How to connect the washing machine engine

If you have an unnecessary washing machine motor, do not rush to throw it away. The electric motor is used in other areas of life and economy. If you know how to properly connect an electric motor, you can get a machine for sharpening scissors and knives. Or make it the driving force of the concrete mixer.

We will tell you how to connect the engine from the washing machine with your own hands.

Material Content:

  • 1 Self-Connection Methods
  • 2 Step-by-Step Work
  • 3 Use Case

Self-Connection Methods

In order for the engine to work, it needs power. An independent electrical connection is the correct connection of the wires. Therefore, you will need a connection diagram for the washing machine engine.

For work, you need stator and rotor wires. But how to find them? Visual inspection shows a lot of wires. How to decide which one you need?

Consider how to connect an electric motor with 3, 4 and 6 wires.

Look at the motor. On the left side there are two wires - they are not used. Often, the manufacturer paints them in white. For clarity, look at the photo below:

Orange arrows point to the wires of red and brown colors. These are the stator leads. Blue arrows point to wires leading to rotor brushes. These four wires are needed to connect the motor from the washer.

Wiring color may vary by different manufacturers. Therefore, use a tester for accurate testing.

Measure the resistance of each wire to find its pair. Strip the contacts and connect the tester probe to them. Record the readings. Then call up all the wires one by one, until everyone has a pair.

Step-by-step work execution

Connecting the engine from the washing machine is not difficult. You will not need the starting windings and capacitors, it is enough to know how to connect the connections correctly.

For this:

  • Connect the ends of the wires from the stator and the rotor. Be sure to isolate the point of contact.

  • Connect the remaining two wires to a voltage source of 220 volts.

Be careful! During connection to electricity, the engine will start( turn on) from the washing machine. At the same time, it can vibrate strongly, so ensure safe location for the motor in advance.

Connection successful. If you need to change the direction of rotation, swap the wires leading to the rotor. See the diagram in the photo:

This launch option is suitable for details of modern AGR.How to connect the electric motor from the old washing machine? Work is painstaking than in the first case. You will need a start relay and a non-latching button.

  1. Set the tester to the resistance measurement mode.
  2. Apply the probes to the motor windings, comparing the readings. Need to find a pair of windings.

It is important to understand that the working winding always shows less resistance than the starting one.

According to this scheme, an asynchronous motor of a washing machine is connected:

Let us consider in more detail how to connect the CMA motor according to the scheme. To do this, decipher the legend:

  • SB is indicated by a button-switch. It allows you to connect to the power winding.
  • software is a starting winding that allows you to create torque. You can coordinate it in one of the parties.
  • S - working winding or field winding. Creates a magnetic field for rotation.

You need to apply electricity to the field winding. To do this, directly connect it to a network of 220 volts. Short-term power is supplied to the starting winding, only using the button( SB).

Now you know how to turn on the motor( engine) from the washing machine. To start it, you need to press the button. The change of direction of rotation occurs according to the previous principle - the wires are swapped.

Variants of use

The working motor from the SM can be used for household needs. Decided to lay out the courtyard tile? Make a homemade vibrating table.

You will need one plate fixed by moving parts to the base. Running the electric motor from the washing machine will facilitate the movement of the stove. Releasing air from concrete, you can improve the quality of the tile, make it stronger and more durable.

You can also make a concrete mixer, but you will additionally need another tank. Metal blades in the form of the letter “P” are installed inside the tank. Drain hole closes. How to connect the washing machine engine to a home-made concrete mixer can be seen in the video:

How to start the engine from the washing machine, you already know, so get down to work. Video on the topic will help you:

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