Shipping bolts on the washing machine

Today direct drive inverter motors with 10 years of warranty from Samsung appear on the market. This is a kind of breakthrough. If earlier the tank was hung up on extensions and connected with the motionless drive of the motor by a belt through pulleys, today the engine is integrated with the drum. In 2001, LG introduced the technology DirectDrive, in 2009, replaced the shock absorber system, increasing the tank and giving people Big-in technology with an incredibly large load. How are the described innovations and shipping bolts on the washing machine? Consider today a lot of useful information about the design of washing machines Samsung Diamond.

Shipping bolts on the washing machine

In any drum washing machine there is a spring system on which the tank balances. If the direct-drive DirectDrive mechanism is used, the motor also swings inside the case. These parts make up the lion's share of the mass, the springs are durable. This is usually steel extensions, reinforced behind the ears with bolts:

  1. The first side to the bottom;
  2. The second side to the tank.

Without springs would have been the strongest vibrations. This is due to the impossibility of the perfect balance of the drum. Any user with a unit in the house for 1200 revolutions or more, saw a washing machine drive on the floor during the spin cycle. It is necessary to re-level every six months, even in the presence of depreciation. Without springs, washing machines would simply break themselves through vibrations. Service life is greatly reduced if we exclude damping devices from the design.

During transport, shock loads occur that are bad for the product. The elastic suspension system is able to suffer from sudden accelerations, keeping a large mass of the drum, tank and engine. If this happens, the washing machine will become inoperative. The level of vibrations will increase, the product will fail soon, even if it first starts working. It is important to trace the presence of shipping bolts when the goods are delivered. Workers at the buyer must dismantle directly in the apartment.

It’s difficult to prove one’s own right then, often sellers try to sell goods from a shop window without shipping bolts. To evaluate the work of the springs is extremely difficult. This will manifest itself in an increased level of vibrations. Then there will be a breakdown from violations of the equipment’s working conditions

How do the

transport bolts work? Steel tanks are supplied only with expensive washing machines, today we will tell you about plastic-filled ones. Inside is a spring system. It swings tank. Shipping bolts secure the mechanism relative to the housing. There are several holes on the back wall, like the one shown in fig.1. In the photo, the shipping bolt has already been removed, in the window you can see the plastic thread of the tank. A total of four or five seats.

Pay attention to the pear-shaped hole with a lower appendix. There is a bolt, equipped with two washers, steel and plastic. The latter is in contact with the case so as not to scratch. The first serves to reinforce the tightness so that the hex head of the bolt does not push through the plastic. The fastener is shown in fig.2. The steel washer turned slightly brown, in fact it is a high-quality metal with a protective coating against corrosion. Why an appendix at the hole?

Look at the drum of lightweight and durable plastic, lying next to the fasteners. There is a decent distance between the back wall and the tank. The die, put on the shipping bolt, is inserted into the large hole until it stops in the tank. Then the design slightly fits in the appendix to ensure a secure fit. Only then the transport bolt is screwed into the plastic nut of the tank. Do not forget to wear washers in the specified sequence!

Tightening is carried out with a standard key, attached in the kit and shown in the figures below. At the same time it serves to regulate the height of the legs of the washing machine when leveling the body on the floor. To safely transport your washing machine, you will need to install shipping bolts with dies and washers as described above.

Proper disassembly of

shipping bolts

Samsung has developed special instructions on how to remove the shipping bolts. They are sent to certified shops and shops. It happens, the instruction does not reach the workers. In our case, this is what happened. As a result, no dies with the machine was not.

When bolts were removed with a special hex key, they were simply pulled out. As a result, the dies fell to the bottom of the hull. Satisfied workers put the plugs shown in fig.5, they pushed the washing machine into place by connecting the hoses( after unscrewing the steel plug of the drain hole), and left, waving their arms in farewell.

Koreans from this day deserve our ardent respect. As if aware of the mentality of the working people. It was assumed that when the shipping bolts on the washing machine are removed, the dies will certainly fall down. In the front of the case, under the panel, removed for emergency drainage of water and cleaning the drain pump filter, there were two holes, similar to the holes on the back wall, but without appendices. Two - right and left. The first is located near the unscrewing filter drain pump. A white cap sticking out next to it is a hose plug for emergency draining of water( in the photo the hose is pulled out and visible as a black stripe that goes to the left).See fig.7 ff.

When the washing machine works, vibrations arise and Koreans used the situation wisely. From the place of the falling of the dies, the floor of the body forms a small inclination in both directions to the indicated openings. When the machine has completed the cycle, two dies will lie next to each hole, it is easy to reach the holes with a sharp object: the central hole of the ribbed plastic part is equipped with a special sill. Look at the picture, how cool the die hangs on a piece of copper wire without support. We assure that to get the parts through such small holes would be difficult if the ribbed barrels had not been thought out.

One gets the impression that the dies roll out on their own, it only takes a little help with wire. The right-hand hose for emergency drainage prevents this from happening; you will first need to pull out the white cap by turning it a little. And, in the hands of the owners, four dies left by the workers to roll inside the case. Now it is possible to install shipping bolts and load home appliances onto the truck.

The manual does not describe such nuances, there is no mention of dies and washers. Buck to the rear wall to attract without these parts do not recommend. Preparation of the washing machine for the move is carried out according to the procedure described in the article. Dies are caught from the holes with wire. The removable panel is pressed from the top with a flat screwdriver in three places:

  • from the sides;
  • centered.

Then the part is gently pulled over. At the same time and filter the drain pump look at the subject of pollution. If not cleaned periodically, breakage is guaranteed. Drain pump fails.

The design of the shipping bolts

The figure clearly shows that the bolt is a steel hexagon head. Screw thread, like a screw. Another type is not suitable for a plastic tank. Assume that for steel in the kit is an ordinary bolt. Take care of transport fasteners, otherwise you will have to use ordinary screws of large length and diameter. Selected by place. Dies can be replaced with wooden spools for sewing threads. But homegrown solutions are best left in case of emergency.

Now readers know what transport bolts are for, how to transport a washing machine safely. We consider our task accomplished.

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