Repair split systems with their own hands

Today let's talk about the HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning). This foreign terminology, implying air-conditioning, ventilation and heating at the same time, however, in practice refers to what is called conditioned in Russia. Kind of strange, simple delights. Repair split systems with their own hands to make easier when a clear internal structure, and HVAC are recognized leaders. Consider an external device unit, mode of operation, maintenance and repair. Taken together, the information will help to rethink the realities of Russia. In our opinion repair of split systems personally facilitated if the device is a simple device.

External power split system HVAC

Consider HVAC device part: regard conditioning.

Schematic diagram of the split-system unit external HVAC

In foreign movies are shown on a box with a roof-top mesh, inside a huge rotating propeller exhaust. Similarly, the forced ventilation is functioning premises. There are standard system with a natural impulse. Not surprisingly, the external units of air conditioners began to carry the image of said boxes. Are placed on the roof or in the blind area of ​​the foundation. Evident: the power from an external unit local, here in the wall built power plate, closed flip-top lid, where the wires are pulled, and the local ground.

Air conditioning system

It is known that the external and internal air conditioning units are connected by two lines of freon, the drainage tube and power supply wires. In the case described differently. Where is drainage - no one knows better than the head start passersby, and the sewer (as adopted by the sea). As for electricians, here comes a signal relay control cable. This is useful when installing the system. The rest of the difference is small: next to go Warm thick and thin tube for refrigerant. heating cable is not, for obvious reasons. This applies to the drainage system. In winter, the water becomes ice, creates a plug in the tube, disrupts the normal operation of drainage equipment.

For these reasons, and to lay cables. Note drainage path is isolated from the freon. Split systems, known in Russia, widespread in Asia, but without taking into account the lack of frost. It is understandable that for the winter and for heating the required number of tricks that are not in the standard split-systems:

  1. electronic board for controlling the speed of the compressor;
  2. Self-heating cable for drainage branches;
  3. compressor heating spiral.

Split-system and its features

Every driver knows that winter is used more butter. The air conditioner for obvious reasons can not pour new grease, otherwise you'll have freon refill. In general, air conditioning (split system), in our opinion, now look bulky.

Remarkable simplicity external HVAC unit:

  • Similar in form to a cube body with one corner is chamfered, the two elements are added:
  1. A capacitor for smoothing the fluctuations of the fan.
  2. Switch to activate the machine at the right time.
  • The housing holes through three conductors extend inwardly on the asynchronous motor. Phase flows in through the relay, the remaining core - through the condenser - each in its own winding. Unequal coil motor. The first resistance 30 ohms, and the second - three times lower.
  • Capacitor with three contacts, included between two windings.
  • The engine is started via a relay, sensing an AC signal is 26 V.
  • With the relay in addition run the compressor motor.

Outside it looks complicated, but in fact there is no complicated! Compressor and fan motors are similar, each has 4 stator windings in the rotor two poles. The voltage of the two coils coming from the network, for two shifts capacitor 90 degrees.

Inside the rotating field is formed. Present as an asynchronous motor with two windings. Often one coil launcher and work here permanently. The contactor is controlled by a thermostat signal standing in the house. The electromagnetic relay of the AC signal 26. The gap is on the first wire, the second passes freely inside.

The top story on the wiring diagram, note that the local power supply comes through the protection device:

  1. Differential automatic;
  2. panel with fuses.

Before starting the repair the chain breaks. Remove the shield cover and unplug the external power split HVAC systems.

Arrangement of elements within an external unit of a split system HVAC

Lid and wall "cube" are provided with a large number of slits and holes. This will ensure a free flow and outflow of air. Rain dripping freely inside the radiator cleaning is done with a hose pressure. The fan is attached to the cover with the four powerful bolts. Without the need for it is not necessary to remove, simply unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the upper face and shoot at the same time. Pre-release three wires, as mentioned above:

Elements within the outdoor unit

  • Black goes to the relay;
  • Purple and Brown go to the condenser.

How do I know the condenser outdoor unit HVAC split systems. This huge cylinder, it is impossible not to notice. Wires are attached to the plastic tape is required to cut and replaced with a new renovated. Cover with a fan and an oblique wiring is set aside.

Inside, we see the bottom of the compressor, exactly like a refrigerator. Thick tube conducts freon in gas phase, the thin - in the liquid. The compressor should a condenser. Coil includes two fully, partially two other walls of the cube. A discontinuity only at the point of the bevel, which are located outside the capacitor and relays wires. Copper tube coil, radiator of steel or aluminum quickly rot in the rain.

Let us add that after the condenser is a filter drier, not giving form ice jam on the capillary tube, leaving inside the house. Ingeniously simple. Periodically, the filter drier must be replaced.

Operation of the outdoor unit of a split system HVAC

The fan, mounted horizontally on the cover, working on the hood. The air comes from outside through the condenser, compressor and washes out upwardly outwardly. Compressor pumps Freon in the coil, that is compressed and transferred to a different state of aggregation. Liquid temperature gives easily through aluminum radiator and rushes through the filter-drier inside the building.

Outdoor unit of a split system

Consider the advantages and disadvantages. The design is ideal for a warm climate, but snow or ice on the grill body violate the normal operation. Such devices in our climate must be placed in an attic (based on the availability and frost insulation of building materials). In the latter case, even in the winter time can work on heating. The traditional split systems, four-way valve, the switching mode is in an external unit, however, permissible in a convenient location. The described unit is not afraid of water - this is a big plus.

Shoe outdoor unit of a split system HVAC

Soiled condenser, narrow slit, a really predisposed to hold the dust. So clean the outdoor unit of a split system HVAC:

  1. Removable lid with a fan.
  2. Drags towards the side walls.
  3. Vacuuming removed dust outside and inside, with the bottom wall.
  4. Hose inside generously watered condenser.
  5. Speaking outside dirt is removed from the vacuum cleaner aquafiltering.

This is a simple and reliable system. Condenser tubes specially made of copper, not to become a victim of electrochemical corrosion. The compressor is packed in a sealed enclosure, painted with black paint to better dissipate heat. Blowing busy parts common fan on the lid. maintainability of the system, will be able to find fault even a schoolboy: two engines with three contacts, relays and capacitors. Filling takes place here through a service valve block. Used collector. A first end connected to the high side, the second - on the low side. In the middle of the balloon with Freon. To control the number of filled in the split system HVAC refrigerant used Public temperature diagram.

The main types of faults are clear, therefore, to fix the split-system were not working alone. video on YouTube author argued that it is not necessary to clean the radiator with a special brush, or will pursue and will work less. Better to let a couple of spots left. Breakage split HVAC system to remove just through intelligent design.

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