How to soften water in a washing machine

Most housewives complain about hard water, as it leads to poor washing and breakage. How to soften it for a washing machine? Understand how hard water should be, very simple. Determination of stiffness is calculated from the amount of magnesium and calcium salts that it contains. Often, the problem is not known to residents living in large settlements. The fact is that today there are a huge number of ways and special measures to address the issue: a filter for softening water, chemicals, powders and so on. It is really difficult with rigidity for those who live in places with an outdated water supply system. About whether you need to soften the water, you can not say - the answer is obvious. We will find out how to make hard water soft for washing.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why water should be softened?
  • 2"Cold" way that softens water for hand washing
  • 3How to soften water at home
  • 4How to soften water: several ways
    • 4.1Chemicals
    • 4.2Filters for water softening
    • 4.3Lemon acid

Why water should be softened?

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The washing machine, like any home appliances, needs proper care. In soft water it is much better to wash clothes and remove dirt. In addition, cleaning is required when forming scale, soapy deposits or an unpleasant smell in the styalka. To understand if the water is hard, use a digital tester (it can be purchased at a hardware store). A more expensive method is to give a sample to the laboratory for chemical research.

"Cold" way that softens water for hand washing

At low temperatures, fading of magnesium and other salts occurs. This is a great way that will easily soften the water, it does not take much time and effort.

  1. Take a large container or a metal bath, fill most of the water and stand for 7 days in the shade or under a canopy.
  2. Monitor the process - a deposit should appear on the bottom.
  3. Gently drain the "top and pour the residue.

Now you can manually wash delicate things.

Important! This method is used in manual, not machine wash!

How to soften water at home

Some practical advice:

  1. Use special powders with softeners.
  2. To neutralize the insoluble salts of magnesium and calcium, use the excellent method - rinsing things with the addition of 1 cup of vinegar.
  3. Does the soda soften the water? Yes, definitely. Add it in small portions to the drum of the spinach. Add 10 g to 10 g of soda, previously diluted in boiling water. Leave it overnight. In the morning, drain the "top and pour the sediment on the bottom.

It is not recommended to use it when washing things from natural fabrics.

  1. You can also use such a softener for washing, as a solution of detergent and laundry soap. At 10 liters, you need 300 g of soap. Leave for the night to settle, in the morning, use to wash things.

How to soften hard water without using soda and soap? Use to soften the salt. Just throw one tablet into the drum and put it on the laundry "idle". This method will not only make the water soft, but also clean the heater of scale.

Important! You can soften the water in the stylalk by placing soap in the drum. Select the shortest mode. After finishing, take out the soap and wash clothes and underwear in any modes.

How to soften water: several ways

Many people forget about special means, filters for cleaning, folk methods.


This problem will help to solve:

  1. Special softeners. Popularity is the "Calgon" 2 in 1. It protects important details of the stylalki. Reagent for softening is also used for prevention.
  1. As already mentioned, it is recommended to use powders with the addition of softeners. Accurate observance of dosages is a guarantee of SM work beyond its allotted time.

Filters for water softening

For example, it can be installed in the impregnating hose of the styralki. There are many different filters:

  • Saline. A variant of economy class. The installation guarantees an improved quality of washing.
  • Magnetic softener - attracts metals. Significantly more expensive than the previous version, but at times more reliable.
  • The osmosis filter guarantees a qualitative softening.

Using any means to mitigate from the list above, you get quality washing, soft things and effective work of the stylalki. The same applies to the installation of filters.

Lemon acid

You can resort to such a method as softening water with citric acid:

  • Take 80 grams of "lemon pour it into the drum.
  • Choose a washing temperature of not more than 95 degrees.
  • Start the wash cycle.

Interesting! Even some specialists of service centers for the maintenance of SMA use "lemon juice".

Now you know how to soften the water, so your things will be beautiful, and the SMA will serve properly and for a long time. And do not forget, as often as possible to carry out preventive maintenance - to remove scale and to clean a stick. This will help to avoid breakdowns. Good luck!

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