How to replace the bearing in a Zanussi washing machine

Was your bearing worn out in your washing machine? Do not know how to arrange repairs? Think, perhaps you can replace the part with your own hands.

Replacing the drum bearing washing machine Zanussi (Zanussi) - is a complex repair, because you will need to completely disassemble the CM. However, following our step-by-step guide, you will manage on your own.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to understand that a bearing is broken
  • 2Causes of malfunction
    • 2.1Types of parts
  • 3Preparation for repair
  • 4Sequence of work execution

How to understand that a bearing is broken

The most correct indication of a malfunction are the error codes E13 and E55 on the dashboard display. If the self-diagnosis system detects a problem and issues a code, you can start disassembling and inspecting.

But if the code is not there, and you hear a strong noise, hum, vibration, gnashing every time you wash it - all this also indicates the wear of the bearings.

Additional check: open the hatch door and shake the drum by hand. If its rotation is non-uniform, it deviates strongly from the tank to the rear wall - the fault is obvious.

Causes of malfunction

Most often, bearings wear out because of water ingress. If the seal (sealing rubber) is damaged, the water begins to leak, which leads to breakage. Also, an incorrectly installed AGR can cause imbalance, which also leads to wear.

In this case, it is necessary to repair the washing machine Zanussi, namely - the replacement of bearings.

Unfair producers can install an unsuitable element that does not stand the load of the machine. As a result, he serves no more than 4 years.

Types of parts

Let's see what bearings are on the Zanussi washing machine. In modern models: Zanussi Aquacycle 1000, Zanussi FA 622, Zanussi FE 1002, Zanussi FL503, CN Zanussi ZWT 3105, Zanussi ZWT 385 and others - two-row and single-row elements are used.

  • In a set with a smaller bearing and gland are single-row elements.
  • The double row is fitted with a retaining ring, it is one large piece complete with an oil seal.

The replacement of the bearing in the engine of the washing machine Zanussi can be done by hand. But do it better in the early stages, once you notice the noise. Otherwise, the wear of the part will damage the shaft, as a result, you will need to replace the drum part.

Preparation for repair

To successfully dismantle, and then install the bearing, you need:

  • Screwdrivers: slotted, cross, hexagonal.
  • Torx keys.
  • Pliers.
  • Set of wrenches.
  • Hammer and bolt (15-20 cm).
  • Adhesive or sealant.
  • The WD-40 is a tool for stained parts.

It's time to prepare the styralka. Unplug it from the mains, shut off the water supply. Disconnect the intake hose and drain the water. Also drain the remaining water from the drain filter, which is located at the bottom of the front panel, behind the hatch.

Sequence of work execution

Before dismantling, you must purchase replacement parts. The bearing numbers of the Zanussi washing machine can be recognized by the CMA model or viewed on the element.

Moving the machine away from the wall, proceed to disassemble. First of all, the covers and panels are removed:

  • Remove the screws securing the top panel. Remove it and set it aside.

Note that some bolts in Zanussi's washers are hidden by stubs.

  • Unlike other CM, Zanussi machines have a body consisting of two parts. To remove the back cover, you need to unscrew the bracket screws that secure the panels from the top.
  • Then the lid moves back and retracts.

The advantage of this brand is the lack of the need to dismantle the front panel.

Thanks to the device of the case, the back cover opens most of it. This is quite enough for repair.

  • Remove the drive belt. Pull it on yourself by scrolling the pulley. So it will be easier to get rid of.

  • It is necessary to unscrew the pulley. To do this, lock it in place with a ratchet and unscrew the central bolt.

  • Loosen the screws securing the counterweight over the pulley. Put him aside.
  • Take a picture of the location of the TEN wires. Take them off.

  • Also disconnect the motor wiring, unscrew the three fixing screws.

  • Pull the motor out of the housing.
  • Using pliers, unscrew the drain pipe clamp, disconnect it from the tank.

  • Next, remove the shock absorbers. Put the head on the other side of the rod, pull it out with the pliers from the front.

  • We move upwards. Remove the filler pipe by unfastening the clamp.

  • Remove the pressure switch tube, which leads to the tank.
  • Before replacing the bearings in the Zanussi washing machine, you need to remove the hatch clamp of the hatch. To do this, bend the sealing rubber, tighten the yoke and unfasten the coupler.

Great! It remains only to pull the tank out, removing from the suspension.

  • Unscrew the screws around the edges of the tank, which secure the two parts.

  • Remove the upper half.
  • With the hammer blows along the shaft, separate the tank with the drum.
  • Adjust the drum shaft. Clean from dirt, polish to shine.

  • Turn the back of the tank over. Remove the oil seal. To get the bearing, put a bolt on it and tap it lightly with a hammer. Do this evenly and only at the extreme rim, otherwise damage the part. The same rule applies during installation.

How to change the bearing in the washing machine Zanussi? First clean the landing site.

Install the new part in the socket, tapping on the outer cage.

Lubricate the oil seal and place over the bearing.

The car is going in the reverse order. Before connecting parts of the tank, grease them around the edges of the sealant, then bolt them. So you can avoid leaks.

Have you decided to repair yourself? Excellent! See the video about bearing replacement in SM Zanussi:

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