How to clean the boots at home: 6 simple ways


  • 1 Features of care and cleaning
    • 1.1 Minor pollution and everyday care: 3 ways
    • 1.2 Removal of dirt and complex stains: 3 ways
  • 2 Conclusion
For felt boots need some careFor felt boots need some care

They learned how to make felt shoes in Ancient Russia - woolen felt boots rescued well even in the bitter cold. Over the centuries, this surprisingly practical footwear enjoys an enviable popularity. But like any thing, felt boots can get dirty and, of course, require maintenance. I will describe in detail how to clean ordinary felt boots from gray felt and how to clean white felt boots at home.

Features of care and cleaning

Since these boots consist mostly of natural wool, then, like any wool product, they are afraid of moisture and water. This feature complicates the care of such shoes, but does not make it impossible.

Felt does not like moisture, so machine wash and soak are highly undesirable.Felt does not like moisture, so machine wash and soak are highly undesirable.

Regardless of the type of contamination, the boots are prepared before the main cleaning.

How to prepare boots for cleaning:

  • wet boots should be completely dry, so they are dried in a warm and dry place away from heating appliances and sources of open fire;
  • if there are traces of dirt, lumps of clay, etc. on the surface of the product, they are removed with a rubber brush or a brush with medium-hard bristles. It is important to carry out the procedure after the boots are completely dry.
Dry boots should be a natural way.Dry boots should be a natural way.

Valenoks can be dried only in a natural way: batteries, electric dryers for shoes and other devices detrimental effect on the structure of the felt. It can be burnt or coarsen, not to mention the fact that the shoe itself gives a significant shrinkage of a size or two.

Minor pollution and everyday care: 3 ways

It is easier to take care of your favorite felt boots in a timely manner, rather than painstakingly rub out old dirt from the surface. Proper and constant care ensures their long life and excellent appearance for several seasons in a row.

For easy cleaning boots can be used:

A photo Description
width = "327" Method 1. A vacuum cleaner.

Surprisingly, this household assistant perfectly removes dust and small motes from the surface of felt footwear, therefore dusty felt boots can be cleaned in this way.

table_pic_att15066352463 Method 2 Rubber brush.

Minor dried contamination, soil residues or sand from melted snow. Can be removed with a stiff brush or special rubber to care for felt products.

table_pic_att15066352474 Method 3. Starch, semolina, tooth powder, soda.

A great option than to clean the white felt boots at home. Any of these means is plentifully applied on all surface, remains for some time, and then carefully beat out (for removal of particles of soda, starch, etc. You can also use a vacuum cleaner).

Dry dirt can be removed with a brush.Dry dirt can be removed with a brush.

Removal of dirt and complex stains: 3 ways

If the spots are complex, old-fashioned and are not displayed using the methods described above, then it is time for “heavy artillery,” namely, household chemicals and special means.

Galoshes well rescue from bad weather and dirtGaloshes well rescue from bad weather and dirt

Machine wash and soak in water is detrimental to felt shoes. Do not allow the fabric to get wet through when cleaning.

The instructions in the table contain detailed recommendations for cleaning dirty boots of any kind:

A photo Description
table_pic_att15066352507 Method 1: Use Carpet Cleaner

Surprisingly, modern and well-known powders, gels and foaming compositions for cleaning carpets can be cleaned and felt boots.

For this you need:

  • carpet cleaner diluted in water to form a thick dense foam;
  • foam is applied to problem areas and left for a certain time specified in the instructions for begging / gel;
  • excess foam is removed with a clean cloth.
table_pic_att15066352538 Method 2: care for delicate fabrics and to preserve color.

The use of such compositions, which are usually added during the wash to preserve color, “magic of white” and protection against pellets, is perfectly cleaned even by light felt boots.

How to act:

  • the product is diluted with cold water (if necessary, a bleach without chlorine can be added for a more white shade of light-colored boots);
  • A small amount of the composition is applied to the felt, you can even rub the area with a cloth or sponge;
  • boots are left to dry in a warm verifiable room.
table_pic_att15066352549 Method 3: soap solution

Regular laundry soap perfectly cope with the cleansing of boots from dirt.

What should be done:

  • soap is dissolved in water to form a solution of medium concentration;
  • The resulting composition is used to clean problem areas;
  • to remove excess quickly washed under running water and remove moisture with a dry towel.

So that the products are not deformed during cleaning, before the procedure it is desirable to fill them with paper to maintain the desired shape. Drying shoes must be without removing the stuffed paper, and if it becomes wet, then change it in a timely manner.


It is possible to care for valenoks without much difficulty and you can also clean contaminated felt boots with your own hands. However, if you doubt your strength, it is better not to risk it and send your shoes to dry cleaning, because the price of professional cleaning services is much cheaper than a new pair of winter boots.

The video in this article shows how you can get rid of stains on felt boots without leaving your home. If you have any questions - ask them in the comments.

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