Why did the foam come out of the dishwasher and what to do about it? – Setafi

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If foam comes out of the dishwasher, this clearly indicates problems with the detergent, for example, its insufficient quality or excess quantity. Although other causes are common, for example, a clogged filter. A description of the main cases, as well as step-by-step repair instructions, can be found in this article.

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  • Main reasons
  • Filter cleaning
  • Camera cleaning

Main reasons

If foam appears, the reasons can be very different. They are mainly associated with detergent and food waste. The most common situations include:

  1. Detergent of low quality, not intended for the dishwasher. It is worth noting that the preparation may be quite good, but be intended only for washing by hand. For example, ordinary dishwashing gel is definitely not suitable - it can also cause a large amount of foam to appear.
  2. The product is of high quality, but taken in too large quantities. You should not pour the powder "by eye" - you must follow the dosages indicated in the instructions. Powder or liquid is measured using a special spoon. Particular attention should be paid to lumps - if they settle to the bottom, they will give a strong foam.
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  3. Sometimes the reason can be quite simple - the wrong cycle is selected. For example, they poured quite a lot of product and chose a short wash or set the wrong temperature (at least + 40 ° C is required to completely dissolve the tablet).
  4. The appearance of foam can sometimes be explained by the peculiarities of food residues. Some types of dough, egg white, sour cream provoke foaming. To prevent this from happening, food residues must first be removed.
  5. Finally, abundant foaming can be explained by clogging of the filter mesh. Eliminating the cause is quite simple - you can follow the instructions described below.
Foam came out of the dishwasher

Filter cleaning

If the same product is used that has never produced a lot of foam, the cause is most likely due to a clogged filter screen. To clean it, proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the network. Open the door.
  2. Take out the basket below.
  3. Unscrew the filter, take out the mesh.Filter cleaning
  4. Wash it under water, then with detergent.Filter cleaning 1
  5. Put in place and collect all the parts in reverse order.

It is important to understand that the filter becomes clogged quite often. It needs to be inspected once a month or use the self-cleaning option, which is installed on many modern models.

Camera cleaning

Also, after abundant foaming, the machine itself should be washed. They operate like this:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the network.
  2. They take out all the dishes and baskets.
  3. Scoop out the foam with a ladle into a previously prepared container.
  4. Wipe the bottom and inner surfaces, remove all foam, rinse if necessary.
  5. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Camera cleaning

The methods described are sufficient. But if too much foam has appeared, and it does not go away, during processing, you can moisten a rag in a solution of vinegar and salt or in sunflower oil. To prevent a similar situation in the future, you need to periodically clean the filter, and also use a high-quality detergent strictly according to the instructions.

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