Connecting the washing machine to the water pipe through a pipe, mixer

After the purchase and delivery of equipment at home, it remains to perform its installation. Do you want to trust the master to connect the washing machine to the water supply? We will tell you how to do it yourself and do not spend extra money on a specialist. It's easy if you act consistently and carefully. To do this, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Correct installation of AGR
    • 1.1Preparation of washing machine
  • 2How to connect the Stiralk
    • 2.1To the metal pipe
    • 2.2To the metal-plastic pipe
    • 2.3Through a mixer

Correct installation of AGR

If you already had a washing machine and you decided to upgrade the equipment, it's easier to install it on an old place. Otherwise, you need to start from the amount of free space where you can place the styralka.

Most often installed in the bathroom. Even if it is small, today produce models of SMA, which can be placed under the sink. The floor in the bathroom is flat and stable, often tiled, so there will be no problems with sagging. Proximity to communications also matters.

Gaining popularityvertical models, which are placed on the wall.

In the kitchen perform the installation in the event that the machine does not fit in the bathroom. It can bebuild in the kitchennext to the sink. It is necessary to take care of the strengthening of the floor: the technique should be located on a flat and firm surface.

The vestibule is the last option, if there is no room left. Have to work, laying communications in the room.

Preparation of washing machine

Once the technician is brought into the apartment, unpack it and check for any damage. Be sure to remove the transport bolts that are on the back of the machine. During transportation, they keep the drum and other parts of the machine in a stable position, thus avoiding damage.

Hoses and power cord are attached to the body by plastic clips. Remove them, and also remove the bars between the body and the tank.

Do not discard the fasteners. They are useful when transporting or contacting a service center.

How to connect the Stiralk

Ways of connection can be several, much depends on the type of pipes and the range of installation. Regardless of the brand of the washing machine - Indesit, Ardo, Candy, Ariston - the connection is the same and described in the instructions. Here is the general scheme:

Let's consider some variants of connection.

To the metal pipe

To make a hole in the pipe, you need to install a crimp clutch. The part consists of two parts, which are bolted together. The sealing rubber, which comes in the kit, qualitatively seals the connection.

This type of connection does not allow you to increase the hoses for connection to the mixer. The remote location of the water pipe affects the pump, which works with double force.

  • Select the smoothest portion of the pipe so that the coupling fits snugly.
  • Use a punch or other suitable tool to clean the pipe from rust, paint.
  • Install the gasket on the pipe as shown in the picture. On both sides, place the coupling parts and secure them with bolts. Twist them better crosswise to avoid skewing.

If you notice that the hole is uneven and the gasket is misaligned, adjust the bolts.

Now you need to make a hole in the pipe. Before starting work, be sure to close the water. In addition, you can substitute a container - in case the water remains.

  • Install the guide bush in the socket hole, the cap inside.
  • Take a drill with a drill diameter of six to seven millimeters.
  • Make a hole and slightly unscrew the shut-off valve. Let the water wash away the remnants of shavings.
  • It remains to connect the hose to the outlet, and the work is finished.

To the metal-plastic pipe

If you want to connect a Sturalko Bosch, Atlant, Ardo or Kandy to a metal-plastic pipe, you will need to install a tee. Prepare a calibrator and a wrench.

  • Select the appropriate pipe section.
  • Cut off this piece so that you can put the tee.
  • At both ends, put on the nuts and dilute the tube with a calibrator so that the tee fittings are inserted.
  • Then secure the nuts.

You can directly connect the hose of the bay to the outlet of the tee, but experts recommend that you additionally install a ball or corner valve to shut off the water.

Through a mixer

If a new styaralka is installed near the sink, then it makes no sense to crash into the pipe. You can connect to the mixer. To do this, you need a car key, a ribbon, a tap-tee.

  • Disconnect the mixer hose from the outlet of the pipe.
  • On the thread, wind the fum-tape, and then install the tap-tee. In addition, you can put a cleaning filter, which will delay debris and soften the water.
  • To one terminal of the tee, connect the mixer, to the other - the jar of the washer.

As you can see, any washing machine Bosch, LG, "Ariston "Samsung" can be connected with their own hands. Choose a convenient way for yourself and act.

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