What are the parameters for choosing the best gas column

What are the parameters for choosing the best gas column


At construction of apartments now hot water moves centrally, but at inhabitants "Khrushchev" and individual houses the question of how to choose a gas column, and now stands on the agenda. Of course, modern speakers - these are not the severe units with manual control and lighting matches, which were equipped with apartments in the middle of the last century. They arranged a "New Year's salute" when forgetful hosts tried to dilute too hot water. Nevertheless, the current devices are quite enough individual nuances, so that buyers approached this issue with due responsibility.


  • 1The main parameters that you should pay attention to
  • 2Security is the most important parameter
  • 3The best manufacturers of gas columns

The main parameters that you should pay attention to

If you are already thinking about what kind of gas column is best to buy, pay attention to the following parameters.

The power of the unit is three ranges of kW: 17-19; 22-24, 28-31. The lowest power of the device is enough to supply with hot water one point in the house, for example, a bathroom or a kitchen. If it is necessary to serve two or more, then through the column should pass at least 15-20 liters in minute at a heating temperature of 35-40 degrees and here it is already better to choose the power, at least, average.

The water pressure in the apartment also plays an important role, because even with a powerful unit it may not be enough for the necessary heating of the water. Spending money on an expensive device with high power in this case does not make sense.

The type of ignition that a modern column has is of two types:

  • automatic - the device is started automatically when the water is turned on, and the spark is knocked out with a turbine or a battery;
  • semi-automatic - the gas column has a piezo spark, the spark is knocked out by pressing a special button.

Automatic speakers - the most expensive for the price, which is due to their increased comfort and ability to save gas, because They do not have a pilot igniter and the wick lights up only during water inclusion. At direct turn of the handle of the crane with hot water the electronics immediately ignite the igniter, or it sends a spark to the main burner. After the valve closes, the special valve closes the gas access to the column from the pipe. Such devices can be operated from mains, or from batteries.

In columns with piezo-ignition, the flame of the ignitor must necessarily burn, otherwise the column will not operate when the water is turned on. This increases the gas flow rate if the wick is always on in standby mode.


The type of burner also plays an important role and is of two types:

  • with a constant power - the option is inconvenient because it requires manual adjustment, because water pressure in the system often changes, the heating temperature changes accordingly, which must be constantly adjusted manually;
  • With modulating power, it is better to choose this type of device, because it adjusts to the water pressure in the system and withstands such temperatures, which is exhibited initially.

The pressure of the gas in the system is something that must be paid attention of the seller in the store. In our country, the gas pressure in the network is less than in European countries: 13 mBar vs. 20, so buying a gas column from a European manufacturer, be sure to ask what gas pressure scale is applicable for this device and whether a gas reducer is installed in it to maintain a constant pressure. If the column is not adapted to Russian utility standards, then the device will not have the opportunity to gain the required power.

Concerning the discharge of combustion products, the columns are divided into:

  • Chimney - it is best to choose this optimum option when the corrugated hose is displayed in the chimney available in the house;
  • turbocharged - a rather risky system, when tapping under the column breaks right in the wall, which is fraught with freezing of branch ways in strong cold and it is necessary constantly to lower the rests of water that did not rupture heat exchanger.

Security is the most important parameter

The gas column is a high-risk device, various failures often occur in the gas and water supply system. Therefore, the units are equipped with different protective sensors and relays. When the question arises, how to choose a gas column, pay attention to how many such devices are available in the models you like. The most basic of these sensors are as follows:

  • ionization sensor - instantly shut off the gas supply when the wick fades;
  • thermocouple (combustion sensor) - serves as a safety device for failure of the ionization sensor, performing its functions due to failure;
  • Overheating sensor - does not allow the temperature of heated water to be exceeded, protecting the heat exchanger from rupture, and also neutralizes the possibility of scale formation;
  • flow sensor - automatically turns on the gas column when the hot water tap opens and turns off, respectively, when closed;
  • traction sensor - blocks the inclusion of the column in the absence of traction in the chimney, preventing the formation of carbon monoxide in the room;
  • temperature sensor - adjusts the flame power;
  • safety relief valve - protects the heat exchanger from damage by blocking the column at increased water pressure in the system;
  • a low water pressure sensor - does not start the column if the water pressure is insufficient for its safe use.

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The best manufacturers of gas columns

To make your purchase successful, before choosing the device, it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with the list of the most popular companies producing gas columns.

  • Ariston - excellent Italian quality at the best price. The devices are characterized by high efficiency of operation, equipped with a complex of various functions. Knots and parts are made of composite material, which guarantees a long period of consumer life and resistance to corrosion;
  • Vaillant is a quality German brand in the gas equipment market. The devices feature high performance and unpretentious operation. They are equipped with a reliable copper heat exchanger, create a minimum of problems, have a long service life. These columns are distinguished by a beautiful silvery surface, suitable for kitchen appliances.
  • Junkers is a series of columns produced in Germany by the famous Bosch company. Stably popular in the Russian market for many years, embodied all the best qualities of this famous brand and satisfy the requirements of the wishes of the most demanding customers;
  • Electrolux - burners in the columns of this brand are equipped with a small number of nozzles, so the operation of the device is accompanied by much less noise than in models of other manufacturers. This point may be important for some consumers and they should choose this column. For the safety of the process, the Intelligent control system is used, which tracks the proper functioning of all sensors and systems.

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