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If you turned on the air conditioner after a long stagnation, and he only blinked in response or did nothing, then you probably have problems with the air conditioning compressor. To solve them, read below the reasons why the air conditioning compressor does not turn on, and what to do if the air conditioning compressor does not turn on.

Before the main text of the article, it must be indicated that problems with the compressor can arise not only in the case of prolonged stagnation, but also if the device is used too often, and also if your air conditioner is trite old.

There are only two reasons why the air conditioning compressor does not start - a refrigerant leak and a compressor malfunction.

Let's take them in order. However, according to ALM Remont, 6 out of 10 cases of contacting technical support are resolved over the phone. The main reasons for the “malfunction” of the device in such cases are dead batteries, problems with the supply of electricity and low temperature. Make sure this is not your case.

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Dead batteries. Usually people forget about the air conditioner for the winter, and when the heat comes, it turns out that it is faulty. Technical support employees often receive calls with a similar problem. As a rule, the reason is batteries that have died over the winter.

It is recommended to check their presence, correct connection and replace with a serviceable set.


Problems with the supply of electricity. Perhaps the air conditioner simply does not receive electricity - the machine in the distribution panel was knocked out, the socket was broken, the core of the power cord was frayed. You can solve these problems by restarting the machine in the distributor, replacing the outlet (do not forget to turn off the electricity before replacing), correcting the wiring.

To check if you have problems with electricity, measure the voltage in the network and at the outlet of the air conditioner. To do this, use a multimeter. If the readings are different, there is a problem with the power supply.

Low temperature. Is your air conditioner not starting? If the temperature outside is below -5 degrees Celsius or the humidity is high at ±0 degrees Celsius, then do not panic - everything is fine. Standard sets of air conditioners cannot work at low temperatures. Air conditioners with winter kits operate at temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. To understand if the temperature outside is low for your unit, read the instructions.

Reasons why the air conditioner compressor does not work:

Coolant leak. During operation, the refrigerant evaporates in small quantities. If you run out of refrigerant, you need to recharge it, and the device will start working again. When the refrigerant leaks, the air conditioner starts to work worse, and then completely stops. In the worst case, due to a lack of refrigerant, the compressor will break.

The first sign of a lack of refrigerant is deterioration in the operation of the air conditioner. In some cases of leakage, there will be oil stains on the visible part.

It is recommended to stop the air conditioner and call the wizard.

Compressor failure. It can also happen with good handling of the device. Physical wear and tear is common. To check the compressor for operation, use a multimeter - unplug the device from the mains, disassemble the device, find the conductive wires, remove the terminals, connect the multimeter and measure resistance. The result should be equal to the sum of the resistance of each winding and the output. There may be an error of +-2% due to the error of the multimeter. A different value or 0L on the instrument panel means that the compressor is faulty. Self-repair can harm both you and the device, so it is better to call a specialist.

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