How to wash curtains in a washing machine

Curtains and curtains decorate the interior, and also serve as the first obstacle in the way of dust and pollution from the street. Therefore it is important to know how to properly wash the curtains in the washing machine. Today curtains and curtains are made of a variety of materials. Complex draperies and designs frighten housewives who do not know whether they need to be washed or better cleaned. All the details of care will be discussed in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1The modes and temperature in which you can wash the curtains
  • 2How to wash curtains from different fabrics
    • 2.1Dry Cleaning
    • 2.2Delicate care
    • 2.3Gentle mode
    • 2.4Optimal care
    • 2.5Individual approach

The modes and temperature in which you can wash the curtains

How often can the curtains be washed in the apartment? Much depends on such factors:

  1. Place of residence. If you live in the city center, and the windows overlook the busy road, it is clear that the curtains or curtains will get dirty faster. So, they need to be washed more often in the typewriter.
  2. Location of the room. If you live in an apartment on the upper floors, dust and exhaust gases do not reach your windows very much. But residents of the first floors to engage in wet cleaning and laundry will have more.
  3. Season. In the spring and summer, when the windows are constantly open, the curtains take in more dust.

How many times a year to wash fabric products? Considering the factors above - at least two times. The more difficult question is whether it is possible to load tulle, nylon, thread curtains into a washing machine? The type of material depends, how and with how many degrees to do laundry. Possible solutions to the problem:

  • You can not break your head and give the curtains to dry clean. Designer products with a glass bead and delicate fabrics are best not subjected to home experiments.
  • As an option - call a cleaning brigade. Workers perfectly cope with cleaning complex structures: curtains, curtains with lambrequins and eyelets. Special equipment allows you to clean the steam without removing the product from the windows.
  • To wash yourself. Do you think that you can remove the curtains yourself and do the laundry? Then get down to work.

Hint! When buying new curtains, do not cut the label. Subsequently, you will need information about selecting the washing mode.

When loading fabric products into the drum of the styrant, pay attention to which program they can be washed. Choose a gentle mode with a minimum spin speed. In some cases it is better not to squeeze the curtains at all. Use this method to avoid stroking the curtains. From the fact, at what temperature will the curtains be erased, depends on how they will look in the future. The optimal choice is 30-40 degrees, otherwise the fabric can be shed or deformed. Use only liquid preparations for each type of tissue.

How to wash curtains from different fabrics

Before washing, the products are removed and shaken off dust.

Dry Cleaning

It is designed for roller blinds. The material of manufacture and the special design will not rotate in the washing machine. We will show you how to clean these products at home:

  • To remove dust, just open the window and let the curtains blow. Sometimes you need to clean the surface with a soft nozzle on the vacuum cleaner.
  • If the curtains are located in the kitchen, local contamination often occurs. To remove them, take a liquid detergent diluted in water. Dampen the sponge in the solution, swipe through the cloth, rub the dirt. Then rinse the sponge in clean water, remove the foam residues from the surface.
  • The same actions are performed when removing oily stains. Use a stain remover instead of detergent.

Delicate care

A careful approach is required for delicate, delicate tissues. These include silk, satin curtains, as well as items made of organza, veil, and tulle. Light transparent fabrics can be pre-soaked in water. If the washing machine has this mode - use it. Then, wash on a delicate program. Stick to a temperature of 40 degrees.

How to return the white to the white curtains of organza and tulle? Do this:

  • in 5 liters of water, dilute 2 tsp. salts;
  • leave the curtains to soak for half an hour - an hour;
  • do the laundry.

Hint! To avoid ironing, hang a wet product on the window. The curtains easily straighten out.

There is another way:

  • 5 liters of water diluted 2 tbsp. l. alcohol and 1 tbsp. l. peroxides;
  • soak for 1 hour;
  • wash.

Gentle mode

Products made of velvet are as smart as they are whimsical in their care. It is desirable to turn the velvet curtains into dry cleaners or dry clean with a vacuum cleaner. If you decide to wash, install water heating to 30 degrees. Turn off the spin. Velvet is put into the drum only on the wrong side. You can use bags for washing.

Optimal care

Dense tissue requires a special approach. These are the products:

  • linen curtains;
  • curtains made of polyester;
  • Roman, French, as well as Japanese curtains.

Curtains made of linen or Roman curtains can be vacuumed with a nozzle for furniture. To wash the Roman, you need to pull out of them metal objects. For linen curtains, choose a program with a temperature of 40-60 degrees.

Products with hooks and eyelets need to be washed carefully. In order not to remove the elements, fold them into the bag-grid. You can also carry out hand washing in the bathroom.

Individual approach

Rope curtains-threads are a newfangled phenomenon. They decorate windows, doorways, use as decor. Also, such curtains are called muslin or curtains-rain. They are made of synthetic threads. The main difficulty in washing is that the threads do not get mixed up.

  1. Do not remove the product from the window, tie the threads in a knot or braid the braid.
  2. Fold the curtains in a sack-mesh and put in the drum of the washing machine.
  3. Choose a program for synthetic fabrics.

Having studied the material, you can safely proceed with washing the curtains at home. To make the products less dirty, more frequent wet cleaning in the room. Follow the recommendations - and you will get clean and beautiful curtains.

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