How to disassemble a washing machine Ariston

If you decide to repair the washing machine Ariston yourself, you need to know how to disassemble it.

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions, and also tell you what tools will be needed. In this repair there is nothing difficult, most importantly - the sequence of work and free space.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparation for repair
    • 1.1What tool is needed
  • 2Stages of work
    • 2.1Remove panels and covers
    • 2.2Dismantle the parts in the back
    • 2.3Remove the parts at the top
    • 2.4Difficulties in disassembling

Preparation for repair

We do not give one hundred percent guarantee that you fix your styralka. We give recommendations for dismantling the machine. Therefore, if you are determined to replace a faulty part or find the cause of a failure, start preparing.

What tool is needed

You will need:

  1. Screwdrivers of different configurations: slotted (flat), cross, hexagonal.
  2. A set of torx keys.
  3. Car keys are 8 mm and 10 mm.
  4. Hammer and chisel.
  5. Combination pliers.
  6. Nippers.
  7. Hacksaw and cloth for metal.

To disassemble the washing machine Ariston must be properly prepared:

  • Pull the plug out of the socket, disconnecting the AGR.
  • Shut off the water shutoff valve.
  • Unscrew the filler hose nut from the machine body. Since the back cover needs to be removed, it is best to completely remove the hose to the side.

Preparation of the washing machine also consists in draining the residual water. Therefore, prepare the collection tank in advance. When unscrewing from the inlet hose can pour water.

  • Go to the front, find the drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the hull, behind the hatch. Open the hatch by unclipping the latches. Unscrew the filter and drain. At the same time, clean the part from debris.

  • Move the machine away from the wall so that it is convenient for you to move around and take off the parts.

On this preparation is over. It is possible to provide in advance a capacity for collecting bolts and self-tapping screws, which will be many.

Stages of work

On the one hand, the disassembly of the Ariston washing machine is quite simple, since there is no need to remove the front panel. On the other hand, the manufacturer has provided details and fastenings, which are difficult to remove for a beginner master.

We will deal with all issues in order.

Remove panels and covers

First of all, the upper panel is removed, which is fastened with two screws.

To remove the top cover of the Ariston washing machine, they must be unscrewed from the back wall by a cross or hex screwdriver. Then push the lid in the opposite direction from you, lift it up and set it aside.

Proceed to the back panel. To remove it, unscrew the bolts around the perimeter, remove the panel to the side. You have access to the motor and the pulley pulley.

It remains to remove the control panel. Sequence of work:

  • Pull out the dispenser tray for detergents. Pressing the latch in the center, pull the tray toward you and remove it from the case.
  • Unscrew the screws that are located behind the tray and on the opposite side of the panel.
  • Use a flat-blade screwdriver to squeeze out the plastic latches. Take a photo of the wires on the panel or mark them with a marker.

  • The wiring can be switched off and the panel removed to the side. Or you can hang it on the service hook, if any.

It will also be necessary to remove the hose clamp from the manhole cuff so that it is possible to reach the tank. Having removed a sealant, poddet a collar screw-driver and remove. Fit the cuff inside the tank.

So, with the panels we finished. We move on.

Dismantle the parts in the back

Go back to the back of the SM. It is necessary to remove the drive belt by removing it from the pulley. To do this, pull it toward you, scroll the pulley.

Further actions:

  • Pay attention to the motor of the washing machine Hotpoint Ariston. It is located at the bottom, under the tank.
  • To pull the motor out of the housing, disconnect the wiring leading to it.
  • Remove the bolts that hold the motor. In the machines of this trademark, the part is usually held by four bolts.

  • Swinging the engine back and forth, pull out.

Tend to wiring the heater.

It is not necessary to remove the heater from the seat. In this case, the sealing rubber of the element is not subject to recovery. Therefore, it is sufficient to disconnect the terminals and wires leading to the heater.

Time to remove the drain pump. If the engine could be reached through the rear hole, the pump can not be removed. I'll have to turn the styalku on the left side.

Note! If you are uncomfortable to remove the engine through the service hatch from the rear, you can also do this through the bottom.

  1. Unscrew the screws for attaching the bottom cover if it is in your model.
  2. Unscrew the screws that are in the area of ​​the drain filter on the front panel.
  3. Push the filter, it must fall out with the pump.
  4. Pliers press the metal yoke on the drain pipe.
  5. Disconnect the pipe from the pump.
  6. Unscrew the bolts securing the filter and pump.

Excellent! Now the pump is in your hands. We proceed to further disassembly of the washing machine Ariston.

Remove the parts at the top

Go to the top opening of the SMA Ariston, inspect all the elements of the machine. What's stopping the tank from getting out? That's right, the interference filter and pressure switch.

  • Unclench all connectors of wires leading to the filter and the pressure switch. Remove the pressure hose from the latter.

  • Unscrew the screws securing the parts to the housing. Get them out of the car.

Also, disconnect the pressure switch hose from the tank housing, otherwise it may break when dismounted. Often, manufacturers fix the wiring to the tank using plastic clips. Snack them with wire cutters and move the wiring aside.

Difficulties in disassembling

Before you completely disassemble the washing machine Ariston, you need to remove the counterweights. In other brands of cars, there are no difficulties with their removal. But the producers Ariston equipped the counterweights with special fasteners. To remove them, you will need a special key, as shown in the photo:

Attention! Do not you dare to tear off attachments with pliers and other tools. So you damage the fasteners, which can not be repaired.

If you managed to remove the counterweight - excellent! Proceed to unscrew the racks. Stands on plastic rods are fixed. They can be pulled out only by pressing the latches, which hold them in place. For this:

  • Armed with a head, put it on the opposite side of the rod.
  • pliers pull the rod toward you, pulling it out of the socket. Also remove the other stem.

Now the tank is kept only on hooks-pendants. To pull the drum out of the Ariston washing machine, lift it up, taking it off the hooks.

Another difficulty. If you need to get the drum from the tank, it will have to be sawn, because in these models it is not folding.

Before cutting, you need to take care of the further assembly of the tank. To do this, make holes around the perimeter, into which then screw in the bolts. Also prepare the glue or sealant.

  1. Take a hacksaw or a cloth for metal (which is more convenient for you). They are thinner, which will make a neat cut.
  2. Install the tank on the edge. Start the cut with the side convenient for you.
  3. After cutting the tank around the perimeter, remove the top part.
  4. Turn the lower half. Lightly hit the hammer with a hammer to knock out the drum.

If necessary, you can replace the bearings.

To reassemble the tank parts, replace the drum assembly. Cover the edges of the halves with glue or sealant. What is the best choice for sealing, we wrote in one of the articles.

It remains to consolidate the two parts and tighten the screws. Assembly of the machine is carried out in the reverse order.

For those who are only going to perform the analysis of the washing machine Ariston, we suggest you see a video on the topic:

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