Setting up the antenna

Often, you can not select your favorite programs with a particular satellite. Converters have to be used on a plate using the multifeed or put a pair of parabolic radiators. In this case, the antenna tuning supplemented by a number of measures to correct switching signal. After all, one receiver, and wish to watch a TV (with a single remote). There are devices called Diseko (DiSEqC), allows you to combine four or more outputs of satellite converters to one receiver. As a result, switching between satellites becomes transparent for the user. Channels are switched on the receiver, and the controls according to the protocol already switched circuits.

Installing a satellite dish

It is tempting to self-adjust the antenna, as the price for the work exceeds the cost of the kit. Plate bought either at the provider, set up equipment for the needs or separately. In the first case Diseko unlikely to help because the receiver is pierced (for example, the Tricolor), and for other purposes is not suitable, but to serve as a dealer. This means to catch the channels except the sold package, can not be without flashing.

Now we consider the general case when the equipment is purchased separately, in the right quantity, and it is required to set up a joint work:

  • a pair of plates with multifeed (rod, to which are added converters);
  • each paraboloid garland converters;
  • Diseko the desired number of channels;
  • wire (coaxial with the desired characteristic impedance of the cable);
  • receiver.

Let's start with the receiver if the flash properly working antennas will not be able to adjust. Openbox praise on the forums, the firmware being released regularly, so will not have difficulties with the guidance of the satellite. Channels already sewn into the device, the equipment is already technically ready to receive channels, but free. For encrypted content provider will need a map. This individual spending.

Installing a satellite dish

The satellites are hanging in our latitudes in the direction of the south. Orbit passes over the equator, hence the sky spacecraft settled on a curve, with the apogee of the south, and on each side down over the horizon to the east and west. Calculation will conduct an online calculator. Choose the satellites from which you want to catch the broadcast. Then try to be divided into groups of closely spaced. Even with multifeed tray are limited width reception. As a result, we get the coordinates of celestial bodies.

The height of the roof does not depend on these numbers, because the house can not be compared with the Earth's radius and height of the satellite orbits. For satellites your calculator. Hammer in the name in the search box Yandex, a search on a site of satellite television providers. Note on each aircraft, the possibility of different polarization (circular or linear), but in different ranges of the satellite is not a fact that will turn out the same. And frequency vary. Before buying a converter should know:

  1. satellite coordinates.
  2. broadcast band (Ku or C).
  3. Polarization.

Satellite antenna

Only in this case it is possible to choose the right equipment. The store on the polarization and band type, select the desired items. Converters are aimed at a specific satellite. We are cases where you need to catch two ranges with a single spacecraft, but they will not be considered. Plate is aimed at the satellite, by setting the conducting multifeed receiving neighbor (coordinates already received).

As orient the first phase plate in the desired direction. We do not recommend to be neighborly paraboloids, except to find out the direction. Use a compass and protractor, and then just leave. Incidentally, for the linear polarization angle converter important. The lower bent satellite at a given point on earth, the more the angle. plate center of the target on the spacecraft. For example, if the partition (see. above) turned three, we take the average of the satellites.

The bracket is fixed to anchor nails or anchor bolts. Calculation of targeting the satellite antenna in the right direction. Nothing should be in the path of the satellite signal. No branches, no poles, no, especially at home. Exceptionally sky in the proposed direction of the satellite. By law, such actions can produce only the owner of a private house. Other citizens need a permit, which obviously is not given in some cases. For example, if a building is listed as an architectural monument. Do not touch the facades of houses overlooking the main street of the city. Learn more in local government.

antenna installation

In the simplest case, you need permission HOA (all residents of the house), that claims to work there. Then you need to make the project into a specialized organization, otherwise the plant is illegal, and in some municipalities entities are allowed to prevent a similar initiative by unilaterally removing unformed as desired antenna.

Aiming the satellite dish

If the position of the antenna relative to the tower is easy to follow gaze, in the present case, there is only the sky, and not the fact that cloudless. We must recall geometry and geography. Many practitioners say that personally tune the antenna at all easy. Sometimes, it is possible to do without special equipment, ate the receiver has the correct firmware.

Setting up the antenna to the satellite begins with a guided plate. Please note that of offset paraboloid is necessary to reduce the angle of elevation of the laws of optics (angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection). The offset of the converter with respect to the focus given in the passport in degrees. Was subtracted from the elevation issued by the calculator. Self antenna configuration being initially azimuth compass is easily determined. Then getting into the act protractor and level. Get ready to set the correct angle plates place with the help of these tools. Horizontal level is maintained by transports is counting.

Aiming the satellite dish

Serial device for capturing the maximum signal is expensive, we can apply built-in receiver program, if available. This work can be done easily together, because if professional equipment will be guided by the sound, you have to carry out a visual inspection. Do not forget about the conditions of height, complexity of the situation the key settings. Converter is installed and looks at the center of the plate. Further adjustment is made on the antenna azimuth and elevation. Shaking from side to side paraboloid, achieve maximum signal level.

Next comes the turn of the converter. If the polarization is linear, it is necessary to rotate around the axis in the desired direction. The signal increases as soon as the maximum is found, the satellite configuration is considered ended. If imposed a converter, start to put other. Located at an angular distance to multifeed (when viewed from the center plates) equal to the angle between the broadcasting satellites. This, of course, the approximate orientation in the future is the setup process. When you rotate the circular polarization converter does not make sense. But it's worth noting that the observed thing: right-hand circular polarization is different from the left-hand position of the depolarizer. Read more in the previous reviews.

Combining converters satellite antenna

Not directly integrate converters of satellite dishes as interfere with each other, and the reception are at the same time. Here and useful Diseko to the desired number of channels. This device controlled by the power supply circuit tones ultrasonic frequency, whereby the output to the receiver extends one branch. In appearance it resembles Diseko steel box with a variety of connectors for coaxial cable. Inside is unpretentious switching circuit. Device checked by a special tester (DiSEqC-Tester), showing the output and input performance. In this setup a satellite dish does not end there, since stayed another receiver. He must have the correct firmware, which laid the information about all the satellites and frequency channels. In this case, the search operation is not required, but free programs start watching immediately. The TV must be switched to the channel receiver or transferred to the desired mode. Many phones include built-in equipment to decode the digital broadcast formats. In particular, and from the satellite.

When working at height, observe the safety precautions. It is no secret that the self-taught trying to pile up equipment on rooftops or balconies. According to regulations, such activities are not performed alone and without fall protection.

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