How to wash silk: 4 rules for care and gentle washing methods


  • 1 Basic rules for washing silk items
    • 1.1 Choosing a detergent
    • 1.2 We remove the spots
  • 2 Ways and stages of washing
    • 2.1 Washing machine programs
    • 2.2 Manual washing
  • 3 Drying Silk Products
  • 4 Conclusion
Silk is a problem material in the care and requires a special approach to its purification.Silk is a problem material in the care and requires a special approach to its purification.

The main requirements for the effective cleaning of silk products - the integrity of the fabric after washing, the unique brilliance and brightness of colors. I will tell you how to wash silk so that an expensive thing pleases you with an attractive look for a long time.

Basic rules for washing silk items

Natural silk is easy to damage with improper care: the threads will break, the paint will fade. Even artificial material can be spoiled: it will shrink, there will be creases. I offer you to help table with the rules of washing.

Picture Recommendations
width = "970" Rule 1. Aggressive in composition detergents and friction of the material are unacceptable.
Wet silk threads lose their strength. Therefore, use only a gentle fabric wash.
table_pic_att15048699021 Rule 2. Consider the manufacturer's recommendations.
The label on the product will tell you at what temperature of water it can be cleaned, and whether machine washable is recommended.
table_pic_att15048699052 Rule 3. The maximum allowable water temperature for the material is 40 ° C.
The safest washing of natural silk - at 30 ° C. Clean the artificial fabric with water at 40 ° C. Exceeding the norms will destroy the structure of the threads.
width = "283" Rule 4 Instead of air conditioning, use vinegar.
Add 100 g of vinegar to the conditioner compartment. This acid solution will keep the color of the material.

Choosing a detergent

Gentle silk fibers are made up of proteins, adhesive layer, wax, fats and minerals. Consequently, there are special requirements for the detergent for the fabric of these fibers. Aggressive substances can instantly destroy the threads:

A photo Specifications
table_pic_att15048699083 1. Silk Washing Agent (Silk)
Specially designed for delicate fabric (approximate price of 230 rubles.):
  • protects wet fibers;
  • gently removes dirt;
  • softens and provides complete care;
  • dissolves quickly and is rinsed without residue.
table_pic_att15048699114 2. Detergent-gel for washing delicate children's clothes
This is a complete replacement of the special “silk” product:
  • gel formula gently washes the fibers;
  • softens the fabric;
  • does not contain allergens;
  • does not destroy natural silk.
table_pic_att15048699125 3. Borax solution - for white fabric.
White silk can be washed in a solution of sodium tetraborate:
  • eliminates stains and pollution;
  • does not harm the fabric.

Proportion: 1 tbsp. spoon on 1 liter of water.

table_pic_att15048699136 Under the ban - means bleach.
Do not use chlorine-containing powders and oxygen bleaching compounds. They will destroy the fibers and the fabric will crawl.

We remove the spots

Before washing the silk, be sure to reduce the spots. Regular washing up with soapy water may cause streaks on the material. Therefore, read the table-instructions for removing stains from silk:

Images Application
table_pic_att15048699157 Remedy 1: cornstarch paste
When contaminated with fat:
  • Pour cold water into the starch to form a paste.
  • Apply to stain.
  • Wait for drying and brush off.
table_pic_att15048699168 Remedy 2: aspirin solution
With divorces from sweat, stains from fruit:
  • Dissolve 2 tablets in 100 g of water.
  • Treat the stain.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.
table_pic_att15048699179 Remedy 3: glycerin
With traces of coffee and tea:
  • Dampen a soft sponge in glycerin.
  • Wipe the contaminated area.
  • Rinse with water.

Ways and stages of washing

There are 2 ways to clean silk:

  • in the washing machine, setting the delicate mode;
  • carefully by hand.

Washing machine programs

Modern technology will cope with the task: it carefully wipes and does not harm silk threads.Modern technology will cope with the task: it carefully wipes and does not harm silk threads.

Elementary recommendations on how to wash natural silk in a car:

Image of the cleaning stage Step-by-step instruction
table_pic_att150486992111 Step 1. Sort silk products by color.
This fabric is processed with natural dyes that can shed.
table_pic_att150486992412 Step 2. Put the item in the laundry bag.
There is a risk of damaging the fabric in the washing machine on the drum. Therefore, additional protection (bag) is necessary.
table_pic_att150486992513 Step 3. Select a mode.
If there is no silk pointer on the programmer:
  • Wash shawls, bed sets in “thin linen” and “wool” modes. Spin the minimum.
  • “Sensitive”, “delicate” programs - meet the requirements of how to wash a silk blouse. No spin

Manual washing

When asked how to wash a silk dress, the answer is unequivocal - manually. Only this way the cut will remain flawless:

A photo Sequencing
table_pic_att150486992614 Step 1: Dissolve the product in water at 30 ° C.
Check that there is no sediment and make water with your hands.
table_pic_att150486992715 Step 2: Soak the product for 15 minutes.
With long soaking thing sheds.
table_pic_att150486992916 Step 3: Carefully wash and rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently rinse the clothes in the foam.
  • Rinse several times in clean water.
  • Last rinse in cold acetic solution (1 tbsp. spoon per liter)

Intensive rinsing will stretch the fabric.

table_pic_att150486993117 Step 4: spin in a terry towel.
Wrap in a towel. Wait 10 minutes until water is absorbed into the terry cloth.

Drying Silk Products

After proper drying, the item is easily ironed:

Picture Drying method
table_pic_att150486993218 Method 1
On the dryer in the ventilated room.
table_pic_att150486993419 Method 2
Blouses and dresses - on hangers.
table_pic_att150486993620 Drying near the heater is not allowed.


Now you are armed with the knowledge of how to wash silk things. And the result of proper care will please the purity, brightness and brilliance of expensive material. In addition to my recommendations - the video in this article with visual advice. If you have a question - ask in the comments!

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