Which company is better to buy the hood

First, take the trouble to solve, so if you want to buy the hood classic western office. Kupersberg on some forums openly call "bullshit". Brand overseas refuse to know, the site took a fancy to a Russian domain. Another fake valiant Peter abroad? The official Russian-language resource checkered flag in Germany, the country sausage / beer, never heard the name. I think after what company is better to buy the hood.

extractor hood Kupersberg

extractor hood Kupersberg

European cooker hoods

Gameday sure: the history of the brand originates Kupersberg 2000, a little-known company M & G Hausegerate GmbH decided (!) To fill Russian high-quality products made by six European plants. Fantasy, not only France (Tefal), Sweden (Electrolux thinking of you) think of us! Immediately there was a sea of ​​skeptics on the subject of the cost of the offices Potsdamer Platz (Berlin). Clearly, spreading suckers Moscow riffraff taught people to distrust. As a helpless state periodically, most know for their own skin.

Say one thing - German domain pleased brand, similar-sounding, just a cooker hoods does not, although cooking produces n-Noe number of lines. Wikipedia, survived the past 15 years, too lazy to give an article of a subject. Company M & G Hausegerate GmbH is known insofar as the founder Kupersberg, are network sources titles next. Some forums have a reason to boo "bullshit."

The authors are powerless to say today, where do Kupersberg hood. List the reasons given forum users.

modern hood

modern hood

  1. Manufacturer hide the past. The majority opinion - the Russian brand comes disguised German flag. Hoods Kupersbush devoid of criticism, ignoring a number of loss-making years of the XXI century enterprise. Viewed deprived ward distinct roots. In the words of one reader forum: company deceives already advertising stage, what will happen next.
  2. Known brands supporting products for decades. A synonym for confidence in the future. Manufacturer, according to official information, has been known since 2000, founder of the (M & G Hausegerate GmbH) bummed by 4 employees at the time of 2011, the place of release technique is not known. It inspires confidence? Tomorrow, the consumer will be one vs one with a broken product, there will be nobody to make a complaint about the non-working kitchen hood.
  3. Today, the public is distrust of the estimated product characteristics referred to passports. Worried about the noise level significantly exceeding the declared. Buyers say the first speed to use as possible, the volume is small. Elevated Turnover kitchen hood Kupersberg buzzing cleaner vacuum cleaner according to the standard table is in the permissible acoustic pressure higher air cleaners.

Place your first certificate of product support. If coal Kupersberg exhaust filter to get the problem, avoid thinking about home appliances. Said accessory is important when working recycling. It will be possible to have an output flow of the kitchen hood to the vent, the problem wash its hands.

The country needs to decide which company to buy the hood, where I came from the manufacturer, the case of an ordinary Kupersberg. Intriguing left the place of manufacture of devices. Some say Kupersberg uses, or provides a conveyor Bosch, the authors tend to think of the thesis of an idle fantasy. If you take the Germans, of the holding of workshops in Turkey, the region blamed disgruntled mediocre quality. Although Bosh finds fault with every screw. What will happen to the other producers, think for yourself.

As for the quality Kupersberg, there is no consensus. Many abuse, some praising. I decided to purchase the hood Hephaestus, you know: Belarus. By the way, the forums say the famous brand manufacturers avoid hiding information, Kupersberg akin Kupersbush. As readers check out the brand. Common recommendations are not available... ahaha! Caught? Avoid driving readers to the nose. World Planet Earth has got hold of a network, such as social VC, most respected brands represented. Catch the address of the German company linkedin.com/company/k%C3%BCppersbusch-hausger%C3%A4te-gmbh appliances.

Kupersberg no parallel in some other brands, hard to hush up their own history. Note: The address of the official site resource provides. network of contacts and interaction between professionals of many branches of science and technology. How to put visitors to the forum "If a producer has (according to him) plants / factories, no website, except runetovssky, suggests the idea of ​​something dishonest. Although the account in the social network can create. Facebook is not serious. "

Simply put, a respected producer, Russia does not count on own site creates versions of several languages, recounts his past, concepts, views, mission. Without a passport will have no respect for the West. Unnamed brands focused Asia.

The sloping hood for the kitchen

Inclined extractor hood

Is it worth it to pay more by buying European extraction

Those who wish to keep within 4,000 rubles to buy a floor fan suggested. There exists a global three contenders:

  1. Elikor.
  2. Hansa.
  3. Jet Air.

Elikor know - a group of companies advertise Russian roots. We believe the assembly line based on plant subjected to conversion. Inside the kitchen hoods Elikor see the chance to find good engines. Eye caught Voronezh saw Beaver, easily cuts tree, bend, a fine example of a tool. Cooker hoods far surpassed the complexity of drills, grinders. Yielding many home appliances industry, is able to boast of the Russian Federation.

Say, in most kitchen hoods engine costs asynchronous drills - collector, pay attention to the noise. Look closely: the market instances spanning 70 dB, the power does not reach the typical Bulgarian. Recall Hephaestus, cooker hoods, some work so loud you can not talk in the next room. Sure about the induction motor? The authors avoid arrogance.

Extractor hood Elikor with creative design

Extractor hood Elikor with creative design

Output? Russian goods competitive segment. Take Elikor: Some cooker hoods called the manufacturer demonstrate stunning design (remember the age-old Russian painting). For a reasonable price. We continue to believe that the main characteristic of the kitchen hoods did not performance, and the noise level. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not worked in the room, while the kitchen smells are expelled to the outside by means of extraction. Make an experiment and quickly come to our opinion. Keep in mind not only the place of production may be inaccurately stated characteristics do not meet the standards. There is a chance to get back the hood? If it is proved that the noise level above statement to check the product is taken to the store seller.

How to check the level of the cooker hood noise. Links below, our readers can learn something on the issue:

  1. http://sud-expertiza.ru/ceny/ekspertiza-po-zameru-shuma-i-shumovogo-fona/.
  2. http://sud-expertiza.ru/ekspertiza-shuma-i-shumovogo-fona/.

Conglomerate offers services to most regions. Prices are on the sections of the site. We believe that for a start, you can make your own measurements, then ask for help. A court will have to claim damages. We do not run the risk of giving advice of legal topics, alarm lawyer. To measure the noise level of the program can advise. Android OS versions:

  1. Decibel.
  2. Sound Pressure Meter.

Believe to be an error, check your gadget can always be on the refrigerator, washing machine. If desired, use a vacuum cleaner. We believe that by following the advice, buy a hood acro, you will be assured of the manufacturer. Put in a word for beginners industrialists. Taken Vitesse. A typical example Multivarki quite efficient (sin small inconveniences, providing excellent functionality). Build Chinese name disguised as a Dutch football club, a US manufacturer of semiconductor electronics. However multivarka works, bon appetit: om nom-nom-.

It is worth to prefer expensive equipment? self-sufficient people hold positive views. Dear cooker hoods definitely better. Very good, if the equipment is assembled Europe. Next time will tell how to choose and buy a manicure hood. Instruments used by beauticians. With cooker hoods have nothing in common. We will be glad questions in the comments, if you deign to admin, reply.

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