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The partially built-in dishwasher is a compact unit with a small width that can be placed under the countertop, even if there is not much space. At the same time, the control panel and the door remain open, since they are not covered by the facade of the headset (unlike a fully built-in model). A description of such devices and an overview of the best of them is presented in this article.

The content of the article

  • Description and types of device
  • Overview of the best partially built-in models
    • Whirlpool WSIC 3M27
    • Bosch SPV4HMX1DR
    • Electrolux EEQ 942200L
    • Weissgauff BDW 4140 D
    • BDIS15020

Description and types of device

Understanding the difference between a built-in dishwasher and a conventional dishwasher is quite simple. All units according to the criterion of embedding are divided into 3 types:

  1. Fully built-in machines - they are installed under the countertop, and the front surface is closed by a facade made of the same material as the kitchen set itself. Such designs look harmonious - in the same style.Built-in dishwasher
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  3. Partially recessed are also installed under the countertop. But the front end is open - some owners like to show off stylish tech. Such a semi-embedded dishwasher resembles a washing machine, which is simply installed in a pre-made niche in the headset.Semi built-in dishwasher
  4. Free-standing, that is, not built-in units. Such machines can be located in any part of the kitchen where communications lead. They can stand alone or be separated from the side and top with decorative panels to fit into the overall interior.Built-in dishwasher

It is clear what a built-in dishwasher means. This is a compact unit that is fully integrated into the furniture. While the door is closed, the dishwasher is not visible. And you might think that this is a niche for the headset itself, for example, for pots or household appliances.

But if the device is partially built-in, it is always visible, because it is not separated by a facade from the front. Access to the door is direct - you can load the dishes at any time, and then observe the process through the transparent glass, as is the case with a washing machine.

Thus, you can determine the type of unit visually. Therefore, it is quite clear what a partially built-in dishwasher means. It is useful to know about the classification of such devices depending on the dimensions:

  1. Full size.
  2. Narrow.
  3. Compact.

Full-size units reach a width of 55-60 cm and about the same in depth (that is, the distance from the front to the rear panel). They are as capacious as possible, they can wash at the same time, for example, 13 sets of dishes. They consume quite a lot of water and electricity, so they are used mainly in large apartments.

Narrow devices process 8-10 sets. They are much narrower - they reach 45 cm in width, and 55-57 cm in depth. We can say about such a built-in partially dishwasher that this is a good option for a small kitchen.

Finally, there are compact dishwashers, which are also 45 cm wide and only 50 cm deep. These are units with minimal dimensions that can be installed even in small kitchens. Designed for washing 6 sets of dishes, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people. Along with the small size, among the advantages, one can note a small consumption of water and electrical energy. For the price, these models are also more affordable.

Overview of the best partially built-in models

Manufacturers produce devices of all types, including those designed for partial embedding. If you make a rating on technical parameters, build quality and customer reviews, you get such an overview.

Whirlpool WSIC 3M27

Whirlpool WSIC 3M27

Narrow roomy unit with a width of less than 45 cm. Able to simultaneously take up to 10 sets of dishes. Equipped with inverter motor, full leakage protection system. If it is not clear what a fully built-in dishwasher means and there are doubts about whether it will fit in the kitchen, it is worth considering this particular model.

Among its advantages are:

  • low noise level within 47 dB, which corresponds to a normal conversation;
  • several washing programs, including fast, water-saving, delicate;
  • soak option;
  • drying option (condensing type);
  • 4 temperature modes;
  • delay start for a period of 1 to 12 hours.

Using this model as an example, it is easy to understand the relative difference between a fully built-in dishwasher and a built-in dishwasher. This narrow model can simply be placed under the countertop and the control panel left open. Although the same unit can be fenced with an external facade, and then the dishwasher will be considered fully built-in.



Another compact device less than 45 cm wide. Designed for simultaneous washing of 10 sets of dishes. The dishwasher is equipped with an inverter motor and an operation indicator (beeps). Drying intensive type, class A. The main advantages are:

  • full protection against leakage;
  • the ability to control from a smartphone;
  • high energy efficiency class (A);
  • water consumption is only 9.5 l;
  • small noise within 46 dB;
  • it is possible to delay the start up to 24 hours;
  • equipped with a three-component filter with a self-cleaning option.

If you look at the characteristics, it is difficult to understand how the built-in dishwasher differs from the usual one. Indeed, the difference is only related to the dimensions and the ability to fully or partially integrate the unit into the kitchen set. As for the main parameters, they are about the same.

Electrolux EEQ 942200L

Electrolux EEQ 942200L

When studying what a built-in dishwasher is, users pay attention to dimensions. As a rule, such devices have a small width. For example, for the Electrolux model in question, it is only 45 cm. Despite this, it holds 9 sets of dishes. The leakage protection system is partial, which can be attributed to disadvantages. On the other hand, this device has many advantages:

  • the highest energy efficiency class (A++);
  • touch control;
  • minimum water consumption (up to 10 l);
  • low noise level (within 46 dB);
  • availability of 8 washing programs;
  • minimum electricity consumption - only 0.69 kWh;
  • the ability to choose among 4 temperature modes;
  • there is a drying function (condensation type).

If necessary, the launch can be delayed for any period from 1 hour to a day. This is very convenient - for example, you can load the dishes in the evening and start the cycle in the morning so as not to make noise at night.

Weissgauff BDW 4140 D

Weissgauff BDW 4140 D

You can also understand what a partially built-in dishwasher is using this model as an example. It is very narrow (up to 45 cm) and at the same time can accommodate 10 sets of dishes at once. There are 8 programs to choose from, including a quick mode that only takes 30 minutes.

Other benefits include:

  • high energy efficiency (A +);
  • electronic type of control;
  • low water consumption (up to 9 l);
  • low noise level (within 48 dB);
  • short washing time even when choosing a normal program (3 hours);
  • the possibility of delaying the launch for a period of 1 hour to 24 hours;
  • convenient indication system in the form of a beam on the floor;
  • complete leakage protection.

The service life declared by the manufacturer is 1 year - for this time a full warranty is provided subject to the rules of operation. However, in fact, the device serves for years without complaints.



Another high-quality and inexpensive partially built-in dishwasher, it has a very affordable price. The width is within 45 cm, while the unit is roomy - it can process up to 10 sets of dishes. Other advantages include:

  • quiet operation (up to 48 dB);
  • low electricity consumption (0.73 kWh);
  • electronic control;
  • 5 programs, including fast and economical washing;
  • condensation type drying;
  • postponed until 7 p.m.

At the same time, the water consumption reaches 12 liters, which is slightly more than that of a number of other models. However, the difference is small (1-2 liters), so it is not particularly noticeable.

Thus, a partially built-in dishwasher is no different from a conventional unit, with the exception of dimensions (smaller width and depth). As a rule, these are top-loading devices, so they can hold 8-10 sets of dishes. It is the partially built-in narrow units that are in great demand, since they can be placed even in a small kitchen.

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