Which water heater is better for home

“Independence from housing and communal services - first of all!” - you decided and rushed to buy a boiler for an apartment. But start defending your independence wisely: have you already figured out which water heater is better?

Contents:electric - you want to see at home. The first one can be chosen when it is time to update the old gas column and you have special gas pipe taps for connecting a new device. If you are going to install a gas water heater from scratch, you will need to get permission from the gas service to issue a bunch of relevant documents. So before you buy, ask how many nerves and what finances you will cost all this running around. That is why most decide to choose an electric boiler for a house or apartment.

Flow-through or cumulative

How to choose a water heater for an apartment? First you need to understand its forms. Both gas and electric water heaters are flow-through( water heats up immediately after switching on the device) and storage water( water is drawn into the tank, where it gradually heats up).

Do not want to wait a long time until hot water flows - in this case it is better to choose a flow-through water heater. He gives the opportunity to take a shower or wash the dishes immediately, when you thought. And the amount of water you use is not limited. But the cumulative will make you wait some time to get hot water, and even limit its use.

The flow through gas unit was the most popular until recently, and is known to us as the gas water heater. Her electrical counterpart is advantageous only because of its small size, but more exacting about the condition of the wiring. Therefore, the cumulative boiler is better bought by both the owners of the apartment and their own home.

Pay attention to the main characteristics of

How to choose a water heater for an apartment? Pay attention to the power consumption and volume of the tank.


The most popular models - with a volume of 50-80 liters. They are best suited for a family of 3-4 people. If you have a large family, you should look at a tank of 100 liters or more.

Want to choose a boiler only for the kitchen, stop on models with a volume of 5-15 liters.

For a country cottage, where a family of three rests, a 30-liter water heater is also suitable. For a cottage with several bathrooms, a Jacuzzi is the best option - a 200-liter tank.


Want to buy a flow heater - be sure to pay attention to the rates of water heating. In the kitchen you will need only 2 liters per minute( 3 kW), and for the bathroom it is better to choose a speed of 4 l / min( at least 8 kW).Consider whether your wiring can handle it.

Cumulative boiler less powerful - from 0.9 to 6 kW.The more power, the faster the water heats up. For example, a water heater of 50 liters and a power of 1.5 kW will heat the water to a maximum temperature( 75 ° C) in about 60 minutes. At 50-liter units the power is 1.25-1.5 kW;with a tank of 80 liters - 1.5-2 kW.

Case material

The material of the tank itself can be stainless steel or enameled. The first option is more durable, although you have to fork out. The cost of enamel coating is suitable for those who need to save.

The electric boiler requires a magnesium anode. It will protect your purchase from corrosion and this will prolong its service life. Magnesium, due to its chemical properties, slows down the oxidation of the metal in contact with water. Even if the tank inside is made of stainless steel, the anode will not allow the heating element to rust, and scale build up on the inner walls.


Some people try to choose a boiler, whether it is flow-through or cumulative, considering the free space in the room. So, for a small apartment suitable flat rectangular water heater. It is better to buy round models( like "barrel") for the spacious house.

Installation of the boiler can be both vertical and horizontal. What type to choose? The first unit heats the water faster and consumes less electricity, but takes up more space. In the horizontal device, the heater is located on the side, so the water heats up more slowly, but the boiler fits well even into a small-sized dwelling.


Which manufacturer is better depends only on your tastes. Some rely on well-known companies, others prefer to still buy goods in the domestic manufacturer and save a little. What does the statistics say? Prizes are occupied by models Gorenje, Ariston, Bosch, Electrolux. Not much behind the popularity of the company Thermex, Atlantic.

Consider a comparative table, which contains the best and most popular water heaters.

Model Tank CapacityArson ProsAll presented models - suspended, with vertical installation.

Unfortunately, the flowing electric water heater takes the last places in the rating. Can not boast of great popularity and its gas congener. But this does not mean that they are not suitable for your apartment or house.

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