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In all eras, builders were engaged in laying walls, roofs and other structures using various measuring instruments, including the building level. The main purpose of this device is the accurate measurement of vertical and horizontal planes for the installation of a particular building material.

Strict exposure of indicators is one of the factors of long-term use and safety of the structure. Without them, your house will literally collapse due to disproportion or tilt to one side.

This method is used not only for measuring external structures, but also for finishing work. Recently, they decorate literally every building: from an apartment building to an office center.

Marking is the most important indicator, without which even an experienced builder will not be able to build a building that is correct by all standards. And even if it is built, it will not pass the technical test. For more accurate measurements, they came up with laser levels - an improved and most accurate version of a hand tool. In this article, we will just talk about what level you should choose for your work and what is included in the rating of laser levels for the home.

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The content of the article

  • Top laser levels - what you need to look at so as not to make a mistake with the purchase
  • The main parameters of the rating of laser levels for the home
  • Rating of the best laser levels
    • Stabila LA-5P
    • Stabila LAR 350 Set
    • Makita SK312GDZ
    • Laser LevelPro3
    • Leica Lino L2P5

Top laser levels - what you need to look at so as not to make a mistake with the purchase

This instrument first appeared about 20 years ago - it was a simple design consisting of a bubble meter and a laser pointer. The device did not gain popularity, so we decided to move on and came up with more advanced versions that entered the top of the best laser levels.

Among the types of levels today you can see on the shelves:

  • Point - used for marking, indicate a point at a certain level with a laser. The simplest in design, and therefore an inexpensive option that needs the participation of a master to work: for even marking, you need to connect the points on the plane and draw a straight line.
  • Linear - already have a difference: instead of a point projection, you get whole horizontal and vertical lines. Lasers bring lines to a plane, creating a cross-shaped image. With this level it is very convenient to mark holes in the wall, fix sockets or lay drywall. The average operating range of such a device is about 50 m.
  • Rotary - are included in the top laser levels, because they give a 360 ° projection. For particularly steep meters, the distance reaches 500 m.
  • Combined - a level that can be used to mark additional points or lines. You can create a single workspace by connecting the floor, wall and ceiling surface with a level. Such devices often have built-in functions of a laser plummet, switching lasers and turning them off.

The main parameters of the rating of laser levels for the home

  • Marking distance. Each model that is included in the rating of laser levels differs in its operating distance from 2 to several hundred meters. For a home, a device with a range of about 50 m is enough. The device consumes less battery power and costs an order of magnitude cheaper. In open areas or with large construction, it is better to buy lasers for 50 m or more. Some models have the function of finding the distance of the mark when it is no longer visible to your eye. For example, if you purchased a level up to 50 m, then by installing a receiver, you can extend this distance by 2 times (but only if the pointer itself is able to reach the specified range; if only one value is indicated in the technical parameters (for example, 25 m max.), then there is no point in setting the receiver).
  • The number of projections. Simple levels display only one, sometimes 2 lines. This is quite enough to hang a picture, a shelf or plaster a room. If you want a cruciform device, then immediately choose the one on which you can turn off one of the lines or turn them on separately from each other. Many rays are needed when two or more craftsmen work on the site. Each takes his own measurements and does not interfere with the work of the other.
  • Equipment error. This indicator is measured in mm per 1 m of the laser beam. In total, if the error is less, the measurement result is more accurate. Models with an accuracy of 0.3 mm / m are used at a construction site, since all buildings must comply with architectural requirements (GOST for developers). For domestic needs, a device with an indicator of 0.5 mm per meter is quite enough. This is not critical for homework, and save a lot more money.
  • Laser color. The most popular are red rays. Green appliances are more visible in bright light. Of the disadvantages of the latter - a high price and energy consumption.

Rating of the best laser levels

Our top laser levels included only those models that pleased users with their price, performance and qualities in a real situation. Therefore, here you will meet models from each option presented in the previous paragraphs.

Stabila LA-5P


Our rating of laser levels opens with a model from Stabila. The range is only 30 m, while the accuracy is quite high - 0.2 mm / m at marking angles of 90 degrees. The main plus of the device is the presence of 5 lasers at once, which can be used simultaneously and separately. Another “highlight” is the built-in bracket for mounting on a profile, in addition to standard magnets and a tripod socket.

The case of the device is durable and compact, well withstands mechanical loads. The device is powered by 3 batteries, which last for 20 hours of battery life.

Stabila LAR 350 Set

And again, the device from this company - we can rightfully say that the laser levels from this manufacturer are among the best. The design feature is a version of the rotary level with a long range. It is really high - as much as 800 m! It already requires not only a keen eye, but an additional assistant.

The device, by its features, is capable of turning 360 degrees, as well as cutting out an arbitrary sector from a circle in a separate mode. The power source is 2 D batteries, which will last for 80 hours of performance.

Makita SK312GDZ

Next on the list is a line level from Makita. It is famous for its construction equipment, which is why it occupies its own line in this category. The measurement accuracy is high - 0.1 mm / m. All lasers are green. In a vertical position, you can measure three lines at once, in a horizontal position, the device moves 360 degrees along the base. Power is also peculiar - lithium batteries standard for Makita. You can also install a power bank via a USB connector.

Laser LevelPro3

The most budget model in the line - the price is only up to 1 thousand rubles. rubles! Ease of use and cost are the main factors why you should buy this option. The laser displays a projection of a horizontal and vertical beam - either together or one at a time. A tape measure of 5.5 m indicates the maximum distance of the device; not suitable for a large building, but for a house it is ideal.

Leica Lino L2P5

Level of the combined type. Displays projections of both lines and individual points. The range of the device is only 30 m (without a receiver, about 15 m). In total, you can simultaneously mark 2 lines and 5 points, which 60 percent of other devices in this segment do not boast of. The level is powered by 4 batteries, which will last for half a day of active use. Of the minuses, only the price can be distinguished - some stores ask for it as much as 25 thousand rubles. rubles.

We also advise you to take a closer look at such models as: Makita SK106DZ, DeWALT DCE085D1R, DeWalt DW 083 K, BOSCH GLL 3-80 G Professional, Bosch GTL 3 Professional.

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