How to wash hollofayber 5 regulations and are 2 ways


  • 1 Terms and method of washing
    • 1.1 Machine wash hollofaybera
    • 1.2 hand washing method
  • 2 Drying of products with hollofaybera
  • 3 Output
Easy-care hollofayber used as insulation clothes and toys filler, pillows, blankets.Easy-care hollofayber used as insulation clothes and toys filler, pillows, blankets.

Hollofayber not inferior softness and fluff teplosberezheniyu, but unlike fluffy natural material can easily tolerate washing. He does not lose the form of mechanical washing machine effects and dries quickly. I'll tell you how to properly wash products with this filler.

Terms and method of washing

Despite the strength, lightness, ability to recover shape quickly, this material should be washed, certain conditions are met:

Picture washing conditions
table_pic_att15015460521 Rule 1: when selecting the method (by hand or machine) only observe the surface material.

washable filler itself even in an intensive mode, pressing at maximum speed. He was not crumpled. Permissible water temperature - 80 degrees.

table_pic_att15015460542 Rule 2: Use liquid products.

Products with hollofaybera can be cleaned with any liquid gel concentrates or powders. When machine washing is required to set the additional rinse.

Normal powder partially remains in the fibers, and washed away only by repeated rinses.

table_pic_att15015460563 Rule 3: If heavily soiled, you can use stain removers surface material.

This filler / insulation impervious even to chlorinated agents and solvents.

table_pic_att15015460604 Rule 4: If you erase the vehicle alone (taking out the product), put it in a pillowcase with a zipper.

So you can quickly wash their hands even large toy or blanket, ie, pulling hollofayber beams.

table_pic_att15015460635 Rule 5: dry, ensuring maximum air circulation.

The product dries quickly if it is to hang out in the fresh air. A thick layer of a filler better separation and dry portions in a pillowcase.

Machine wash hollofaybera

Thus, the insulation can be washed in any way. Consider only the material in which it is placed. Here is a table-instructions on how to wash the jacket of hollofaybera or any product which may be placed in the washing machine:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att15015460656 Step 1: Learn tab.

Follow the directions on the label. And if hollofayber on podstezhki, then wash it separately. So the product better and faster vypoloschetsya dry.

table_pic_att15015460687 Step 2: Close zippers and sew ripped seams.

Hollofayber wash only in a case that the fibers do not beat the machine.

table_pic_att15015460708 Step 3: Place the balls of feather into the drum.

These accessories help washing machine to "knock out" all debris from the fibers.

table_pic_att15015460739 Step 4: Pour liquid detergent.

Take a small amount of detergent, to rinse it all. Even a small portion of the froth from the fiber structure of the material.

table_pic_att150154607410 Step 5: Set up mode.

For clothing and toys - "delicate" for pillows - "cotton."

Method Machine washable jacket from Bologna is not suitable. Because such tissue can not wring - will creases. Clean it only with his hands and did not twist after rinsing.

hand washing method

Pillows and blankets filled-holoffayberom can be washed in the bathroom.Pillows and blankets filled-holoffayberom can be washed in the bathroom.

If you do not want to take out and put it hollofayber parts (closed cover) in the drum - a way to apply the manual cleaning. Things large convenient to rinse in the bathroom:

Photo of step by step actions Handwash
table_pic_att150154607712 Step 1.

Fill warm water bath and dilute liquid agent.

table_pic_att150154608013 Step 2.

Soak all the product and leave it for half an hour.

table_pic_att150154608114 Step 3.
  • Carefully rub your hands and drain the water.
  • Several times dial clean water and drain.
table_pic_att150154608215 Step 4.
  • Clothes hang on a hanger and leave to drain.
  • Blanket press and hang to dry.

Drying of products with hollofaybera

Artificial insulation after washing dries quickly, as the water flows from it, without stopping in the fibers:

Photo Description
table_pic_att150154608316 For jackets or windbreakers:
  • Let the water drain out.
  • Flatten and place horizontally on the towel.
  • I periodically towels - they absorb moisture and become wet.
table_pic_att150154608417 Fast drying:
  • Place the product on an outdoor clothesline dryer.
  • Put underneath the heater (only set the minimum temperature mode).

This way you can quickly dry hollofayber in a pillowcase - filling the heat does not spoil. But the jacket so dry unsafe.

table_pic_att150154608518 For pillows:
  • Immediately after washing, post them on the clothesline.
  • Periodically whip to quickly dried up and returned the form.
table_pic_att150154608719 For blankets:
  • Water from the filler quickly drained if put a blanket on a clothesline.
  • Use plastic dryer (price - about 100 rubles.). It forms a gap for good air circulation.

Hang blanket over two parallel ropes held - it will speed up the process.


Using these tips, you are qualitatively the laundry with hollofaybera, save your time. And sensible recommendations from the video in this article will be useful to you. Your questions or ideas please describe in the comments.

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