Dryer for fruits and vegetables: tips for choosing a device

Dryer for fruits and vegetables: tips for choosing a device


It has long been known: in compotes, jams and other canned foods, vegetables and fruits are preserved with large losses of vitamins that do not tolerate heat treatment and cooking. Drying preserves useful substances much better.

Only we do not usually have anywhere to dry: it's not very comfortable in the oven, stringing on ropes and hanging on the balcony, as our grandmothers did-flies and wasps would spoil.

It is easier to buy a modern device for drying food. How to choose a dryer for vegetables to eat delicious and healthy foods in the winter?


  • 1Types of dryers
  • 2Power
  • 3Capacity
  • 4Housing material
  • 5Device Dimensions
  • 6Additional functions of the device
  • 7Storing of blanks

Types of dryers

There are two main types of dryers: convection and infrared. Both work from the mains, but use different principles. The convection device creates conditions for the evaporation of moisture, reminiscent of the conditions of natural drying: streams of warm or hot air. For heating the air heating elements are used, to create a breeze inside the device - a fan.

Infrared drying produces rays of a certain wavelength that heat the product, causing evaporation of moisture. Infrared drying is considered in many ways more efficient and economical.


When deciding which dryer to choose, be guided also by other parameters, such as capacity, capacity and availability of additional functions.




Strangely enough, but on the power of the device the quality of drying is almost independent. But depends on the time it will take to dry one serving of fruit. If the cost of electricity does not break through in your finances a noticeable gap, you can choose the most powerful models. But experts in drying vegetables are sure: for domestic use, the optimum capacity of the device for drying mushrooms, fruits and other vegetable raw materials is 300-450 W.


The capacity depends on several indicators:

  • number of trays for placing mushrooms or vegetables;
  • The ability to dry not only sliced, but also whole fruits.

Trays are usually several, from 2 to 5-6, in the largest models up to 8. However, the more "floors" in the device, the larger, heavier and more bulky. If you intend to carry a dryer to the dacha in the summer, weight and dimensions can make a big difference.

Most devices are designed for drying sliced ​​mushrooms, fruits or vegetables. The height of each tray simply does not allow to put into the drying large fruits. But if necessary, you can shoot some trays using only a few of them. At purchase it is possible to choose at once those models in which instructions it is informed on an opportunity of drying of the whole fruit or mushrooms.

In a medium-sized dryer it is possible to place up to 5 kg of raw food at the same time.

Housing material


The materials used for the production of dryers are only two: plastic and metal. Both are not perfect, both have merits.

The plastic deteriorates faster. Low-quality plastic grades can not emit the most pleasant odors when heated. The smell of hot plastic can soak into the processed foods and spoil their own flavor.

Metal is much more durable and neutral from a chemical point of view. But the metal case has an annoying feature to overheat during prolonged operation. Overheating of the body barks an unpleasant effect: from the processed mushrooms or vegetables the moisture begins to evaporate unevenly.

Device Dimensions


Most household models are compact enough to fit easily in the kitchen or in another room. At a height of about 40 cm, the width and depth of the device is from 35 to 45 cm. There are also more cumbersome models of great productivity, but they are usually used in large farms, for processing mushrooms and fruits on an almost industrial scale.

Additional functions of the device

It is better to choose a model in which the function of protection against overheating is built in. The drying process is quite long, and often it is necessary to leave the dryer switched on unattended. Protection from overheating will not allow the device to melt and cause a fire. However, the operating manual insists that the device does not remain unattended.


Quite a lot of models offer an electronic way of controlling the process. It is modern and quite comfortable, but it does not work well in the usual voltage fluctuations in the electricity network in our cities and villages. Electronic control systems can very quickly fail, under voltage surges, the program may become confused.

Specialists and experienced housewives advise choosing a model with a slightly less modern, but more reliable mechanical control.

Some devices allow you to dry not only slices of mushrooms, vegetables and fruits. They can be dried medicinal plants or flowers for use in compositions of dried flowers. Very convenient function, which allows to prepare the pastille from fruit puree, mixed with sugar or honey.Some models allow you to dry fish and meat.

Storing of blanks

Dry the fruit a little. They then need to be properly stored. To store dried raw materials, you must ensure that certain conditions are met, such as tightness, lack of light and pest-proof. Glass jars with screw caps, plastic containers or special bags for vacuum packaging are best for storage.

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