How to replace the handle on the door of the washing machine

Need to replace the handle on the washing machine? You can easily cope on your own with this problem. Unfortunately, plastic components break down quite often. We offer a step-by-step repair manual, with which it will not be difficult to replace them.

Content of the material:

  • 1Common Problems
  • 2Step-by-step instruction
    • 2.1We dismantle
    • 2.2We are installing a new pen

Common Problems

What problems can the user encounter while repairing the door of the washing machine? First of all, this is a problem with the opening of the hatch. After all, the handle often breaks down when you try to open the door after the end of the wash cycle.

What if you understand that you can not get things out of the drum?

To open the door mechanically, use the following methods:

  1. Climb to her through the top or bottom of the stylalki. To open the latch through the top of the machine, remove the top cover by unscrewing two self-tapping screws from the rear. Then push the cover in the opposite direction and set it aside.
  2. Tilt the CM body slightly backwards. So the drum moves slightly to the side.
  3. Put your hand to the lock and open it.

The same manipulations are carried out through the bottom of the machine. It is necessary to remove the bottom cover, if it is, and unlock the lock.

There is another popular method, how to act in this situation, - use a rope. Take a thin rope, thread it between the door and the body of the AGR. Now pull it from two sides, pulling in turn the lock. It must open.

This method was clearly demonstrated by the masters in the video:


Step-by-step instruction

The item is not repairable, you will need a new handle on the washing machine to perform the replacement. Buy it in any specialized store, it's enough to name the brand and model of the stylar to the seller.

We dismantle

First of all, disconnect the machine from the mains and turn the input tap to shut off the water. Armed with a screwdriver, get down to work:

  • It is necessary to unscrew the door from the machine body. To do this, open the hatch, remove the two screws securing the door.

  • Put it glass up on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew the screws that secure the two parts of the door along the perimeter.
  • To remove the plastic latches, you can use a slotted screwdriver. Walk the tool in a circle, unclipping the latches.
  • Now remove the outer part, as well as the glass.

  • The interior remains to you.
  • To properly assemble the parts, take a picture of the handle on both sides.
  • Using a thin screwdriver, push the pin that holds the elements together.
  • Once you pull out the pin, the other parts can be easily reached.

Before repairing the handle of the washing machine hatch, we will analyze what it consists of:

  1. Plastic handle.
  2. A pin that holds the structure together.
  3. Latch-latch.
  4. Spring.

We are installing a new pen

Even if only one element of the handle is broken, the entire mechanism must be replaced. Follow the build order:

  • Reinstall the spring.
  • Place the lock on the side of the spring. While holding it in place, start tying the pin, but not completely. Push it in only one ear of the spring.
  • Now, put the plastic handle on the lock and push the pin in place.

Assemble the door:

  • Turn the glass under the handle.
  • From above place the outer part of the door, pressing the latches.
  • Screw back the screws and attach the door to the body of the AGR.

For more details on repairing the washing machine door, see the video:

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