Bestway or Intex, which pool is better: a comparison of two manufacturers, designs, material quality, equipment, price

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Before installing a bathhouse on the adjacent plot, you need to analyze the different types of these products. When choosing which pool is better: Bestway or Intex, several indicators are evaluated (design, material, cost, equipment).

Bestway or Intex which pool is better

The content of the article:

  • Comparison of two manufacturers of frame pools
    • Comparison of designs
    • Material Quality Comparison
    • Hardware Comparison
    • Model range comparison
    • Cost Comparison
  • Which of the two pools to choose?
    • For adults
    • For children
    • Video

Comparison of two manufacturers of frame pools

The activity of Intex Corporation began in 1964. Gradually, the scale of production of inflatable products expanded. Branches of the company appeared in different countries. Bestway introduced the first inflatable hot tubs made from durable PVC in 1993. They quickly became popular. The models of these companies occupy the highest lines in the ratings.

Comparison of designs

If it is decided to choose which pool for a summer residence is better in terms of such an indicator as design, then ease of use is taken into account.

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It is possible to note different models in the line of Bestway:

  1. For example, a rectangular frame pool of the POWER STEEL type stands out. Volume - 19281 l. Its frame is made of galvanized stainless steel. A simple design determines the assembly of the bowl in 1-2 hours. The Seal & Lock™ frame connection system provides protection against possible liquid intrusion into the boom. An increased resistance to water pressure is achieved by installing flexible elastic C-shaped connectors in the corners of the bowl.
  2. If you need a frame pool, which one will best allow an assessment of all varieties. For example, Bestway offers HYDRIUM pools, which are distinguished by the use of material such as 0.4 mm thick steel for the manufacture of the bowl. This provides frost resistance to the structure, which allows not to remove the structure from the site in winter. An example is the Hydrium Pool Set model. Its frame is metal with anti-corrosion coating. Volume - 10990 liters.
    Hydrium Pool Set
  3. To decide which type of pool is best for wellness treatments, choose a SPA variety, for example, the BESTWAY BAHAMAS AIRJET brand. The design is round, with a volume of 669 liters with a soft floor. Water filtration and heating are provided, there is an aeromassage. Button control. The panel is located on the electric pump. Operating parameters are displayed on the LCD.
  4. Simple design with a metal frame that is easy to install. attract STEEL PRO models, for example, with a volume of 5700 liters. The racks are protected from rust by a layer of plastic.
  5. Quickly assembled without requiring the use of tools, the STEEL PRO MAX model. For example, with a volume of 9150 liters. The sealed durable fixation of all components is provided by the Seal Lock system.
  6. The FAST SET 183x51cm inflatable pool, for example, with a volume of 940 liters, is attractive due to the ease of installation, which is better in the absence of experience. After placing the bowl on a flat area, fill the upper ring with air. It straightens out. The walls begin to rise as the water level rises. Durable additional padding adds strength and provides puncture protection. Installation takes about 10 minutes.
    FAST SET 183x51cm

Children's models are offered by Bestway in various designs. There are varieties with an upper inflatable ring. Models with a hard bottom are presented, in which the sides are inflated.

When deciding which type is better, they take into account that the design of a non-inflatable pool is recognized as convenient. It is unpacked, unfolded and gradually filled with water. For example, you can buy a font from this series called "Underwater World". Its volume is 277 liters.

Underwater world 277 l


Both frame and inflatable varieties of convenient prefabricated pools are presented in the Intex line:

  1. It is possible to distinguish a design with a reinforced, high-strength metal frame of the Prism Frame series, for example, with a bowl volume of 4485 liters. To maintain the shape, a special polypropylene tape is provided. Racks with an oval section can withstand significant loads. Rust protection is provided by powder coating. Attracts a quick installation that does not require the use of tools, a metal frame. It includes racks, special jumper tubes and corners necessary for connecting parts.
    Prism Frame
  2. There are frame pools of different sizes on the Intex list, among which it is difficult to distinguish which type is better. They are all easy to assemble. An example is the quick-mount design of the Rectangular Frame Pool.
    Rectangular Frame Pool
  3. A variety of Oval Prism Frame Pool has a convenient shape. Stability of a design is provided with metal racks with protective coloring.
    Oval Prism Frame Pool
  4. Many people think that it is better to install inflatable views. Which one to choose, you can decide after studying the offers of Intex. Suitable, for example, brand Easy Set. The drain valve is on the bottom. When installing, the bowl is inflated, and then water is poured in. The bottom of this design is rigid.
    Easy Set

Children's pools of corporation Intex are mainly of inflatable type. It is better for kids, as the walls are soft. If you need a rigid structure that does not need to be inflated, then the Beach variety will do.


Material Quality Comparison

When assessing which type of font is better, the material is compared in terms of strength.


For the manufacture of frame pools of the Bestway brand, for example, from the POWER STEEL line, a three-layer TriTech ™ material is used, which is distinguished by its elasticity and strength. Its reinforcing core is made of polyester mesh, and the outer layers are made of PVC. The inner surface of the font is covered with a mosaic pattern imitating pebbles.

If year-round operation is an indicator for deciding which type of pool is best, then choose from the Bestway line, for example, the Hydrium Pool Set model. Here, the material of the walls of the bowl are frost-resistant steel sheets. Their small thickness (0.4 mm) provides good flexibility with high strength. An example is a model with a volume of 7630 liters.



Often, after deciding which type of pool is best for a family, Prism Frame Pool or Metal Frame Pool models from the Intex line are preferred. This is explained by an elastic durable bowl. For its manufacture, a material with a polyester mesh core and two outer vinyl layers with a high density index is used.

A font made of such material is not subject to stretching. It is resistant to abrasion. Does not break down in the sun.

The same material is used by Intex for the inflatable Easy Set. Therefore, it is necessary to decide which type is better, taking into account other indicators. Children's bright pools made of dense elastic PVC, for example, the Sun Shade Pool, are durable.

If we compare which manufacturer (Bestway or Intex) is better, we can state that both companies produce high-quality bathing bowls from a three-layer material. In the Bestway line there is a series of Hydrium Pool Set with increased strength made of steel sheets.

Sun shade pool.

Hardware Comparison

When evaluating which type of pool is more comfortable and better, the equipment provided by the manufacturer is taken into account.


In the Bestway line, models with a large volume, for example, Power Steel (19281 l), in addition to the filter pump, also include a ladder and an awning. For these types of fonts, a cartridge pump is used.

A ChemConnect™ dispenser is provided for placing disinfectant tablets. It is screwed onto the outlet nozzle during assembly and adjusted by setting the required dosage of chemicals. Any garden hose can be connected to the drain valve, as there is an adapter connector included in the kit. This allows you to direct the jet of drained water to the right place.

Steel models from the HYDRIUM POOL SET series, for example, with a volume of 17430 l, are distinguished by their durability, equipped with a convenient ladder. They have a sand filter. There is an awning, a float dispenser, a skimmer necessary for collecting debris from the surface of the water. The container for sand (on 9 kg) is included in the package.


Analyzing which type of SPA construction is better, you should pay attention to BESTWAY BAHAMAS AIRJET. The package includes an electric pump, type VI filter cartridge. There is an air massage system, a heater equipped with a control panel, a 24-hour timer. Includes a repair kit, a protective cover-case, a floating dispenser of disinfectant chemicals.

If it is decided that the STEEL PRO version with a volume of 3300 liters is better suited for installation, then it should be taken into account that, in addition to the bowl, the package includes a repair kit, a cartridge, a filter pump. There are hoses necessary for draining, clamps for assembly.


A variety of STEEL PRO MAX (19480 l), except for the filter pump, is equipped with a ladder and an awning.

STEEL PRO MAX (19480 l)

The comfortable look of the inflatable hot tub of the BESTWAY brand of the FAST SET series and from the category of children's models is equipped with a patch that may be required for repair.


For the frame pool of the Prism Frame series with a small volume of 8469 liters, an adapter is included in the kit for connecting a garden hose at the stage of draining the water. The drain valve with a plug is located below. You will have to buy an interchangeable Intex brand cartridge filter pump that is not included in the package.

Which frame pools are better: Bestway or Intex, are often evaluated according to the degree of configuration. Well-equipped, for example, are the varieties that are in the Intex line, which is distinguished by its large volume. For example, Prism Frame (10685 l). The list of equipment includes a ladder that improves ease of use, a type-A cartridge, a filter pump.


If it is decided that an Ultra Frame type XTR Pool (488x122 cm) is better suited from the Intex list, a filter pump is received upon purchase, which belongs to the sand cleaning type. There is a skimmer, a double-sided ladder, an awning, a bedding in a set. Metal tubes for the frame, corrugated hoses, an adapter, a connector with a coupling, a plunger valve are included.

Ultra Frame type XTR Pool (488x122 cm)

Choosing which inflatable type of Intex is best, you can install an Easy Set with a diameter of 457 cm and a height of 122 cm. The kit contains a pump, a filter for the pump. Includes ladder, rug, awning. Included in the list of equipment are hoses, clamps for mounting pumps.

Easy Set

Bestway and Intex provide a convenient list of equipment for swimming pools. The comparison shows that many models are equipped with ladders, pumps, awnings, bedding. Some difference between Bestway is the inclusion of a repair kit, there is a cleaning system.

Healthy: How to build a pool with your own hands.

Model range comparison

When comparing which pool models are better and more interesting, several factors need to be highlighted.


Among the variety of fonts offered by Bestway, it is easy to choose the following options;

  • rectangular, cm: 221 x 150; 300 x 201; 305 x 200; 400 x 211; 412 x 201; 427 x 250; 488 x 244; 488 x 305; 549 x 274; 640 x 274; 732 x 366;
  • round, Ø cm: 152; 183; 259; 274; 300; 305; 360; 366; 396; 427; 457; 460; 488; 549; 671.

The height of the bowls is from 43 cm to 132 cm.

Spa pools stand out from the standard Bestway group. Their diameter is 180-196 cm, height - 66 cm. The design of the outer surface of the font, for example, with a volume of 1123 liters, is made under the tree.


The wide range of sizes of Bestway children's pools makes it easy to decide which type is best:

  • square, cm: 122 x 122; 140 x 140; 168 x 168;
  • rectangular, cm: 120 x 117; 188 x 160; 201 x 150; 213 x 155; 213 x 206; 229 x 152; 254 x 168; 262 x 157; 262 x 175; 305 x 183; 305 x 274;
  • round, Ø cm: 70; 91; 102; 105; 122; 152; 157; 160; 170; 183; 244; 274; 305; 427.

The height is 20-132 cm.

The Bestway lineup is more diverse in design and shape among children's designs. Analyzing which type is better, they are guided by the manufacturer's instructions for age restrictions.

Presented by Bestway are not only bowls intended directly for bathing. There are pools with a canopy, an inflatable bottom, portholes, sprinklers, basketball hoops and balls, etc. This makes it easier to choose which one is best suited for giving.


Intex pools are characterized by the following configurations and sizes:

  • rectangular, cm: 220 x 150; 260 x 160; 300 x 175; 300 x 200; 450 x 220; 488 x 244; 503 x 274; 549 x 274; 610 x 305; 732 x 366; 975 x 488;
  • round, Ø cm: 183; 244; 305; 366; 396; 425; 457; 549; 610; 732;

The height is 51-132 cm.

Dimensions of SPA (jacuzzi) Intex, cm: diameter (196-218), height (71-77).

A wide range of pools of the Intex brand, designed for children, will allow you to buy a font of the right size:

  • rectangular and oval, cm: 117 x 89; 119 x 109; 127 x 102; 140 x 124; 142 x 119; 147 x 130; 166 x 107; 170 x 168; 185 x 152; 185 x 180; 191 x 178; 201 x 170; 201 x 196; 203 x 152; 218 x 188; 229 x 218; 229 x 147; 244 x 191; 244 x 198; 257 x 188; 262 x 160; 262 x 175; 272 x 193; 290 x 180; 295 x 191; 297 x 193; 302 x 229; 305 x 183; 325 x 267; 552 x 502;
  • square, cm: 85 x 85; 91 x 91; 122 x 122; 229 x 229; 140 x 140; 157 x 157; 159 x 159; 229 x 229; 231 x 231;
  • round, Ø cm: 64; 86; 109; 114; 120; 122; 132; 140; 142; 147; 152; 185; 188; 229; 244;
  • hexagonal, cm: 191 x 178.

The height is in the range from 10 to 265 cm.

Among children's pools, it is easy to choose which one is better, since there are a large number of varieties in the Intex line:

  • thematic: "Underwater World", "Sea Reef", "Lagoon", "Starfish";
  • gaming: "Unicorn", "Dinosaurs", "Winnie the Pooh", "Whale", "Rainbow";
  • sports and entertainment: with a ball and a circle; with a slide and a fountain.

For example, you can buy a bright Intex Tropics inflatable pool with a diameter of 102 and a height of 86 cm. Allowed for children over 1 year old.

Intex swimming pool

When deciding which pool is better: Bestway or Intex, it should be recognized that both manufacturers represent an extensive range of models. You can choose the pools of the desired size, configuration. Lots of variety for kids.

Cost Comparison

They evaluate which type of pool is better, often by such an indicator as its cost.


The Bestway line includes models with different price gradations. You can, for example, install a POWER STEEL frame pool with a volume of 19281 liters, equipped with a ladder, for 82200-146563 rubles.

If you choose a steel pool of the Bestway HYDRIUM series, the volume of which is 10,990 liters, then it will cost 116,469 rubles.

The price of the original BAHAMAS AIRJET from a series of SPA pools with a volume of 605 liters to 1123 liters is 38250-135923 rubles. For HONOLULU AIRJET (SPA) with a volume of 916 liters - 55728 rubles.

A few more examples from the Bestway series.

Brand Volume, l Cost, rub.
POWER STEEL 3028-40337 25957-153284
HYDRIUM POOL SET 7630-17430 59138-126599
STEEL PRO 1200-8680 6292-26219
STEEL PRO MAX 4078-19480 13507-65876
FAST SET 940-13807 3512-38979
Children's models with balls (50 pcs.) 73 1753-2205
For children (from 4 months) a play pool with educational figures 45 1816
From 2 years 21-480 373-3895
From 3 years 282-2074 3704-15628
From 6 years old 450-1161 3380-6262


Analyzing by such an indicator as cost, which type of pool is better, it should be noted the price range in this sector of Intex.

Brand Volume, l Cost, rub.
Prism Frame 1828-32695 4715-124198
Ultra Frame 19156-54368 41990-312093
Rectangular Frame Pool 1662-7127 6815-18365
Rectangular Frism Frame Pool 3539-10874 21945-41990
Oval Frism Frame Pool 13365-18202 53540-59840
Rectangular Ultra XTR Frame Pool 17203-54368 58790-162740
Graphite Gray 16805 94490-195690
frame set 3834-7127 15320-22613
Gray Wood Prism Frame 24311 101297
metal frame 1828-16805 7720-61916
Easy Set 880-14141 1990-50953
1-3 years (with balloons) 130 2291
From 1 year 33-200 490-4153
From 2 years 45-581 1064-3080
From 3 years 57-882 1141-7841
From 6 years old 723-1215 2264-7168

It is possible to single out varieties of Intex inflatable jacuzzis that allow you to carry out home spa treatments. For example, a volume of 795 liters at a price of 91,820 rubles.

On average, a jacuzzi with a volume of 795-1098 liters can be bought for 91820-171225 rubles.

intex jacuzzi

By cost, it is impossible to decide which company is better. Bestway and Intex provide a choice.

Which of the two pools to choose?

Comparison of different indicators allows you to understand which pool of which company (Bestway or Intex) is better to install on the site.

For adults

By design, the choice of bathing bowls with a large volume is wider at Bestway. Here you can buy frost-resistant pools made of steel sheets, which do not need to be dismantled during the winter season. Attract species with a cleaning system.

For children

The variety of children's bowls is at a good level, both at Bestway and at Intex. Both companies offer bright, inexpensive soft inflatable and rigid structures. When choosing which one is better, take into account that Intex has some advantage in terms of size.

Pools of various types often appear on the adjacent plots. It should be noted that you can install designs from both well-known manufacturers (Bestway and Intex) from the top of the best fonts. They are durable, safe, comfortable and the reviews about them are mostly positive.


“Which is better Intex or Bestway?! How to choose a frame pool? Myths and stories":

If you have experience in operating any type of font, tell us about your impressions. Evaluate the advantages and highlight the possible disadvantages, indicate which type is better. Also save the article to bookmarks and share it on social networks.

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