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Figuring out which juicer is better is not so easy at first glance. Today, different manufacturers produce a whole series of models that can differ significantly from each other in terms of technical characteristics. To choose the right device for your home, you should take into account the main parameters, brand, as well as customer reviews. An overview of the most popular models is presented in this material.

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  • Garlyn J-600 MAX
  • Panasonic MJ-M171
  • Bosch MES4010
  • Kitfort KT-1101
  • Hurom H100 Series

Garlyn J-600 MAX


With this device, you can get a very tasty juice with pulp. In this case, the spin is carried out at low engine speeds. The raw material does not heat up, and the structure of the fibers is not disturbed. Due to this, about 80-90% of juice is obtained from the pulp of juicy fruits, and almost 50% from carrots and other solid raw materials.

Another plus is that since the engine runs at moderate speeds, it is possible to save all the vitamin substances. The engine does not make noise, the unit is equipped with anti-slip feet.

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The motor does not overheat even during prolonged operation (you can continuously get juice for up to 30 minutes). It is easy to wash the installation - the body is disassembled into parts and put under water pressure. All parts are made from quality materials. If we talk about which juicer is better to buy among the most reliable models, it is worth stopping at this particular device.

Panasonic MJ-M171

Compact device with square body. The spin mechanism is centrifugal, there are no screws. Supplied with a scraper that can push the raw material towards the rotating blades. And you can do it right at work.

Considering which juicer is better to buy for the home, you can stop at this model for several reasons:

  • reliable body;
  • juice is fed directly into the container;
  • spent pulp is removed automatically;
  • high quality pressing.

Based on customer reviews, one drawback can be identified. It is associated with a low location of the juice outlet. But on the other hand, the tool is compact, it can be easily put for storage in the lower drawers of the kitchen set.

Bosch MES4010

Juicer - Bosch

If we talk about which juicer is better for home in terms of power, it is recommended to purchase this particular device. It is equipped with a centrifugal mechanism with automatic pulp removal. At the same time, the developed power reaches 1200 watts.

The model is durable, does not overheat, so that all vitamins are preserved in the resulting liquid. Operates at 3 speeds, which can be adjusted independently.

This is a really good home juicer that is comfortable to work with. It has a fairly wide opening into which raw materials are loaded. Unlike many other devices, there is a fairly large capacity of 1.5 liters. The model is also equipped with a separator, which separates the foam.

Kitfort KT-1101

Juicer – Kitfort

Model with a low-speed mode that prevents excessive heating and the destruction of vitamin compounds. You can work with a wide variety of foods, including nuts, hard vegetables, and even green sprouts.

If we consider which juicer is best for giving, you can purchase this particular device. The model is compact and reliable, it works with raw materials in 3 stages.

The set includes a brush and a glass. The opening for loading is large enough - an apple cut into several fragments freely passes into it. The body is available in white, red and grey.

The plastic body is strong and durable. It does not give extraneous odors even in the first days of use. But rubber gaskets can emit a specific "flavor". However, after a few washes, it completely disappears.

Hurom H100 Series

Juicer – Hurom

Users often ask the question Which brand of juicer is better to buy. You need to choose based on the brand, as well as on real customer reviews. Given both criteria, one of the best can be recognized as the Hurom H100 Series model with the following characteristics:

  • mechanism: screw;
  • number of screws: 1;
  • developed power: 150 W;
  • body plastic;
  • the pulp is ejected automatically.

The case is quite reliable, easy to disassemble, easy to clean. The device is equipped with an outlet valve and 3 filter grilles. Thanks to this, it is possible to produce not only juices, but also healthy smoothies.

Models of juicers for the home have several modes of operation, including at low speeds. They are equipped with separators and filter grids. It is by these parameters that you can find a good device at an affordable price.

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