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The dismantling of the screed can be done with a puncher or an ordinary grinder with a diamond nozzle. There are several types of removal of the old base, the choice depends on the thickness of the coating, the material of manufacture and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. A description of the main technologies and step-by-step instructions can be found in the presented material.

The content of the article

  • In what cases is the screed dismantled
  • Dismantling methods
  • Preparing the room and tools
  • Step-by-step instructions for dismantling

In what cases is the screed dismantled

Dismantling the floor screed is an overhaul option that is carried out to replace the flooring in order to install a new one. It is the screed that determines the strength and durability of the floor, it usually lasts for many years. In most cases, the surface is repairable. But there are situations when you need to figure out how to remove the screed. Full dismantling is considered in the following cases:

  • significant deformation or complete destruction of the former foundation;
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  • surface cracks;
  • the screed is normal, but it is planned to create a contour of the warm floor;
  • it is necessary to lay other engineering communications;
  • errors in the installation of the old floor, the use of low-quality materials;
  • weak overlaps requiring reinforcement;
  • dismantling of the cement-sand screed is also required if there is a need to raise the floor level or, conversely, lower it;
  • finally, a complete replacement is also started in case of removal of the facing layer due to its cracking.
How to remove the screed

Thus, dismantling the screed in the apartment is a mandatory procedure that is needed if the old coating has become unusable. It makes no sense to determine the places of deformation and carry out spot repairs - it is easier to remove the old screed.

Dismantling methods

Dismantling the floor screed in the apartment is carried out in different ways. As a rule, such works are carried out by specialists. However, if the area is small, and there are appropriate tools, you can do it yourself. Depending on the characteristics of the coating and the complexity of the work, different methods are used:

  1. Dismantling the old floor screed by cutting. To do this, use a grinder with a particularly durable diamond disc. A hand chain saw or a joint cutter can replace the tool. First, measure the height of the draft layer. Then the surface is cut into identical pieces with an area of ​​​​half a square meter and hollowed out with a crowbar.
  2. Another way to remove the screed from the floor is shock technology. To do this, concrete is subjected to an impact force of such intensity that the surface begins to collapse. You can use different tools, for example, a jackhammer. Effective on an area up to 50 m2. A good option is also a puncher with a pike or a chisel (you need to work in drilling mode). Another option is a set of chisel, crowbar and hammer. With their help, the floor is manually broken into fragments up to 5 m2 and the debris is taken out.How to remove the screed from the floor - tools
  3. Dismantling of the old screed is also possible by drilling. For this, a puncher is also used. You can also use a powerful drill with diamond drilling. First, holes are drilled all over the floor to the rough base and then each of them is beaten off.
  4. If professional dismantling of cement screed over large areas is required, robotic machines can be used. In this case, you can remove almost any layer, including 10-15 cm and even more. Machines are usually controlled remotely as it is unsafe to be indoors while working.
  5. Finally, you can remove the floor screed layer using special tools, for example, HPC-1M or HPB-80. They contain in their composition substances that destroy concrete. First, cracks are made in it, where the mixtures are poured, and after 2 days the broken off fragments are removed.

Preparing the room and tools

The dismantling of a semi-dry screed begins with the preparation of the premises:

  1. Remove all furniture and other items - the room should be empty.
  2. Remove the floor covering (parquet, laminate, etc.).
  3. Warn neighbors in advance of the work being done.
  4. Study the communication flow diagram and make appropriate markings on the floor so as not to damage the network.

In order for the disassembly of cement floors to proceed correctly, tools are prepared in advance.

  • Bulgarian;
  • electric jackhammer;
  • scrap;
  • joint cutter;
  • sledgehammer;
  • chain saw;
  • perforator.

The set of tools may vary depending on the chosen method of removing the floor screed. At the same time, in all cases, a construction vacuum cleaner is used, because a lot of dust is generated during operation. You will also need certain materials:

  • glasses;
  • helmet;
  • boots;
  • gloves;
  • respirator;
  • special clothing;
  • noise protection headphones;
  • thick garbage bags.

Step-by-step instructions for dismantling

To remove the old screed from the floor, proceed as follows:

  1. Carefully inspect the old screed and determine the need for complete or partial dismantling.
  2. You will also need to evaluate the thickness, composition, whether there are engineering communications and a reinforcement layer. To do this, cut out a small layer using a grinder or a perforator.
  3. Inspecting the piece, determine the method of work. The most common option at home is a grinder with a durable diamond blade. It cuts strips along the entire perimeter. They should be narrow - about 5-7 cm.Remove the old screed from the floor - 1
  4. Remove dust.Remove the old screed from the floor - 2
  5. They put a "blade" on the perforator and cut off the resulting strips. This is the main technology for removing the screed layer.Remove the old screed from the floor - 3
  6. So they pass through each strip, the remnants of the material are thrown away and vacuumed.Remove the old screed from the floor - 4
  7. Then fill the floor with a self-leveling compound.Remove the old screed from the floor - 5

Thus, purely technically, dismantling is not so difficult. However, the work requires careful observance of safety regulations and the use of appropriate equipment. If there is no experience, it is better to call a team of specialists.

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