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At home, you can design a chipper with your own hands. To do this, you need to pick up a gasoline or electric engine, make a subject table and determine the size of the frame. Step-by-step manufacturing instructions, as well as examples of drawings, can be found in the material presented.

The content of the article

  • Tools, equipment and blueprints
  • Step-by-step instruction

Tools, equipment and blueprints

First of all, you need to clarify the dimensions according to the drawings of the wood chip cutter with your own hands. You can take one of several options as a basis:

  1. Classic design.DIY chipper
  2. Do-it-yourself chipper for wood concrete (side and rear view).Do-it-yourself chipper for wood concrete
  3. Compact device.Compact device
  4. Another version of the cutter.wood chipper

As you can see, the design is based on an asynchronous motor, a gear transmission mechanism and saw blades. It is under them that the dimensions of the body and frame are selected. Moreover, in order to design a homemade wood chipper, you need to take care of such equipment and tools:

  • electric or gasoline engine power 2.5-3 kW;
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  • disks made of sheet steel (you can buy ready-made or grind on lathes, milling machines);
  • shafts and pulleys with belts;
  • gears;
  • grinder and discs for working with metal;
  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • hammer;
  • drill and a set of drills;
  • roulette;
  • square;
  • marker for marks;
  • spanners or wrenches;
  • tight gloves;
  • helmet for welding.

Step-by-step instruction

To make a chip cutter with your own hands, they select drawings, determine the dimensions and materials, and then proceed as follows:

  1. Cut off part of the channel and remove the excess length of the longitudinal part.
  2. Drill 4 holes in it, each of which will be inserted with a bolt.
  3. Insert 2 housing bearings and fix them with bolts.
  4. This blank is welded to steel. To do this, a part of the plate is cut off, a hole is formed and welded perpendicularly.
  5. Take a fragment of a round pin (it should be thick enough). To make a do-it-yourself woodchip machine, a bolt is made from this pin. A steel washer is put on it and scalded.
  6. They take the shaft and fix it to the bearings (a washer is needed for additional support).
  7. Discs for working with wood are fixed on the shaft (2 elements with the same diameter and spacing between the teeth). Between them fix 2 washers.
  8. Cut out another plate under the shaft, weld it.
  9. To get a wood chipper with your own hands, as in the photo and drawings, you need to weld the third plate to the ribs of the first two. All surfaces after welding are carefully cleaned with a grinder.
  10.  Next, the mechanism is welded to the object table, which is made in advance, focusing on a convenient height.
DIY wood chipper

When the do-it-yourself wood chipper is ready, it must be tested. It is important to understand that the quality of work directly depends on the power of the engine. For example, if it is within 3 kW, you can work with small fragments 5 cm long. And if you increase the power to 4 kW, it is quite possible to process wood waste 7-8 cm long.

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