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There are several proven ways to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment without a bag. As in the general case, they pay attention to a number of technical parameters, including power, container volume, cord length, a set of nozzles, and others. The advantages of a bagless device and tips for choosing one are described in this material.

The content of the article

  • Benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner
  • 10 tips for choosing

Benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner

To figure out how to choose a bagless vacuum cleaner for your home, you should first understand how useful this device is and whether it is worth buying. Vacuum cleaners have 3 types of dust collector:

  1. Bag (single or reusable).
  2. Container.
  3. Aquafilter.

In the first case, we are talking about the classic model, which is much more affordable and therefore quite common. All dust settles in a bag of dense fabric, which is immediately thrown away (if it is disposable) or cleaned and inserted again (if reusable).

During cleaning, dust particles inevitably get into the air, so it is best to choose a bag vacuum cleaner. In this case, the dirt is collected in a solid plastic container. Moreover, it intensively rotates inside the container and settles in the form of one dense lump, and not separate particles. That is why such a device is called a cyclone vacuum cleaner.

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Vacuum cleaner for an apartment without a bag

Regardless of which bagless vacuum cleaner you choose, there are several advantages:

  • the air is much less dusty, remains clean;
  • already in the process of cleaning, you can see how full the container is in order to understand whether it needs to be emptied right now or not; cleaning the filter is very simple, because the dirt is lumped together;
  • reusable container - no need to spend money on disposable bags;
  • the unpleasant “vacuum cleaner smell” that is typical for traditional models with a bag is almost completely absent.

However, there is also a disadvantage associated with the fact that debris particles, entrained by vortices, scrape along the inner walls of the container. Therefore, the overall noise level is somewhat increased. In addition, when emptying the container, there is still human contact with dust. Such devices are more expensive, but the difference is not too noticeable, and the level of health safety is higher.

When studying the question of which vacuum cleaner to choose from a bag, it is recommended to pay attention to devices with aqua filters. In them, air enters first into a container with water, and then goes outside. Due to this, it is not only effectively cleaned (dust settles in the liquid), but also moistened. Thus, it is these bagless models that can be called the most effective and safe for humans.

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10 tips for choosing

In order to choose the right model, it is necessary to study the technical and consumer characteristics of bagless vacuum cleaners. Since there are quite a few criteria, they are combined into 10 practical tips:

  1. Construction type - for normal cleaning, you can choose the traditional horizontal. Although there are vertical, more compact models. If you often have to clean upholstered furniture, a hand-held vacuum cleaner is optimal for it, the mass of which is very small (usually within 1 kg).
  2. The volume of the dust container. If the room is small, 0.5-0.7 liters is enough. And if cleaning is required on large areas, it is better to take it with a capacity of 1-3 liters or more. But it is worth considering that they are heavier and more overall.
  3. Power is an extremely important indicator that directly affects performance. It is necessary to separate the consumed and useful power (actual suction power). It is necessary to pay attention to the latter. For an ordinary apartment, 300-400 watts is enough. For cleaning in a private house, 400-500 watts is suitable.
  4. Another way to choose a bagless vacuum cleaner is to study the set of nozzles. In simple models, there is only one brush, although in many devices there are several at once. Each nozzle has its own purpose, for example, for cleaning small cracks, a sofa, parquet flooring. There are even special nozzles for washing windows and turbo brushes that clean the surface of wool.
  5. The noise level is an indicator that is especially relevant for a city apartment. Quiet can be considered devices that during operation give no more than 65 dB (loud conversation). If the noise reaches 80 dB, this is comparable to a highway.
  6. To figure out which bagless vacuum cleaner is better to buy, an assessment of consumer properties, for example, the length of the cord, will also help. in order not to spend money on carrying and not get confused in extra wires, it is better to purchase a model with a cord of at least 6 m (and if the apartment is large - 10 m).
  7. Another parameter is the type of pipe. It is solid, but more often consists of several fragments. The telescopic pipe is quite convenient - it can be increased or decreased right during the cleaning process.
  8. Choosing a bagless vacuum cleaner correctly - for this, you should take into account the type of fine filter, which is located at the outlet of the engine compartment. Inexpensive devices have simple paper filters, they need to be changed literally every week. Therefore, it is better to purchase a device with an S or HEPA filter.
  9. There is also such a way how to choose the right vacuum cleaner without a bag - to determine its weight and dimensions. The first parameter is not so important, because wheels are attached to the body. But the second is more important in terms of storage. If the apartment is small, it is recommended to consider compact upright vacuum cleaners.
  10.  Finally, you need to study in what modes the device operates. Most models are designed only for dry cleaning, but there are also units that spray water during operation (wet cleaning). Thanks to this, the air is humidified, and the process itself is more efficient.
How to choose a bagless vacuum cleaner

There are pros and cons to a bagless vacuum cleaner. But we can definitely say that there are clearly more advantages. This is a powerful and convenient device that allows you not only to quickly clean, but also to prevent dust from entering the room. If you choose the right vacuum cleaner without a dust bag, you can always enjoy fresh air.

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