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When there is no Tricolor signal, most often the reasons are completely independent of the specific equipment, that is, they are associated with the company itself. For example, the operator has organized preventive work, it is raining heavily or snowing. But it also happens that the equipment fails - an antenna, a converter or a receiver. Then it is necessary to correctly identify the influencing factor and eliminate it. How to do this is described in detail in the material presented.

The content of the article

  • Objective factors
  • Internal causes
    • The plate got off
    • Dish pollution
    • Converter failure
    • Cable damage
    • Receiver failure
    • TV settings failure
  • Weak, intermittent signal

Objective factors

When there is no Tricolor signal on all channels, all causes of failure can be divided into 2 groups - objective (external), which are associated with the operator, and not with the antenna, and internal, which indicate a problem with a particular receiver.

To understand what to do if there is no Tricolor signal is real only after a correct diagnosis. Since most often the equipment works normally, it is recommended to start by clarifying the external circumstances:

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  1. If there is no signal from the Tricolor satellite dish, the reason is often quite simple and is due to the fact that the operator has started preventive maintenance. This is a planned procedure, which you can find out in advance by calling the call center. It is also recommended to clarify the information on the operator's website.
  2. It also happens that Tricolor TV has no signal due to bad weather. Basically, the receiver works smoothly even under adverse conditions. But if there is a severe thunderstorm or heavy snowfall, heavy rain, interference can indeed be observed. They pass automatically as soon as the situation in the atmosphere stabilizes.
  3. Figure out what to do when there is no Tricolor TV signal, perhaps by looking at the horizon. For example, a tall tree that has grown or a newly built house can become a hindrance. It is recommended to look at the sun in the afternoon at 1 pm, mentally draw a line from it to the plate. Ideally, there should be no obstacles on this line.
No Tricolor signal

Internal causes

If all the cases described do not fit, and Tricolor writes: “no signal”, you need to find equipment breakdowns. The most common defects are detailed below.

The plate got off

To explain why Tricolor writes “no signal”, you can have a problem with the plate. In the simplest case, it simply changed its position, and in this case a deviation of even a few degrees is important. Sometimes the surface deforms due to impacts or wears out over time.

It is necessary to carefully examine the plate in good light and try to move it up, down, sideways. If there is a slight loosening, Tricolor will write “no signal” even on the information channel. It is necessary to carefully fix it by tightening the clamps and nuts. If there is significant damage, rust is noticed, it is better to replace the dish with a new one, because in this case communication problems will occur regularly.

Dish pollution

Another option for what to do if there is no signal on the Tricolor TV is also related to examining the surface of the main element, that is, the plate. There can be tangible pollution on it, in winter snow and ice freeze, hoarfrost falls. The solution is clear - you need to carefully clean the surface. But you need to work in such a way as to prevent shifting. Therefore, it is first recommended to move the plate a little to make sure that the fasteners are strong.

Converter failure

To explain why there is no signal to the Tricolor, you can use problems associated not only with the plate itself, but also with the converter. It can also suffer from heavy rainfall, pollution, collisions with various objects. If it has scratches, integrity violations, the part should be replaced with a new one. After that, the designation "no signal from the Tricolor satellite dish" should disappear.

Why is there no signal to Tricolor

Cable damage

Analyzing what to do if Tricolor writes “no signal”, it is also advisable to carefully examine the cable along its entire length, as well as its connections. This is a fairly strong knot, but sometimes it fails due to prolonged exposure to bad weather. When inspecting the cable, you need to make sure that it is intact. Connections should also be inspected in good light - they should be free of defects.

Receiver failure

If all the previous measures did not work, and Tricolor writes "no signal", here's what to do next. You need to make sure the receiver is working. This is not always easy, as you need to move the instrument and connect to a working antenna.

You can go to a neighbor and diagnose the presence of a signal. If it is, then the device is working. If, even when connected to a working dish, Tricolor TV writes “no signal”, it is quite clear what to do next. You will have to buy another receiver.

TV settings failure

Deal with why the Tricolor does not work, and today there is no signal, really, by checking the TV. In this case, they take the remote control, press "OK" and look at the screen. Normally, a list of TV channels should appear, but if it does not load, the reason is due to a violation of the TV settings. Eliminating it is quite simple - you need to open it, go to the menu and find the correct input for the receiver.

Weak, intermittent signal

The above are all common cases when there is no signal on the Tricolor TV. But sometimes there is, in fact, a signal, although it is rather weak, so the broadcast freezes or the image quality is too low. In such situations, you should inspect the area and determine the presence of obstacles directly in the direction of the signal, that is, in the direction where the antenna "looks".

No signal on Tricolor TV

If you haven’t used the TV for a long time, and Tricolor writes “no signal”, the reason is probably related to overgrown thick branches. This is a fairly simple situation, since it is not difficult to solve the problem. But if the reason is a newly built house, you will have to change the location of the antenna.

Now it’s clear what to do when Tricolor writes “no signal” on all channels. If all the described solutions are not suitable, and the breakdown has not been fixed, it is recommended to contact the hotline and order a call from a specialist.

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