 300 liters per minute or up to 500 l/min at 650°C. The power of the building hair dryer is 2300 watts.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
D-shaped handle covered with rubber. Easy adjustment. Quickly cools down to 50°C. Quality. Weighs only about 700 g. People complain about the lack of a button that would make it easier to switch from temperature control to flow rate change. A hard drive display that's sunk deep inside the case. This is done to save it from damage, and also so that the sun does not interfere with work.

Price — 8 300 rubles.

Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case

Another professional grade tool, easy to learn, multifunctional. All designations are easy to understand intuitively. Power - 2300 W, and temperature - from 50 to 650 ° C.

Advantages Flaws Additional model features
The cable for the network reaches 4 meters, you can work without carrying. The handle has a rubber grip for a comfortable grip. Poor quality suitcase included. Protected from overheating. There is a LCD screen to control and regulate the temperature, flow.

Price — 7 400 rubles.

To understand which building hair dryer is better, it is enough to carefully study the reviews, purpose and characteristics of the models. Share your experience with such equipment and save the article in case of repair, because it will be useful!

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