How to choose an electric kettle: aesthetics, quality and safety

How to choose an electric kettle: aesthetics, quality and safety


Despite the fact that ordinary teapots, heated on a gas stove, are much more economical, very many decide to choose an electric kettle. The main reason is the time savings: the electric kettle heats up much faster. And he does not take a place on the stove. And it looks great and complements the interior of the kitchen, as an independent detail.

In a word, a good electric kettle is a very useful and necessary thing, so its choice is justified. Especially, if you know exactly how to choose the electric kettle correctly and perfectly orient in the vast assortment of stores of household appliances.

But marketing experts know: many customers, in order to choose a new electric kettle for their kitchen, pay attention first to its color and design. And only then they are interested in other characteristics of the goods, and even then not always. As a new electric kettle will look on the table, for many more important than what material is used for its manufacture, safe or not.

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With this approach, you will not be able to choose and buy high-quality equipment. For each item available in the kitchen, certain conditions must be met that ensure its safety during use. So how to choose the right electric kettle, so that it is better than all the others according to all the criteria?


  • 1Selection options
    • 1.1Capacity
    • 1.2Materials
    • 1.3Video: which electric kettle to choose
    • 1.4A heating element
    • 1.5Power
    • 1.6Form and mass
    • 1.7Price and durability
  • 2Additional functions

Selection options

When answering the question how to choose an electric kettle, it is necessary to consider a number of parameters:

  • capacity;
  • Material of the heating flask and housing;
  • type of heating element;
  • power;
  • the form;
  • weight;
  • rate of heating and cooling;
  • price;
  • durability.

Which teapot is better? In fact, the perfect combination does not exist, so your task is to choose and buy that complex of qualities that is better suited for you.


The more boiling water your family or colleagues consume during the day in the form of tea or coffee, the more capacity you need to buy an electric kettle. By this criterion, the choice is fairly simple.


One person who drinks one or two cups a day is enough to choose a kettle with a capacity of 5 liters. A family of 3-5 people is recommended to buy an electric kettle, which heats at once 2 liters. The maximum capacity for a vessel is 3 liters, then you will have to talk about buying a thermo-stick (how to make its choice is a separate topic).

The heating time from the product's capacity is practically independent. This means that as a half-liter electric kettle will be heated, -3 minutes, and two-liter will be heated as much.


The cheapest teapots and the richest color range are made, as a rule, from plastic. They are the easiest. And the least durable. But a plastic vessel can be most harmful if the quality of the plastic is not good enough, so its choice should be quite tough.

Low-quality plastic can heat up, how to release harmful chemicals into the water, and significantly degrade the taste of ready-made beverages.

So, how to choose an electric kettle taking into account the material of the case? When making a choice, you need to pay attention to the fact that the new product does not smell strongly with plastic. That faint odor, which is allowed by the standards, should disappear after the first 3-4 cycles of boiling. If the smell does not disappear, it is better to take the electric kettle back to the market and choose another device instead.

It is safer to chemically buy glass containers. They look very attractive. But this is not the best choice for those who do not like to wash dishes. On the glass, the scaling is clearly visible, and you will have to clean your glass electric kettle more often. In addition, these glass vessels are quite heavy and fragile. They heat longer. The cost of glass models is higher than plastic ones, but, nevertheless, it is quite democratic.

Ceramic tanks are safe enough. They keep the temperature of heated water better, but they also heat up longer, spending more energy on it. A good ceramic electric kettle will decorate your kitchen with an impressive look, but it is quite heavy and can break or crack if you drop it.


A good choice in terms of chemistry is a stainless steel electric kettle, but it belongs to the most expensive segment. In addition, the metal appliance heats up and can burn your hands. Also it cools down faster than all the others. The metal of the case, so that it lasts longer, should be cleaned properly and accurately with the use of special tools.

Video: which electric kettle to choose

A heating element

Two types of elements are used to heat the contents of the kettle: open, in which the spiral is directly in contact with the heated liquid, and closed. In appliances with closed spirals, the bottom is a smooth metal surface, under which the spiral is hidden. The open type is found in modern models much less often and is almost gone.

An electric kettle with a closed spiral or a heating disk warms the water no worse, while it is somewhat easier to take care of, and it is more durable. In addition, most of these models can be rotated on the ground by 360 °, which makes it easier to handle them.

It is also important that a small amount of liquid can be heated in such a vessel, and in devices with an open spiral, water must necessarily completely cover the heating element. Therefore, it is more reasonable to choose and buy a teapot with a closed spiral.


The power of the kettle is a parameter that most sellers and buyers attach crucial importance. However, the pursuit of great power must have some reasonable limits. For ordinary household teapots, these boundaries lie between 850 W and 1500 W. This capacity is enough to heat the 2-liter electric kettle for 2 minutes to a boil. The heating time will depend on the material of the housing and the bulb.

If you still want to choose the most powerful electric kettle, take care of changing the wiring. It should be new, copper, with a large cross section. Otherwise, it simply can not withstand the load: there may be a fire, and from power surges in the network, sensitive devices and devices fail.

Form and mass

How to choose the right electric kettle from the position of the body shape and mass? First, you should buy a device that is comfortable to hold. After all, a heated electric kettle contains several liters of boiling water, and joking with it is dangerous. The electric kettle should be kept as comfortable in the hand as possible, without undue tension and danger of dropping.

For safe use, it is better to choose models with lid lock, so that boiling water does not spill, even if you drop the electric kettle.


The weight of the device is also important. Heavy electric kettle - wrong choice. It is much easier to drop, which can lead to sad consequences. The lightest vessels make them plastic and metal, the most weighty ones are made of ceramics and glass. The heavy models are also those whose bulb is made of glass, and the body is made of metal. If the family has children and elderly people who may find it difficult to manage a heavy appliance, it is better to choose lighter models.

Price and durability

The most expensive to date - metal kettles. They are also the most durable. Cheaper than other plastic models. They do not serve for too long, but low cost allows you to throw away the old electric kettle without much regret. To update the interior of the kitchen with a new object is also pleasant.


Additional functions

It is important to choose an electric kettle with the function of automatic shutdown in case of insufficient volume of liquid or reaching the desired temperature. This function both excludes the possibility of wasting energy, and will not allow a dangerous situation to arise.

The water filtration function is very useful. It's not about that little mesh that covers the opening of the nozzle of the vessel and does not give crumbs of scale to get into your cup. This refers to the normal filtration of liquid poured into the kettle. To buy such a model, you will have to pay dearly, but you will be sure that you drink clean liquid without those impurities that are saturated with ordinary tap water. In order for the kettle to heat up when the filtration process is completed, there is a delayed start function: once all the liquid that has been drained has passed through the filter, the device automatically turns on.

In models with filters, water is delicious, since they form much less scale. Drinking unfiltered tap water, in principle, is possible, but it is not entirely correct and reasonable from the point of view of health care.

Going to walk around the shops of home appliances to choose a new teapot for your kitchen, think in advance about how you will do this, Determine what functions should have the best for you device, and how much money you are willing to pay for the purchase of this useful kitchen device. Then the question of how to choose a teapot will be decided for you.

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