Choosing a dishwasher in the parameters

In order to wash dirty dishes, the jet of the dishwasher out of the rocker at a speed of 150 km / h. Dirty water is collected at the bottom and flows in the secondary loop filter located at the bottom of the working chamber. In good models filter cleans itself, and the dirt is carried away by a drainage pump in the sewage drains. Water intake is done through a solenoid valve, located at the point of entry into the hose housing. There is also the simplest mesh filter to retain large dirt. The main pump pumps water into the rocker arm through a special tube, tapering upwardly. How to make a choice of the dishwasher in the parameters, so that these sophisticated devices to function for the benefit. Let's see what lies behind the names of various options.

Choosing a place for dishwasher

How to Choose a dishwasher

In the west, the buyer work easy. On the facade or in the data sheet showing off label with a set of measured parameters laboratories. It is set according to the conventional system, rating from A to D. The best specimens are more expensive, more economical work, function better. Fresh technique sometimes exceeds the group A, and in front of the letter put the 1-3 plus sign.

In addition, standards are refining times, tightening standards.


A closer look at the device dishwashers. We describe the design maximum, is not inherent in each model. To relieve the buyer of the subtleties, the manufacturer carries out tests on equipment classiness:

  1. Drying.
  2. Washing.
  3. Energy consumption.

Products marked with three letters. The parameters are in the abbreviation in the reverse order listed in the list. This three letter A. If the power consumption corresponds to the degree of A + or A ++, the equipment is still marked A. One Plus provides 10% savings, and two - 30%. Details are given in the instructions. The figures are averaged, European standards are in wide ranges, and if you take the same equipment with a variety of "all", then consume differently.

Please note that the power consumption - not absolute but relative indicator. Rough compact dishwasher uses less economical full-size.

Equipment to wash lower class A is best not to pay attention. If drying drops to B, will remain on the dishes humidity. We recommend the right choice to lead the dishwasher so.

Where to put the dishwasher

Under the equipment will have to look after the place special. Dishwasher is connected to the riser and sewerage. We'll have to hold the socket. In many cases it is difficult. The main thing - a nearby drain. It is better to set the appropriate floor under the sink in the bathroom or the closet section under the sink in the kitchen.

Depending on the sum available opportunity to choose the type of dishwasher:

  1. Built.
  2. Freestanding.

The choice of dimensions of the dishwasher is made of a standard range:

  • In width:
  1. Narrow. Width of 45 - 50 cm.
  2. Standard - 60 cm.
  3. Wide - 80 cm.
  • Height:
  1. Compact 45 - 47 or 60 cm.
  2. Under worktop - 82 cm.
  3. Full-length 85 - 87 cm.

Convenient dishwasher

The depth varies, but there is a special classification. As a result, there are options:

  • put under the sink compact dishwasher height 45 cm;
  • purchase a flat countertop, sink for washing machine and slide it under the instrument height 60 cm;
  • put next to sink under the countertop dishwasher height 82 cm;
  • placed next to the sink cabinet section instead dishwasher height 85 cm;
  • build in wardrobe compact dishwasher.

If you do not fit in the width, choose a dishwasher 45 cm. Do not forget about the exotic models. Today, devices do not fit the theme of the article, but briva-in-sink company KitchenAid - washing machines and dryers are built into the countertop next to the sink. It is convenient to install.

Hot or cold water

Certain dishwashers can be connected to a riser with hot water. The advantage is questionable. Limited input temperature to 60 ° C.

Do not discard the side aspect presence in tap hot-water salt. The boiler is mixed halite to protect equipment and pipes from scale. At elevated temperature deposition of salts is intensified. To soften the water, salt is added to it. High purity utensils after drying is difficult to expect. But dishwashers themselves use salt, water softener, and the difference is imperceptible, if the equipment is worth stiffness measurement sensor. Such dishwashers bring the water to a conditioned state, focusing on sensor readings. Please consider this, if caught the eye of the equipment to be connected to the hot riser.

Compact dishwasher

Add that produce dishwasher with two inputs, separately for hot and cold water. Inside the mixing takes place to the desired temperature. Saves energy and time. Given the cost of a cubic meter of hot water, consider a dubious option. Choosing a dishwasher with a single input, during the summer will have to wash the dishes prevention manual.

We believe that the choice of built-in dishwasher Specify connectivity to hot riser is doubtful. It is better to inquire whether the equipment operates from the cold water, and how to change the mode if necessary.

Dishwashers with two inputs have the advantage. Now it is the case of the lack of cold water. Do not forget about temperature limits. To summarize: good option abroad, but in Russia it is of little use.


Serious equipment has a good defense. Released two equipment versions:

  1. With complete protection from leaks.
  2. With partial protection against leaks.

There are washing machines even without protection, but such instances are rare. The housing is protected by a unified floating sensor, which is placed in the pan. You will see the water protection work, and a fence stopped. Remains from the tank empty into drains.

Hose protected special magnetic valve setting signal by the differential pressure sensor at the inlet and outlet. Minor leaks do not stop, they just will not fix the sensor. Electronic systems more precise, more this time to find out from the dealer. Making a choice Integrated dishwasher with full protection against leaks, to protect themselves and their neighbors.

Reliable dishwasher

How to use detergent

Today look tempting pills 3 in 1. They are wasteful, but it's easier to control the level of dressing and salt and rinse aid. This is true in the dishwasher without any special indicators are fairly common. To overpay a little for the pills 3 in 1, when compared to conventional detergents, but win time and get rid of worries.

Not all dishwashers support option. Models that allow the use of 3 in 1 tablets, are traditionally more expensive. The choice of means for the dishwasher - an important criterion!

Programs and options

Programs in the dishwasher abound. A series aimed at a particular type of cookware. Choose the car under the existing dishes at home.

Convenient options is called a half-load. This is not a standalone program, and the option to save detergent. Saving will not work with the pills 3 in 1 designed for 1 wash. Dosage takes place stepwise, and economy can not be obtained.

Conveniently, the floor under the dishwasher cycle time is displayed. Option expensive. As beam on the floor, informing that the operation completed to 100%.

Track promotions and discounts - the main board. Practice, choosing Bosch dishwasher on the specified criteria. Models equipped with the optional silent inverter motors. And the durability of engines above - operation is carried out most of the time in the lungs modes. As a result, the device reliability is increased.

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