What is the depth of the dishwasher?

When planning the kitchen it is important to calculate everything to every square centimeter so that the furniture and interior items are in place. It happens that the layout of the premises has been thought out for a long time, and household appliances appear after the arrangement of the interior and the purchase of a kitchen set. To correctly enter the dishwasher, it is worth knowing its parameters. When installing, you will need a feature such as the depth of the dishwasher. We will devote our review to this issue.

Content of the material:

  • 1Whether there are superficial PMMs
  • 2Overview of narrow PMMs
    • 2.1Gorenje GV50211
    • 2.2Korting KDI45175
    • 2.3Midea M45BD-1006D3
    • 2.4De'Longhi DDW06S Amethyst
    • 2.5Hankel WEE 1745
    • 2.6MBS DW-451
  • 3Review of full-size PMMs
    • 3.1Midea M60BD-1205L2
    • 3.2Zigmund & Shtain DW139.6005X
    • 3.3MAUNFELD MLP-12B

Whether there are superficial PMMs

Why measure the dishwasher, if it is easier to provide in advance a niche with a margin of up to 15 cm in the furniture so that the machine will stand up and all communications fit? It is important that the size of the niches correspond to both width and height, and it is also unreasonable to leave a large stock, otherwise there will appear unaesthetic cracks.

It is necessary to calculate the technical aspects in advance. Suppose you have already purchased a machine 55 cm deep. What to consider:

  1. Set the basic depth to 55 cm.
  2. Add a place for hoses and other communications - 10 cm.
  3. Add 5 cm for the front. It will be 70 cm.

But what should we do when the niche for the dishwasher is less than 70 cm? You can act on one of the scenarios:

  1. Reduce the calculated value by 5 cm, align the hoses.
  2. Find another place to install PMM.
  3. Choose another model.

If the purchase is not yet done, stop at the last option and find a dishwasher with smaller dimensions. To date, the home appliance market offers dishwashers not only 55 cm deep, but also 50 cm deep. Also, you can often meet buyers who are looking for very shallow machines: 45 or 40 cm. Are there any PMMs?

Having made a small analysis of the assortment of the largest Internet shops in Russia, the experts found out that it is impossible to find a model less than 48 cm deep on the domestic market. Machines for 45, 40 cm and especially 35 cm does not exist, at least in our country.

But compared to 55 cm, a minimum depth of 48 cm offers opportunities to save valuable space. The downside is that such parameters are characteristic only for compact small-sized machines with less capacity and performance.

A compact machine is not suitable for very few people for a number of reasons - it can hold a maximum of 8 dish sets, it differs by noisy work and cut-down functionality. Choosing a small model, you will win a dozen centimeters of useful space, but you will lose in terms of the technical capabilities of the machine.

Fact! The performance of a small-sized washer is enough for 1-2 people.

As for the full-size detached and narrow machines - is there a PMM with a depth of less than 55 cm? We suggest to understand this below.

Overview of narrow PMMs

We offer an overview of the options, the depth of which is more than 50 cm, but less than 55 cm. The rating is based on data from YandexMarket, so the current market value of all options will be indicated.

Gorenje GV50211

Relatively shallow, fully built-in model, dimensions (WxDxH): 45x54x82 cm. Capacity - 9 sets of dishes, water consumption - 11 liters. The design provides for condensation drying, there is complete protection against leaks.

The actual value in most outlets is 2, 90 rubles.

Korting KDI45175

Machine for fans of built-in technology from the German brand. PMM provides the possibility of full integration, accommodates up to 10 sets of dishes. Dimensions (WxDxH): 45x54x82 cm. Water consumption per wash cycle liters. Noise reduction is reduced to 44 dB. There is a display for easy operation and built-in protection against leaks of a full type.

The average cost is 26 788 rubles.

Midea M45BD-1006D3

A shallow dishwasher with dimensions 45х54х82 cm (ШхГхВ) provides 100% integration into the headset. Capacity - 10 dishes sets. Water consumption - 13 liters, noise in operation - 49 dB. There is a display, condensation-type drying and full protection against leakage.

The price is 2, 90 rubles.

De'Longhi DDW06S Amethyst

Floor, fully integrated model with dimensions of 45x54x82 cm (WxDxH). The difference in the economical consumption of electricity due to the energy efficiency class A ++. And an especially rare phenomenon is the possibility of automatically setting the hardness of water. There are all the necessary indicators of special equipment, a sensor of turbidity of water, protection against leakage.

The price is from 1, 90 rubles.

Hankel WEE 1745

What is the depth of this model? Same as the previous versions: 54 cm, but the width is 4, cm. 8 sets of dishes, 7 programs, 7 temperature modes, a full type of protection against leaks - not all the advantages of the PMM from the trademark "Hankel".

The cost is within 28 000 rubles.

MBS DW-451

The machine with the most modest depth of 51 cm and a width of 45 cm, accommodating up to 9 dishes sets.

Functionality is provided by 6 programs and 5 temperature modes. Protection against leakage of full type. The price is 21 998 rubles.

Important! We did not include the Bosch PMM in our review, despite their popularity, because the shallow models are presented only in a compact package.

Do not be too lazy to take roulette with you to the store, because some manufacturers (especially Chinese companies) intentionally indicate wrong dimensions in the technical documentation.

Review of full-size PMMs

With a full-size dishwasher a similar situation. Variants, the depth of which is less than 55 cm, not so much - consider those that are.

Midea M60BD-1205L2

Built-in PMM, capacity up to 12 sets. Dimensions (WxDxH) - 60х54х82 cm. The water flow per wash cycle is 1, l. Noisiness - 49 dB. Condensation drying is provided. Protection against partial leakage.

The cost is from 19 840 rubles.

Zigmund & Shtain DW139.6005X

With a full width, the depth of the machine is 54 cm. Capacity of the bunker - 12 sets of dishes, programs - 3 pcs. Full type of protection against leakage. There is a function of parental control ("protection from children").

The cost is from 2, 99 rubles.


Dimensional characteristics, in addition to the height of 8 cm, do not differ from the variants of the PMM considered above. Capacity - 14 sets. An economical dishwasher, with a class of energy efficiency A ++ and a water consumption of 13 liters. Noisiness of 49 dB. 7 programs, the delay start delay timer, the full type of protection and other functions - a good solution at a cost of 2, 50 rubles.

If none of the dishwashers considered in our rating are satisfactory for a number of reasons, pay attention to the narrow compact PMM (desktop type). Good choice!

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