How to remove and disassemble the washing machine tank

Practically every second user of a washing machine is familiar with this phenomenon: for no reason at all, she begins to make noise, to vibrate vigorously, a knock is heard in the drum.

First thoughts, of course, that the SMA broke. But do not rush things: often the cause of this behavior is garbage that gets inside. Simply put, an object has come off its clothes or dropped out of a pocket. How to disassemble the tank of the washing machine and get a foreign object, we will talk further.

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  • 1 How to remove the tank without damaging the machine
    • 1.1 Preparing the machine
    • 1.2 How to disassemble the tank to replace the bearings: video
    • 1.3 The main stage of disassembling the washing machine

How to remove the tank, as a result of dismantling the washing machine

How to remove the tank, as a result of removing the tank 1.3

  • coins and tokens;
  • buttons and buttons, "dogs" from lightning;
  • bones from the bra;
  • rivets, artificial stones and other decorations.

If you want to save on the services of a specialist and test your strength, you can solve the problem yourself. Our advice will be useful to you, be prepared to remember and understand.

Preparing the machine

Before removing the tank from the washing machine, you should know the design features of your CM.If the tank is collapsible, then the task is easier. And if it is disposable, you can cut it. The experience of many craftsmen shows that there is nothing difficult in that:

  • to cut the tank;
  • get the drum and make repairs;
  • glue the halves with sealant;
  • fasten with any additional fasteners - bolts or brackets.

How tight and reliable the connection will be after such a procedure depends only on the quality of your work.

Next, you will learn how the washing machine tank is disassembled. But you need to do this work only if you need serious repair or removal of items.

How to disassemble the tank to replace the bearings: video

In this video, which we offer you below, shows the disassembly of the machine. The master pulls out the tank and disassembles it to replace the bearings. The recording was made in English, but there will be no problems with understanding - the master shows everything perfectly. Repeat after it, and you can remove the drum:

The main stage of dismantling a washing machine

We will not elaborate on how to disassemble a washing machine, because the designs are different and the principles of disassembly are different. For example, many models are disassembled from behind, the rest in front. It all depends on the brand and model: the principle can be found in thematic articles.

If the washer is already disassembled, then you can proceed to further actions.

Important! Remember that you should not take a tank in vain - just to inspect it. This should be done only when there is a clear need: to replace bearings or to remove items.

The design of the tank in different models can differ significantly, which cannot be said about the process of dismantling - in all frontal machines you can remove the tank according to the same scheme.

To disassemble the tank, you need to remove a few more parts:

Detail How to remove the
pulley bolt You need to block the pulley with a wooden block so that it does not roll with the shaft. The bolt is not always easily removed due to the special composition, poured inside and fixing mount. This is done so that the bolt does not unscrew when the machine is operating. If the bolt is not removed, you can heat it with a gas torch. Conventional physics: metal expands and the bolt comes off.
Pulley When the bolt is removed, the pulley is no longer attached and you can remove it. To do this, you need to pull it to yourself, while swinging.
Shaft This part must be knocked out of the bearing. This will come to the rescue again a bar made of wood. You need to knock out before the shaft will be on the same level with the bearings.

Now you can proceed to disassembly.

Often the tank is fastened not with bolts, but with latches or brackets. This does not change the essence: you need to remove the attachment around the entire circumference. As soon as the last attachment is removed, you need to check: are there any other elements connecting the tank halves. If everything is clean, you can take off the top half of the tank - that’s what you disassembled.

Now you can get the drum to remove an object stuck between it and the tank, or change bearings.

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