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The features of how a dry closet works depend on its device. The simplest option is peat toilets, in which waste is mixed with peat. There are also devices that burn waste products at high temperatures. Also popular are toilets in which a drain system is installed and disinfection is carried out with special preparations. The pros and cons of each type, as well as an overview of the best models are described in the article.

The content of the article

  • Types of dry closets
    • Peat (compost)
    • Electric
    • Chemical (liquid)
  • Instructions for use
  • Overview of the best models

Types of dry closets

If we talk about how the dry closet works and how much it lasts, the answer to this question depends on the type of device. The most common types are described below.

Peat (compost)

This is the simplest model, so it is the most affordable. It is not difficult to understand how a dry closet works for a summer residence. It consists of a tank and a seat with a lid. A mixture with peat is placed in the container, where the waste enters. Some models are also equipped with a fan pipe. It effectively removes odors.

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Peat (compost)

The way to use the dry closet is simple. After the waste enters the peat, they are mixed with a special handle or spatula. The liquid comes out through a separate drainage pipe. Thus, the waste does not mix, and the solid part turns into fertilizer - compost, which is the reason for the name of this type.

The advantages of such models include:

  • affordable price;
  • fairly simple installation;
  • environmentally friendly processing;
  • no need to connect to electricity;
  • there is an opportunity to get fertilizer.

However, it will be necessary to periodically import bags of peat composition, as well as remove waste. In addition, it is desirable to make drainage and install a ventilation pipe.


The principle of operation of an electric type dry closet is associated with the incineration of waste at a high temperature - about 550 degrees. The process is carried out using a special heating element, which is connected to electricity. After burning, ash remains, which must be removed 1-2 times a week. This is the maintenance of dry closets.


Electric models have several advantages:

  • effective cleaning - removing the ashes is much easier than the waste itself;
  • the penetration of odors is excluded due to combustion and a built-in fan;
  • the ashes can be used as fertilizer.

At the same time, the cost of such devices is quite high, and installation is more complicated. Another disadvantage is associated with the cost of electricity and the need to constantly purchase consumables - paper bags into which waste enters.

Chemical (liquid)

This device consists of 2 main parts:

  1. Top - container, lid, seat and pump.
  2. The lower one is a valve and a branch pipe, a place for a filler.

The instructions for use of the dry closet describe the principle of operation of such devices. After use, the waste is washed off with water, then it enters the storage tank with a solution of a special chemical preparation, for example, formaldehyde. It destroys all bacteria which are the reason of an unpleasant smell.

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The advantages of such models are obvious:

  • installation is not needed;
  • the principle of operation and maintenance of the dry closet are quite simple;
  • you can purchase a compact device and transport it to any place;
  • no need for drainage;
  • ventilation is also not needed, while the spread of odors is excluded;
  • the price is quite affordable;
  • the model does not depend on electricity.

There are also disadvantages - they are associated with the need for regular purchases of disinfectant liquids. But if you use safe products, such as "BIOwc RINSE + ECO Gree", the waste can be used as fertilizer.

Instructions for use

The rules of use depend on how the dry closet is arranged. But in any case, you must first install it, and then you can apply. For example, in the case of a chemical (liquid) device, you need to act like this:

  1. Remove the valve on the back side to the left to drain liquid and solid waste.1
  2. Place the drain tank at a slight angle. Turn the drain pipe towards it so that it “looks” up.2
  3. Unscrew the cap from the pipe and pour the required volume of special liquid for the toilet through the drain pipe. Further, it is easy to understand how to use a dry closet at home. Water should be added to the liquid - 2 liters is enough to completely cover the bottom.3
  4. Next, put the cap back on the drain pipe and twist it. Then the pipe is turned to its original position and a drain tank is placed. A container of water is placed on it at a right angle. Press this container downwards. Thanks to this, it will automatically lock.4
  5. Remove the lid from the flush tank and pour clean water into it. A special agent is added to improve rinsing and maintain freshness. Close the lid of the water container.5
  6. Open and immediately close the valve blade mounted on the drain tank. Moreover, its lid must be closed. This is done in order to prevent excessive pressure buildup.6
  7. Add some water to the case, press on the pump.7
  8. Next, you can begin to use, after which the lever is pulled out to open the valve blade. Flushing is carried out by pressing the pump, and then the blade is closed.8
  9. You also need to figure out how to clean the dry closet. Work begins at the moment when the indicator lights up red. The flush tank is separated and emptied.9
  10.  Instructions on how to clean a dry closet for a summer residence are quite simple. After emptying, you need to put the tank back in place by pressing the button to release and hold it in the process of emptying so that there is no splashing.10

Overview of the best models

Along with the instructions for dry closets, it is useful to study the rating of the best models. If you focus on the technical parameters, build quality and customer reviews, you get this review:

  1. Thetford Porta Potti 145 - the dry closet device is associated with the treatment of waste with a disinfectant liquid. Storage tank with a volume of 12 liters, a drain system is provided (for this, a bellows pump is used). The device is lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable.Thetford Porta Potti 145
  2. Piteco 905V - the principle of operation of a dry closet for giving is associated with composting waste in a mixture of peat. The tank is very large, designed for 120 liters. The case is made of durable polypropylene, a high pipe with a built-in fan is provided to remove odors.Piteco 905V
  3. The Separett Camping 1165 is an inexpensive peat mix device. Portable design that is easy to carry anywhere. Waste is filtered into solid waste, which enters the peat, and liquid waste, which exits through a special corrugated pipe.Separett Camping 1165
  4. Separett Villa 9011 is an electric dry closet that efficiently burns waste to ash. It is more expensive than other models, but it provides maximum comfort. The volume of the tank is 23 liters, a separate collection system is provided. Weight is 13 kg.Separett Villa 9011
  5. Bioforce Compact WC 12-20VD is an inexpensive chemical dry closet with a storage tank of 20 liters. Weighs only 6 kg, easy to carry from place to place. The device is quite simple, while the price is very affordable, so the model is in great demand.Bioforce Compact WC 12-20VD

Now it’s clear what it is - a dry closet, and how it works. Almost all modern models reliably block odors and do not pollute the environment. Of the simple and affordable options, peat toilets can be recommended. Electrical devices provide maximum comfort, but they are significantly expensive. Therefore, chemical models can be chosen as the golden mean.

Before installation and first use, it is necessary to clarify how to disassemble the dry closet and install all the details. The instructions are quite simple, so you can install it yourself.

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