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Understanding how to use an airbrush for nails is easy. This device works like a small spray gun. It allows you to create a beautiful background, depict a pattern on the nail (using a stencil). Instructions for use, as well as the basic rules of care are described in this material.

The content of the article

  • How to use the device
  • What and how to wash the device

How to use the device

To work, you will need the airbrush itself, a set of stencils, acrylic-based paints and tweezers. You should also stock up on paper towels and protective equipment - a thick mask and gloves. Understanding how to work with an airbrush on nails is easy. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Assemble the device - screw the nozzle to it.
  2. Connect all the elements together (air hose and airbrush itself).
  3. Connect the plug to the electrical network.
  4. Fill the tank with paint.
  5. Make a test run of air and paint flow so that it lays down as well as possible.
  6. Next, you can proceed to the main stage, how to work with an airbrush on nails. Paint is applied to the surface, which creates the main background.
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  8. Then you need to put a stencil on the nail and process it with a sprayer.
  9. Finish the drawing using a set of brushes, varnish.
  10. Lay decorative elements - it can be colored sand, foil, stickers, rhinestones, sparkles.
  11.  Cover with a layer of transparent varnish so that the pattern is preserved as long as possible. It is applied manually - the device for airbrushing on nails at the final stage is no longer needed.
Airbrush for nails

The technique of work is not too complicated, although it has its own characteristics. So, the paint should be optimal in density, so if necessary, it needs to be slightly diluted. If you want to get a thinner line, the feed nozzle is kept closer to the surface, if a rough line is further. Spraying is carried out not at a right angle, but at a sharp one (about 45 degrees).

What and how to wash the device

It is clear what an airbrush for nails is. In fact, this is a small spray gun that allows you to create beautiful drawings and patterns. After a few repetitions, it becomes easy to use. But in order for the tool to last long enough, it must be processed after each procedure.

When considering how to rinse an airbrush for nails, you need to understand on what basis the paint is made. If it is water, cleaning is done with ordinary water, driving it several times until it becomes perfectly clean.

Some paints are made on the basis of organic components - urethane, epoxy, polyurethane. They are washed with appropriate solvents:

  • 646;
  • acetone;
  • 647.

The principle is exactly the same - drive the liquid several times. After the last treatment, it should come out completely clean, almost transparent.


It does not matter what the name of the machine for the gradient on the nails is, which particular model to choose. The principle of operation, instructions for use and processing methods will be approximately the same. Moreover, the processing is done not only with solutions, but also with cotton swabs. They are pre-moistened in a cleaning solution so that the villi do not stick to the inner surface.

Having figured out how to clean an airbrush for nails, you also need to learn how to clean the tip of the needle, the seams on the surface of the body of the device and the cap of the needle. It is better to process them with a soft brush made of squirrel hair (indicated by number 2 or 3). Since the device quickly clogs due to spraying, this procedure will have to be performed quite often.

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