How to choose a home ice cream maker: an overview of the main parameters

How to choose a home ice cream maker: an overview of the main parameters


Ice cream is one of the favorite treats that gourmets of all ages enjoy with pleasure. As manufacturers often use artificial additives and dyes instead of fruits and berries, home-made ice cream is the most delicious, useful and natural. And if you get a freezer, it will not be difficult to make such a luxurious dessert.

To this household appliance pleased you more than one year, you need to deliberately approach the purchase process, having studied the features of the range and figuring out which model you will be more comfortable using. Make your choice correctly help information on how to choose a home ice cream maker and what details must be taken into account when buying.


  • 1Varieties of ice cream makers
    • 1.1Mechanical device
    • 1.2Electrical semi-automatic device
    • 1.3Electric Compressor Model
  • 2Device power
  • 3Material and dimensions of the bowl
  • 4Additional functions

Varieties of ice cream makers

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Ice cream is a device consisting of a bowl for products and whorls, rotating during cooking. Due to constant mixing, the mass turns out to be gentle and homogeneous, ice crystals are not formed in it, which can significantly impair the taste of the dessert.

Since the price of the device is primarily determined by the category in which the ice cream maker enters, one must imagine how different models function.

When buying, you can choose a freezer that belongs to one of the following types:

Mechanical device


Such a model will require your direct involvement in the process. To make a dessert, you will need to first cool the bowl of the appliance in the freezer for 12 hours, then fill it with the milk mixture and roll the handle every few minutes, stirring the food. Since the dish is prepared long enough, about 40 minutes, it is quite inconvenient to use a mechanical ice cream maker, and we recommend that you do not purchase it, but choose an electrical device.

Electrical semi-automatic device

Semi-automatic model is much easier to use. As in the previous case, the bowl of the device should be placed in advance (12-18 hours) on the shelf of the freezer. The products for the future dessert are most conveniently mixed with a mixer. Depending on which recipe you choose, the prepared mixture is either immediately poured into a refrigerated container or placed in a refrigerator for a while. The appliance is turned on and after 30-40 minutes the soft and gentle ice cream is ready.


Many buyers prefer this particular type, since the cost of a semi-automatic device is quite low and starts from 1 thousand rubles.

If you decide to choose a similar model, consider an important nuance: a semi-automatic ice cream maker at a time can cook only one serving of the product. When the ice cream is ready, the bowl will again have to be placed in the freezer, and you can use it again only after 12 hours.

Electric Compressor Model

Automatic models, also called friezers, are the simplest devices. This ice cream maker has its own refrigeration unit, and it does not need to be kept in the freezer for hours, like a semi-automatic analog. You only need 5 minutes before preparing the dessert to turn on the appliance to cool its bowl.

In addition, a fully automatic device is always ready for use, and after the first portion of ice cream you can prepare in it a new dish with other additives. A significant disadvantage of friezers is a relatively high cost. The price for the most budgetary models of such devices starts from 10 thousand rubles. However, if you are not too limited in funds, we recommend that you choose this option, as the most convenient to use.

Device power

Such home-made ice cream makers, like semi-automatic models, do not consume large amounts of electricity. Usually their power is low and varies from 4 to 35 watts. However, even a device with a small capacity can do its job well, spending only a little more time preparing a delicacy.

The power of the models with the compressor is much higher. Its level reaches 150-200 watts. Ice cream in them is prepared faster, you can get a ready portion in 20-30 minutes.


You can choose a model that runs from the batteries directly inside the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Such products are offered to customers by Panasonic.

Material and dimensions of the bowl

Removable bowls for ice cream are produced from the following materials:

  • metal;
  • food plastic.

Both these materials are strong enough, but from the point of view of safety and hygiene it is preferable to choose a metal bowl. Plastic can eventually become covered with microcracks, in which a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes will be created.

Depending on the model, ice-cream bowls come in different volumes - from 500 ml to 2 liters. Which one to choose depends on the size of your family.

If you and your children adore this dessert, it is wise to purchase a device with a bowl of at least 1 liter, which allows you to cook from 4 to 6 servings of ice cream per cycle.


There are also models with serving cups inside. They are easy to use, since you do not have to shift ice cream after cooking.

If you prefer a semi-automatic device, consider an important detail: before buying you need to correctly measure the dimensions of your freezer to find out whether the cup will fit there from the one you like model. Please note that storage containers in the freezer manufacturers recommend strictly vertical.


Additional functions

Some models of ice cream makers have additional features and benefits, which include:

  • presence of a viewing window;
  • timer with sound signal;
  • compartment for storing the cord;
  • function for cooking yogurt;
  • The presence of a book with different recipes, etc.

Of course, these additions make the use of the device more convenient, but the most direct way affect its cost.

Regardless of which model you gave your preference, be sure to get a soft silicone spoon and scapula to it, so as not to scratch the cover of the bowl.

If your device has a single capacity, you will also need a few glass or plastic containers with lids for storing a delicate homemade delicacy.

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