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Malfunctions of the Veko 5 kg washing machine are mainly related to the drain, water supply, heating system, as well as the drum. More serious damage to electronics can also occur. In some cases, you can carry out self-repair. A description of the main breakdowns and how to fix them can be found in this article.

The content of the article

  • The main types of faults
  • Drain problems
  • Water does not heat up

The main types of faults

If the Veko washing machine does not turn on, the reasons must be sought immediately. They can indicate both a relatively simple and complex breakdown. And often the unit starts up, but the washing goes wrong, the laundry remains wet, or other problems appear. The most common situations are:

  1. The water stays cold and the laundry is almost never washed.
  2. The Veko washing machine does not start or it turns on, but the water comes in very slowly (it may not even be drawn at all).
  3. It also happens that the Veko washing machine does not turn on or the washing process does not start due to the door not being closed well enough.
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  5. When the Veko washing machine does not work, the reason may also be related to drain problems - the water does not drain well or does not drain at all, which is why the tank remains full.
  6. Another case when the Beko washing machine does not start is due to a power surge. Because of this, the electronics may suffer, in the most difficult cases it will be necessary to restore the contacts on the board or change the entire control module.
  7. Also, the Beko washing machine does not turn on due to the fact that the drum or bearings, oil seal are broken. It may not rotate at all or spin with extraneous noise, rattles and even rumbles.
  8. When the Beko washing machine does not turn on, all the lights on the panel may blink. Or the program turns on as usual, but in fact the washing does not go. In this case, the problem is most likely electronics.
  9. If you cannot start the machine using the button (in normal mode), this indicates a malfunction of the Beko washing machine. The electronics or power cord may have been damaged.
Beko washing machine malfunctions

The following are the most common malfunctions, their causes, as well as recommendations for repair.

Drain problems

If the Veko washing machine does not start, this may be due to malfunctions in the drain system. Most often, the drain filter breaks, which purifies water from villi, dust and other contaminants. You can determine its location quite quickly - the filter is installed at the very bottom of the front panel. Moreover, a special door is installed for it, which must be opened.

Veko washing machine does not start

In this case, the repair of the Veko washing machine is done by hand. The instruction is this:

  1. They substitute a basin, prepare a rag. Take out the filter by first turning to the right. Then it is cleaned and washed under running water.
  2. They take a screwdriver and clean the pipe, which can also become clogged over time.
  3. To avoid a malfunction of the Veko washing machine, it is also recommended to clean the filter, which purifies the incoming water. It can be found at the back, in the place where the hose is attached.Washing machine won't start
  4. After cleaning the inlet filter, it is installed in place and they continue to repair the Beko washing machine with their own hands. Now you need to check the drain pump, which may also suffer from contamination. Quite often, the unit itself determines the malfunction and displays error H5 on the display. It can also be identified by the hum during water supply.
  5. To check the pump, you need to determine the reasons that the Beko washing machine does not turn on. To do this, the plug is removed from the socket and re-inserted after 15 minutes. If the device is working, start the drain and inspect the hole of the plug to make sure that the impeller is working properly. Otherwise, you will need to clean or replace the pump.Washing machine won't start

Water does not heat up

During the washing process, not only the valves and filters become clogged, but also the heating element. If the Veko washing machine breaks down, it will be noticeable by the fact that the water does not heat up, and therefore the laundry is not washed.

Often the heating element becomes clogged with scale or simply wears out. As a result, it can overheat greatly, which will cause a burning smell. In advanced cases, a short circuit may even occur.

To replace the heater, you need to determine its location. Usually, when the Veko washing machine breaks down, the heating element is looked for in front. To do this, you will have to remove the cuff, as shown in the photo.

Veko washing machine broken

Next, they act like this:

  1. They find a heating element - you can’t see it in its entirety, only the tail section with wires suitable for it is available. Each of them needs to be disconnected.
  2. Take a multimeter and put it into resistance measurement mode. If the indicator does not correspond to the range from 25 to 30 ohms, then a breakdown has clearly occurred.
  3. Remove the heating element by removing the central nut. Thoroughly clean the place of its attachment from contamination.
  4. Then they put a new part and collect all the elements, moving in the reverse order.

If the heating element is not broken, it is necessary to check the sensor that measures the temperature. Most likely, the reasons for the breakdown of the Veko washing machine are connected precisely with him. The algorithm is the following:

  1. Remove the cover from above by unscrewing the bolts.
  2. Carefully remove the tray into which the powder is poured.
  3. Find the sensor and disconnect each wire.
  4. Next, measure the resistance - if it does not correspond to 4.7 kOhm, the part is out of order.
  5. You can also heat the sensor in a container of warm water. If the voltage does not decrease, this also indicates a breakdown.
  6. Since the operation of the Veko washing machine takes quite a long time, the broken part must be replaced with a new one and then put back together.
Operation of the Veko washing machine

There may be more serious malfunctions of the Veko washing machine. For example, if the drum is loosened, rotates with a rattle, you need to replace the oil seal and bearings. This is easy to do, but first you need to disassemble the entire unit in order to get to the necessary parts.

Also, breakdowns of the Veko washing machine can be associated with electronics. When a voltage drop occurs in the network or drops of moisture get on the board, this will most likely lead to the failure of individual contacts. They are soldered or a new control module is installed. It is rather difficult to fix such malfunctions of the Veko 6 kg washing machine on your own - it is better to call the master.

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