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Throw away the times when an ordinary Soviet glass cutter was used when laying tile materials. The glass cutter often did more damage than good: tile cracking, high defective parts ratio, uneven cutting. Now in the store you can find dozens, if not hundreds of good manual tile cutters, differing in cost and performance. What is the best tile cutter - let's talk in our article.

It is important to note right away that a special tool is used for laying porcelain stoneware, because the material is several times stronger and harder than ordinary tiles. Let's talk about this in detail.

The content of the article

  • The best tile cutter for porcelain stoneware - tool features
  • Overview of the pros and cons of manual tile cutters
  • Which manual tile cutter is better to buy
  • Rating of manual tile cutters for porcelain stoneware
    • Zubr 33191-40
    • Zubr 33195-60
    • Zubr 33193-60-Z01
    • Stayer 3305-60_z01
    • STAYER 3310-60

The best tile cutter for porcelain stoneware - tool features

As we said earlier, even the best manual tile cutter is not suitable for porcelain stoneware. For cutting it, you can use the following devices:

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  1. For domestic conditions, the manual version of the cutter with diamond wheels is perfect. For small batches of tile material - the ideal and inexpensive solution. The percentage of marriage is much less than with a glass cutter. Remember that the tool becomes dull during operation: the more tiles you cut, the more you need to process the edges. The advantage of such equipment is that it immediately has a device for splitting tiles. Among the shortcomings: weak cutting at the corners, and even then only in inexpensive models.
  2. Electric tile cutter. An expensive option for professionals - when you need to cut the material quickly and in large quantities. Models differ in the location of the engine: top or bottom. The diameter of the cutting edge installed on the equipment depends on this. For hard porcelain stoneware, diamond wheel bits are suitable. The undeniable advantage of the material is less chipping and thin cutting.

If you want to use a grinder, you will get extremely disappointing results. The joints come out uneven, and the percentage of chipping increases several times. Therefore, working on porcelain stoneware with an angle grinder is an extreme situation. Another disadvantage of using the tool is a large amount of dust when cutting.

Overview of the pros and cons of manual tile cutters

The classic version of the tool resembles pliers with a tip made of hard material (the best is diamond). The design and method of operation are no different from a conventional glass cutter. The tool is inexpensive (because it is manual), but it requires skill and skills to obtain a high-quality result. To mark the cut line, a square or ruler is used. The tile is cut along the front edge. Further, after several indentations with a tile cutter, the parts are broken off. To obtain a narrow strip of material, small sponges similar to pliers are used. The tool is used mainly for thick porcelain tiles. The cutting thickness is about 8 mm.

A simple tool has the following advantages:

  • small sizes;
  • low price;
  • you can make a circular cut;
  • no noise from the motor (because there is none);
  • since the blade moves slowly, no dust is generated;
  • cutting area is unlimited.

But there are also disadvantages of good tile cutters:

  • skill is needed;
  • the percentage of marriage is higher than that of a mechanical one;
  • edges require polishing;
  • manual work requires more time and effort.

Which manual tile cutter is better to buy

For craftsmen, the best option is to immediately look after an electric tool. They are much easier to work with and much faster. At home, use a manual analogue due to the low cost. Before buying, mark a few important parameters for yourself:

  1. Dimensions. The bed of the tile cutter must correspond to the length of the tile material.
  2. The stronger the components and parts, the longer it will serve "faithfully".
  3. Tile cutters on bearings are a little more expensive, but they are many times more pleasant to work with. As a result, the device has a longer life, and the cut lines come out smoother. Advanced devices have 6 bearings at once.
  4. Complete set with circular cutters of the tile fixing mechanism, measuring tools - additional "chips" that simplify the work.

Rating of manual tile cutters for porcelain stoneware

Based on user reviews on the network, we have compiled a small top manual tile cutters. It is not necessary to choose exactly one of them, but this can be an example for buying your own equipment.

Zubr 33191-40



Main advantages:

  • Two metal guides reinforce the structure and securely fasten the cutting wheel and handle. The cut will be smoother than without such amplification.
  • There is a heavy platform with holes for mounting on a table or other flat surface; stiffening ribs for work at the increased loadings.
  • The handle is wavy. What it gives you: Your hand won't slip when cutting, and you'll also be more comfortable to work with.
  • The cutter has a rubberized coating - the tile will definitely not twitch or slide off. This means that the quality of the seam increases.
  • The cutting roller is a tungsten-carbon alloy. It is one of the materials, along with diamond, that has greater strength than standard cutting materials.

Zubr 33195-60

In the ranking of manual tile cutters, there is another option from Zubr. The tool is very high quality, so it deserves the attention of buyers. Its main advantages:

  • Long length (400 mm) allows you to cut tiles along and at angles.
  • The carriage moves smoothly on a bearing system. An accurate and even seam is guaranteed.
  • Rollers can be replaced; this allows you to work both on ordinary material and on porcelain stoneware.
  • All working elements are made of an alloy of tungsten and carbon - we have already talked about it earlier.
  • The design of the device has hard metal inserts and rubber rings for greater grip on the surface. And the holes in the tile cutter allow you to install it on the table for more convenience.

Zubr 33193-60-Z01

It is difficult to say that any other company can break into the rating of porcelain stoneware tile cutters - Zubrs do not let anyone relax. The main points of this model:

  • The device has a large cut thickness - from 5 to 16 mm. You can cut at any angle.
  • Attaches to an aluminum platform and has rigid iron inserts. With the help of fasteners, you can install the knife on a table or workbench.
  • The support bearing system moves the cutting edge smoothly over the tile surface.
  • There is equipment for breaking the material: you can perform an action at any point in the cut.
  • Included is a convenient transport bag.

Stayer 3305-60_z01

You will be surprised, but the Zubr is not in the ranking of the best manual tile cutters. Let's note the main features of this tool:

  • The main purpose of the device with enhanced cutting is thick seams and a break on any surface.
  • The cutting edge is an alloy of carbide and tungsten. Another durable material that ensures long-term use of the tool.
  • Increased cutting length - 600 mm. Allows to work both on a tile, and with glass.
  • It has a fixing bar for a strong installation of the plate under the edge.
  • The tile cutter carriage moves very smoothly - the system on 6 bearings is responsible for this.

STAYER 3310-60

The main advantages of the device:

  • The design is equipped with a flat bar for cutting materials diagonally.
  • Parallel channels maintain a high-quality and even seam.
  • Radial holes can be made with a circular knife. It is convenient to make holes for switches or sockets.
  • The main part has rubberized inserts - the tile will not move anywhere from the knife.
  • The built-in ruler is thought over for exact measurement.
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