Selecting a reliable multifunctional device for home use

Selecting a reliable multifunctional device for home use


When you need to purchase a printer for home use, people rarely think about how they will use it. Of course, they plan to print text in a certain amount, it is also possible to use it to print photos. But soon it turns out that a simple and cheap printer does not satisfy all their requests and the user also wants to purchase a scanner or a copier. And instead of littering the house with appliances, it's best to take a reliable MFP.


  • 1Meaning of the term MFP
  • 2Advantages over individual devices
  • 3MFP specifications
    • 3.1Printing technology
      • 3.1.1Video: help in choosing between laser and inkjet printing technology
    • 3.2Color
    • 3.3Type of main mechanism
  • 4Settings for selecting a multifunction device
    • 4.1Print tempo
    • 4.2Volume of work
    • 4.3Quality and printing capabilities
    • 4.4Scan Quality
    • 4.5Ways to connect
  • 5The best multifunctional devices
    • 5.1Canon Pixma MG3040
      • 5.1.1Review on Canon Pixma MG3040
    • 5.2Pantum M6550NW
      • 5.2.1Review on Pantum M6550NW
    • 5.3Canon Pixma TS5040
      • 5.3.1Review about Canon Pixma TS5040
    • 5.4Brother DCP-L2500DR
      • 5.4.1Feedback on Brother DCP-L2500DR
    • 5.5HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729
      • 5.5.1Review on HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729
    • 5.6Ricoh MP C2011SP
      • 5.6.1Feedback on Ricoh MP C2011SP
    • 5.7Video: help in choosing an MFP for home use

Meaning of the term MFP

The MFP stands for "Multifunctional device". Such a device combines the capabilities of a printer, scanner, copier and, possibly, other devices. The capabilities of the MFP are different depending on the model and the cost of the device. And, of course, buying an MFP for a home will be much more profitable for anyone who at least occasionally needs to use any of its constituent devices.

A multifunctional device will help you replace a variety of techniques

Advantages over individual devices

Multifunctional devices are not without reason becoming more popular for the home. They have the following advantages over separate purchase:

  • saving your budget - buy one quality device will cost much less than three. Buying substandard equipment, of course, will help you save money initially, but in the future it will only lead to high costs;
  • the device saves space - by itself the MFP takes up no more space than some printers. Given that this device recreates the capabilities of several devices, the benefit in the free space of the house is obvious;
  • cheaper maintenance - the MFP uses the same ink cartridges for all equipment. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device and will definitely cost you less than replacing the cartridge in several devices;
  • less power consumption - electricity consumption is also a very important indicator for a home appliance. One device will always consume less electricity than a few, in addition, work for a multifunctional device will proceed much faster.
  • In the end, it turns out that buying a multifunction device is much more profitable than taking the necessary equipment separately.

The controversial point in using a multifunctional device is that a breakdown will deprive you of the opportunity to use the instrument as a whole, while with separate use you would lose access to only one broken one equipment.

MFP specifications


Multifunctional devices are different. Choose it is based on their needs.

Printing technology

There are three methods of printing. To bow to one of them depends on the volume of the press and your own preferences. Here is a brief description of each of them:

  • laser printing - a special powder is applied to the paper with a laser and then fused with it during printing. Laser printing is pretty fast and not too loud;
    Laser printer cauterizes powder particles to paper
  • inkjet method of printing - the text is applied by a powerful jet, tightly fixing on the surface. This method of printing is advantageous in that it is unpretentious to paper density and other parameters. In addition, the print quality is very high;
    Inkjet printer creates an image or text using ink under pressure
  • hardcover printing - printing by this method is carried out with the help of special bars. Under the influence of temperature they melt and are applied to the image drum, then imprinted and on the sheets in the form of text or image.
    Hardcover prints on the roller melted bars of paint

Video: help in choosing between laser and inkjet printing technology = 8NdIIFFvoHY



Another important characteristic is the color. Of course, here you can select only two types of multifunctional devices:

  • color - like devices are more expensive, but they allow you to print color text and images. They can be useful if you work a lot with photos or print postcards;
    For color printing, several colors are used, usually four
  • monochrome - these devices can only print black text or images. In some cases, black text can be replaced with another one, but in any case such devices will work for you only when working with plain text.
    Print in black is suitable for literature, newspapers and text documents

Type of main mechanism

In any multifunction device, one of the functions is considered to be predominant. Usually the name of this function is displayed in the device name. Accordingly, it is not hard to guess what the device is designed for first of all:

  • MFP printer means that the device is primarily designed for printing, and the copying or scanner capabilities are secondary;
  • MFP copier - the main function of this device is to copy files, even if it can print text.

Here it is necessary to focus exclusively on their needs. It is clear that with the basic functions of the device will cope better than with the secondary.


In a multifunction device, sometimes even a fax is included. And it can also be the main function.


Settings for selecting a multifunction device

The choice, based on the characteristics of the device, each user must do himself, depending on their own needs. At the same time, there are a number of parameters that will help you navigate right to choose a reliable and not too expensive MFP.

Print tempo

The speed at which the printer prints a sheet of paper is an important parameter when choosing a multifunctional device home. Of course, it is also necessary to navigate your needs and the amount of regular work with the device. High is the speed of printing about three dozen sheets per minute. Accordingly, the value of two dozen sheets will be average, and one-ten will be low. This figure pretty much influences the price of the device, so a good solution will be to find a balance between the speed of printing a multifunction device and your needs.

The speed of printing is measured by the number of pages per minute

Volume of work

Check the volume of noise that the device emits when printing, very easy. It's enough just to include it directly in the store for a general check. At the same time, you can evaluate it only on the basis of whether you are satisfied with such loudness of work or not;

Quality and printing capabilities

Different multifunction devices differ not only in the quality of printing, but also in the choice of possible surfaces for printing. Some MFPs support printing on photo paper, while others do not. On some, you can print entire newspapers, while others support only the most popular paper formats. Be sure to specify on what you can print using the MFP before buying it. In addition, ask to print you a test sheet of text.Do not buy expensive equipment without a thorough check to avoid problems later.

If you need to print photos, make sure that your MFP is able to do this

Scan Quality

The scanner in the all-in-one is as important as the printer. It should also be carefully checked. Pay attention to the resolution of the scanner. Optimum for most will be about 1 thousand resolution. dpi. Of course, we are talking about a scanner for home needs.

Ways to connect


The last parameter is how to connect the MFP to the computer. Most often, multifunction devices, as well as simple printers, are connected via USB. Significantly less often, the connection is made wirelessly. However, sometimes the ability to connect your MFP to a computer via the Internet or via Wi-Fi can be extremely important. And, of course, this possibility also affects the price of the device.

Some MFPs can communicate with a computer via Wi-Fi or the Internet

The best multifunctional devices

Let's consider a number of the best multifunctional devices in the ratio "Price-quality". This will allow you to choose quality equipment in each price category.

Canon Pixma MG3040

Features of the all-in-one:

  • price ~ 2300;
  • type of printing - inkjet, four colors;
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed is low;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.2 / 5;
  • Features - photo printing, wi-fi communication.
    Canon Pixma MG3040 is a budget solution

Budget solution for home use. Having spent very little money, you will get an effective multifunctional device. At the same time, this device supports color printing, printing on photo paper and in general for its money contains many opportunities. Of the minuses, you can note a low print speed - about eight sheets per minute when using black and white printing and up to five sheets with color. Such an IFI will suit everyone who wants to receive a quality device, but at the same time it is limited in means.

The multifunctional Canon Pixma MG3040 is an example of good quality at a low price

Review on Canon Pixma MG3040


Pluses: The quality is good in the picture, but there are problems: at the top and bottom under and over the picture are black strip, small-format shot, not on the whole sheet, as promised in the advertisement, there is a lot of free space on the sheet. Accompanying documents without a specific translation, it is not specified how to charge cartridges, what and where exactly the adjustments can be made to obtain the desired image format. It works only on reception, scanning is not performed from the photo printer to the computer. Comment: Convenient to use, does not take up much space, it's easy, sounding within the limits of the norm.

Starovoitov Victor rack = tabs & amp; rfrom = 4


Pantum M6550NW

Features of the all-in-one:

  • price ~ 7750;
  • type of printing - laser printing, black and white.
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed is above average;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.6 / 5;
  • Features - Wi-Fi and Internet connection, printing on glossy or matte paper is possible.
    Pantum M6550NW supports printing on glossy paper

Excellent equipment in the middle price category. It has a good print speed - the printer can print up to twenty-two pages per minute. In addition, laser printing is not too loud, which will help to keep coziness in your home. Among the shortcomings can be noted the low resolution of the scanner, which, however, still will be enough for home use.

Multifunction device Pantum M6550NW allows you to receive data over Wi-Fi

Review on Pantum M6550NW


... Before use for a long time "warm up" and quickly goes into energy saving mode, (after a minute of downtime) which is extremely ambiguous, because it is a kind of "care" about itself and sometimes bothers, and on the other hand it makes the MFIs practical. As for me, this device will fit into any office, any apartment, it is very practical and reliable. So we get an excellent device, bought for its price.



Canon Pixma TS5040

Features of the all-in-one:

  • price ~ 5200;
  • type of printing - inkjet printing, four colors.
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed is below average;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.6 / 5;
  • Features - excellent print resolution, very good resolution from the scanner. Support photo printing.
    Canon Pixma TS5040 has a good resolution with the scanner

Again, an inexpensive device that can surprise. Despite not the highest printing speed (about twelve pages per minute), which is generally typical string printers, this MFP has an excellent image quality both in the main and in the secondary devices. Advantages can be attributed very economical consumption of the cartridge. And also it is allowed to print on photo paper.

The multifunction device Canon Pixma TS5040 combines good quality and average price

Review about Canon Pixma TS5040


So far, apart from the "flimsy plastic" and the need to raise the lid with a display for printing something - everything suits. Print quality suits (within the framework of home use). I would like an adequate application from Canon for cloud printing. There is some, but how is it that - it's very unclear, we have to use a Google cloud printer. In general, I am satisfied. I recommend for purchase with small amounts of printing.

Krivosinny Sergey rack = tabs


Brother DCP-L2500DR


Features of the all-in-one:

  • price ~ 13000
  • type of printing - laser printing, black and white;
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed is above average;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.8 / 5;
  • Features - double-sided printing, quick warm-up before work.
    Brother DCP-L2500DR features two-sided printing

A solid desktop option for a home or a small office. High speed allows the MFP to produce about 26 pages per minute. In addition, the device features high reliability and the ability to print text or images from both sides of the sheet.

For its price Brother DCP-L2500DR is a very reliable device

Feedback on Brother DCP-L2500DR


Simple and unpretentious apparatus. Printing speed is decent. With a large capacity cartridge for , 00 sheets, it has no analogues, refueling is cheap. You can print one sheet separately from the main tray. The toner cartridge and drum unit are separate knots, for replacement it is convenient. It was possible to stretch the drum as much as 10 refills.

Vladislav–169186.htm? how_comment = 44793 # tabs_feedbacks


HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729

Features of the all-in-one:

  • price ~ 7900;
  • type of printing - inkjet printing, four colors.
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed - medium;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.8 / 5;
  • Features - wi-fi connection, stylish design.
    HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 looks very elegant and will look good at home

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 multi-function device looks elegant and takes up very little space. It's worth choosing when you really do not want your printer or scanner to get out of the apartment's interior. Good printing speed and resolution, coupled with an affordable price will not leave the user indifferent.

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 print speed is at an average level

Review on HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729


Would I like to replace this printer with anything else? No! He completely suits me, he has an inexpensive seal. Read the previous review, about the fact that in fact less than 1500 b / w and 750 color, but obviously not 50! Everywhere they write like that, in fact, it's understandably less, but not much. Another thing is when you do not use it for a very long time, and the cartridges begin to dry out, so on each printer of this type it does. It is necessary at least once in a few days, a week to include it, even to print it is not necessary 😉 In general, I liked this printer)))

Starovoitov Denis rack = tabs


Ricoh MP C2011SP

  • price ~ 9, 00;
  • type of printing - laser printing, four colors.
  • The device contains devices - printer, scanner, copier;
  • print speed - medium;
  • Average rating of popularity - 4.9 / 5;
  • Features - Internet communication, two-sided printing, support for large amounts of work.
    Ricoh MP C2011SP is an expensive and reliable device

Expensive and high-quality tool. Prints on any surface, the paper weight does not matter. Great for mass printing in the office, when you need to print "by air" tens of thousands of pages. It is recommended that you install the MFP on a special cradle. There is constant warranty and technical support from the manufacturer. Simple self-service. But few people will dare to use such serious equipment for home use, although it certainly is an example of an extremely reliable device.

Ricoh MP C2011SP is good for an elite home with a cabinet or a small office

Feedback on Ricoh MP C2011SP


We established a small production. It took a device for color printing, with different parameters, with the ability to print with the narrowest possible color frame. And voila, we found this. Ricoh produces suitable models for us. We phoned, consulted, ordered. A man came, he did everything. Answered all the questions and said that we can address directly to the service center on any issue. They started printing. Print immediately became not standard. A3, fill all over the document, in color, with different colored elements. Okay, the first document came out of the printer in less than a minute. Excellent quality. And nothing is smeared. The colors are all kept perfectly, as planned for the project. Here, now we use. We do not test any more. We realized that the quality is at the height, so we just work. But sometimes we are still amazed at how accurately and precisely the information is transmitted in color 🙂

Lisov Vladimir–207237.htm? how_comment = 133971 # tabs_feedbacks


Video: help in choosing an MFP for home use

When choosing a multifunctional device for home use, it is good to know in general what devices are on the market. It is not worth chasing cheapness, ignoring the quality. After you have minimally paid attention to the ratio of the characteristics of the device and its prices, you will understand that a reliable device for your needs can be found in each of the price categories.

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