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Every woman wants to be beautiful not only internally, but also externally. This is because the first impression of a person is created by his “outer shell”, and not by the inner world. If we want to impress grace and beauty at a party or a business meeting, then we need to pick up a beautiful dress, shoes and put ourselves in order.
Removing hair from the body is one of the top priorities. Fortunately, this is not a problem for a good and functional epilator. What to choose, what to focus on when buying and how to avoid an unsuccessful model - we'll talk about this in our article.
Top 10 epilators - how to find them
To do this, we will try to compare the most popular options for epilators and choose the right one for each. situation - this is extremely important, because all women are unique, and an individual approach is needed for each body.
Tweezer or disc
Tweezer - a drum-shaped head on which small tweezers are staggered. During movement, they grab the hairs and pull them out along with the bulb. The more such "tweezers" there are, the faster and more painlessly the device works.

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Disk - the principle of operation is similar to the previous version, but instead of tweezers it has a disk system. They also pull out hairs at high speeds. A feature of the device is that a large area is covered. With the help of a disk epilator, you can remove not only large hairs, but also “fluff” throughout the body. However, the sensations will be less pleasant.
How the device will help get rid of pain
Since we are going to carry out not the most pleasant procedure, we will need ways to anesthetize the epilation area. In models you will find such systems:
1. Cooling - dulls the painful procedure under the influence of cold. During operation, cool air enters the skin, which soothes it.
2. Epilation in a humid environment - a waterproof case was invented for this, which can be used in the bathroom. The bottom line is simple - under the pressure of water, epilation is many times more pleasant than on dry skin.
3. Skin tension - by massaging the skin, the epilator does not work so painfully, removing excess hairs. The nozzle tightens the skin and dulls the pain from the procedure.
4. Vibromassage - when exposed to the skin, the nozzle pulsates and releases vibration to the dermis, soothing the epilation area.
Mains or battery operated
An important parameter is the power supply. He is responsible not only for the autonomy of work, but, most importantly, for comfort during the procedure. Decide for yourself what is more important: running on batteries for a while or continuous epilation with a network epilator.
If you want to purchase a truly universal model, then look for a device with a combined power supply - from an outlet and on a battery.
Ranking the best epilators in 2021
Every year, manufacturers try to please their customers with new products, providing additional functions for their devices - the competition is extremely high. We have selected for you a dozen high-quality devices for comfortable and painless home use.


1. Philips BRE730 Epilator Series 8000 is an ergonomic epilator at a good price;
2. Braun 9-700 Silk-epil SensoSmart - touch sensor for 100 percent hair removal;
3. Panasonic ES-ED93 - compact and ergonomic body;
4. Rowenta EP5660 - classic and miniature in one bottle;
5. Philips BRE715 Epilator Series 8000 is the best device for the bikini area;
6. Philips BRE710 Epilator Series 8000 is a future-proof battery-powered model;
7. Braun 7-700 Silk-epil 7 is a dual battery device;
8. Braun SE 830/831 Face is the perfect facial epilator;
9. Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige - the best laser epilator;
10. Philips BRE225 Satinelle Essential is a budget model with a basic set of features for every lady.
What do you use at home? We will be grateful if you write a review about your favorite epilator in the comments.

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