Iron or steam generator: which is better to choose?

Without a good iron, ironing clothes is quite difficult, so it is in almost every family. However, in the last few years, alternative devices began to appear, which made us think: what is an ordinary iron better than a device with a special generation of steam?


  • 1 Functional
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Comparison of two devices


First you need to figure out what a steam generator is and what makes it so attractive. Now we are talking about the device for ironing clothes. This device can form steam and release it under pressure. With the help of a powerful jet of steam, you can not only iron any fabric, but also remove lint from clothes, clean upholstery, and remove unpleasant odors from the fabric. In this regard, the steam generator is much better than the iron.

Many will notice that a regular iron can also release steam from the holes that are placed on its sole. But the difference is that the steam generator releases steam under high pressure. In this regard, the effectiveness of ironing increases.

Do not confuse the steam generator with the steamer. The latter is capable of smoothing things in a vertical state, that is, hung on hangers. The steam generator is inconvenient to do this due to the relatively large weight of the device and its configuration.


Usually, the steam generator is a small iron connected to the docking station with a cord. The iron is installed on a special platform, the temperature of its sole is changed with the help of a regulator located under the handle. The steam boost button is located on top of the handle, and the steam power is controlled by buttons on the station.

At first glance, the device seems a bit cumbersome and unusual, but when you start ironing, you realize that in work it is very similar to an iron. Before you start ironing, you need to pour water into the boiler, then turn on the device to the network and wait 5-6 minutes until it heats up and creates the necessary pressure for work.

A device with a boiler, and a regular iron with holes for steam have a similar sole - this is not a fundamental difference.

If you choose a device for ironing, it is best to stay on the model, the sole of which is coated with palladium. Such a sole can be self-cleaning, thereby reducing the likelihood of dirty linen.

There are also popular models with a metal-ceramic sole, which cost less, but glide quite easily, making the ironing process quick and comfortable. For a steam generator, steam supply power is more important. You should also pay attention to the shape and capabilities of the boiler:

  • removed or not removed the water tank;
  • whether the neck is convenient for the bay;
  • is there a function of salt water purification;
  • Whether filters are necessary.

Comparison of two

devices When comparing an iron with a steam generator, it must be said that each of the devices has its advantages, but it does not do without flaws.

Steam generator Iron
High price Large price range
After ironing it is not necessary to cool Easy ironing with small volumes
High steam pressure at the outlet There is a danger of burning the fabric
Find the cost of the steamweight
Fast ironing of heavily crumpled things Mobile is

The temperature of the steam generator's bottom is lower than that of an iron, because ironing is more due to steam, rather than hot soles. That is why they are not afraid to iron a very thin, delicate fabric. After completion of the steam generator does not need to specifically cool. It is enough to place the iron on the stand and remove the device in the space reserved for it.

Best of all, with a powerful blow of steam, it turns out to iron a few times folded fabric. If you have to iron high stacks of bed linen, tablecloths, curtains, then buy a steam generator - you will not regret.

The main advantage of the iron is that it is cheaper, and also that there is a fairly wide range of models. You can always choose a device that will be inexpensive, while at the same time properly performing all its basic functions. Powerful irons can compete with some steam generators, but lose weight. A large iron with twists is always heavier than an iron set on the platform.

Summing up, we can say that you need to buy a steam ironing device if you have large volumes of work or you iron very delicate and also very coarse fabrics. Remember that any device with steam can leave yellow specks on clothes, which means that it requires a serious attitude to the choice of water for refueling and accuracy in work.

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