How to replace the bearing in the washing machine Bosch

The bearings in the Bosch machine are designed for many years of service, but due to the ingress of water and corrosion, these parts wear out. How to change the bearing in the Bosch washing machine? It’s not easy, but possible.

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How to find out about a breakdown

The failure of a CM bearing is associated with strong noise and a crash at work: you may hear rattling, rattling.

Having tilted the rubber cuff of the hatch, move the drum with your hand: if it is too loose, it means a malfunction on the face.

What bearings stand on a Bosch washing machine, what can they be replaced with? To make the right choice in the store, remove the worn parts and show them to the seller. This is a fairly difficult repair, but it is worth it.

Required Tools

Before you begin, prepare the tools.

  1. Nozzle, slotted, Phillips screwdriver.
  2. End heads 8-32 mm.
  3. Hammer.
  4. Chisel.
  5. Pliers, needle pliers.
  6. Puller to remove the bearing.
  7. Repair Kit Bosch.
  8. Tool WD-40.
  9. Rubber mall.
  10. Sealant.

To disassemble the AGR, space is required, so clear space around the machine in advance. Disconnect the washer from the network, shut off the water supply, disconnect the water supply hose.


Now you are ready to start repairing the Bosch washing machine and replacing the bearing.

  • Remove the top cover of the CM.
  • To do this, unscrew the two screws securing the back.

  • Remove the dispenser tray for detergent.
  • Remove three screws behind the tray, as well as one on the other side, which secure the control panel.
  • Removing the panel, you will see the wires leading to the main module. If you decide to disconnect them, it is better to photograph the correct location. Otherwise, just put the panel on top of the case.
  • Remove the bottom panel.

  • Remove the fixing bolts.
  • Open the door.
  • Remove the outer collar of the cuff.

  • To do this, bend the cuff, prying tool, remove the clamp.
  • Having unbent a cuff, remove the lock of the hatch.
  • . To remove the UBL, unscrew the mounting bolts.
  • Disconnect the wires and remove the blocker.
  • Lift and remove the front panel.

Great, you have completed the first stage. Put the panel aside and proceed to further action.

  1. Remove the inside of the detergent dispenser tray.
  2. By lifting it up, you will notice a hose that delivers detergent.
  3. Remove the hose clamp with a pair of pliers.
  4. After removing the tray, proceed to the counterweights.
  5. Using a 13 mm head, remove the bolts.
  6. After removing the upper and front counterweights, switch to the heater( located under the tank).
  7. Disconnect the leads leading to it.
  8. Unscrew the central nut( not all the way).
  9. Push the nut inside the tank, pull out the heater.
  10. Remove the pipe from the tank to the pump.
  11. Substitute a flat container, as residual water may spill out of the nozzle.
  12. Remove the pressure switch hose from the tank.
  13. Loosen the hose clamp by unscrewing one bolt, remove it.
  14. Remove the harnesses attached to the tank.

In the front of the machine, the work is still over. Move to the back.

  • . Unscrew the screws and remove the back panel.
  • Pull the drive belt to the side and turn the belt to remove the belt.
  • Unclench the motor wires.
  • Remove the bolts to remove the motor.
  • Release the fastener, remove the pressure tapping chamber.
  • Remove the shock absorber by unscrewing the pin below.
  • Remove the drum tank from the body, removing from the springs.

  • Lay on a flat surface.

We start disassembling the tank and replacing the drum bearing on the Bosch washing machine( Bosch Maxx 5).

After opening the spring clip, remove it and then the rubber grommet.

  1. Put the drum on the other side, remove the pulley.
  2. Using a 13 mm head, unscrew the bolt.
  3. Remove the bolts connecting the tank halves.
  4. Pressing the plastic latches, separate the tank.
  5. Pulling the drum, you will see the bearings in the back of the tank.
  6. Install the tank on the supports.
  7. Place the chisel on the bearing, tap the mallet and knock it out.

Now the most difficult part of the disassembly work behind. Before installing new parts carefully strip the seat. This can be done with a sponge dipped in a descaling agent.

Replace the bearings on the Bosch washing machine: install a new part by carefully tapping with a mallet on the outside of the sleeve. If the bearing no longer moves, it means that it is tightly located - the installation is completed. Do the same with the second bearing.

After lubrication, put the oil seal over the bearing and, tapping with a rubber mallet, put in place.

Slide half the tank onto the shaft and reassemble in the reverse order.

Regardless of the model of the washer and their small differences, the order of disassembly is the same. You can watch a video about the replacement of the bearings of the Bosch washing machine:

Successful repair!

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