Overview of the functions of the dishwasher Bosch SMV23AX00R

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The full-size dishwasher Bosch SMV23AX00R refers to the second series of its brand, as indicated by the number 2 after the first three letters in its name.

From series 4 and 8 of the same category, it is distinguished by minimalism and reasonable cost, and from other models of the series itself - the optimum ratio of functions and practicality. This is a good option for a small family with an economical budget.

The content of the article:

  • Overall performance and exterior design
  • Capacity and resource consumption of the machine
  • Characteristic set of technologies
  • Technical capabilities and disadvantages
    • Applicable work programs
    • Cons technical development
  • Reviews of the machine from real buyers
  • “Contraindications” for Bosch SMV23AX00R
  • Differences model from competitors
  • Summary of advantages and disadvantages
  • A selection of competing models
    • Competitor # 1: Kuppersberg GL 6033
    • Competitor # 2: Bosch Serie 4 SMV 44KX00 R
    • Competitor # 3: Korting KDI 60165
  • The best deals on the market
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Overall performance and exterior design

Model SMV23AX00R is fully embedded, that is, it implies the presence of a ready-made external box, which will be installed. Accordingly, it does not have a separate external design, but the internal control panel is decorated with stylish black color. The panel itself is electronic, located on the door on top and becomes visible only when the machine is open. The material of the internal working reservoir is plastic.

The internal structure of the Bosch dishwasher

Model SMV23AX00R is the first in its series and represents the basic set of functions for permanent use. All other versions, the labeling of which goes upwards, are distinguished by the presence of additional options or accessories, which is proportional to the price.

To make the car fit into the interior, you need a free space of at least the size:

  • width - 59.8 cm;
  • height - 81.5 cm;
  • depths - 55 cm.

These are the dimensions of this model. It is necessary to take into account the length of the power cable, it is 175 cm, as well as the length of the power supply and discharge hoses - their size does not exceed 140 (sometimes 165) and 190 cm, respectively. The weight of the structure is not more than 29 kg.

The development does not provide for the addition of separate decorative frames or panels. However, in the version kit there is a practical metal plate for installation on the tabletop as an additional protect from steam.

If it becomes necessary to adjust the height of the rear pillars (legs), it is enough to set the required level on the regulator in front, without disturbing the interior. In addition, the design includes the automatic closing of the door using the “servoschloss” technology when the gap is less than 10 degrees. So slam the door or carefully press it tightly is not required.

Unique door closing system

If the dishwasher door is at an angle of less than 10º, no effort should be made to close it. It will automatically fall into place, will be blocked, after which the machine will activate washing

Capacity and resource consumption of the machine

The first indicator is capacity. This is a large model of 60 cm, so the washing tank is able to accept 12 sets of dishes at the same time. The volume is not marginal, there are more analogues with the "displacement", but families of 3-4 people who purchased this model unanimously claim that they are completely satisfied with such a capacity. In the box freely placed simultaneously:

  • dining plates for the first, second dishes, saucers - up to 24 pieces;
  • 3-5 liter saucepan;
  • up to 10 glasses or mugs;
  • 2-4 glasses;
  • a complete set of cutlery for 12 people - tablespoons, teaspoons, forks, knives.

In total, the tank consists of 2 wide shelves-baskets, in the upper of which are special projections for glasses and cups, in the lower - a separate basket for cutlery.

Bosch Basket

With the help of this type of machines you can not wash too small objects that fall into the cells of the internal grid, they can get stuck in the mechanism and cause damage. Also, there is no guarantee of integrity when cleaning glass and porcelain that is not marked “for machine wash”

The SMV23AX00R model is designed to save more water and energy, so it has a special half load option and load sensor. This means that if the trays are not completely filled, the machine will automatically calculate the load, will reduce the volume of water, the consumption of detergent, time, that is, will save all used resources.

In normal mode, the sink spends about 12 liters of water per reception. For example, with manual manipulations, water flows about 3 times more. Energy consumption is 230-235 kWh per year on average, that is, the energy efficiency class is A.

Characteristic set of technologies

All Bosch dishwashers are equipped with the latest technology in their functions. Therefore, there are no outdated analogues, only the combination of different developments is different. A selection of Bosch innovations specifically for this model:

  1. Smart EcoSilenceDrive EngineIn which there are no short-lived brushes from ordinary engines.
  2. Water supply system ActiveWater on 5 definitely directed jets with automatic calculation of pressure. Allows you to clean the most inaccessible places, while maintaining integrity.
  3. Automatic maintenance of the desired rigidity of the aquatic environment during the processing of glass products.

A smart inverter motor is durable, saves energy, works with just 52 dB of noise (the equivalent of a quiet conversation). Hydraulics ActiveWater is protected from leakage with high-strength hoses, a special sensor monitors the faults.

In addition, the system is equipped with a powerful pump pumping at a speed of 3 buckets / min, which allows rinse dishes with high purity, without leaving traces of detergents, without excessive water costs and energy.

Glass corrosion

Glass is amenable to corrosion when the water pH is too soft - Bosch automatics on the SMV23AX00R fixes the situation, increasing or decreasing the rigidity due to pledged special dishwashing salt, simultaneously saving up to 35% facilities. Initially, the function is set by the user.

The device mechanically locks the door during program operation. The electronic control panel is also lockable by the user, so that the children do not use the equipment uncontrollably. Self-cleaning filters, improved compartment for detergents, allowing more efficiently dissolve in water.

Technical capabilities and disadvantages

The main difference between the 00R version of the second series of Bosch built-in dishwashers in 60 cm from the rest is that it only uses the most necessary functions that allow you to simply wash the dishes without understanding the tricky instructions and wandering in a variety of combinations options. Accordingly, some of the functions in the car is missing.

Applicable work programs

There are three full modes:

  • normal, on the panel goes first left;
  • IVF, the second;
  • sentinel or fast, third.

Modes can be freely launched with one click on the control panel, no separate character sets are needed. Each mode has its own characteristics of operation.

The audio signal and the red LED will notify you that the task has been completed. By simultaneously pressing the buttons of the selected mode and ½ mode, the operation parameters are optimized in the direction of reducing water consumption, energy and time, based on the number of loaded dishes.

Bosch parameter table

From the choice of the mode depends on the amount of time that the machine will spend on washing, the volume of water, electricity, the maximum temperature of heating. The minimum period of work is 60 minutes, therefore it is unwise to wash several mugs or a couple of plates with a machine

The status of the device, the user learns the burning of LED lights on the control panel. These are informers of the presence of softening salt, rinse aid, water pressure, activity regimes, drying and washing. Their significance, as well as the entire system, is described in detail in the mandatory Russian-language version of the instruction. There are no difficulties with recognition.

Among other things, the unit itself determines the type of loaded detergent and selects the appropriate operating parameters. Therefore, the end result is always equally high, regardless of the type of chemistry used.

Delicate glassware washing

The dishwasher of this series is equipped with the function of gentle glass processing in hot conditions. Special sensors will not allow glass surfaces to overheat, crack or become covered in scale.

Cons technical development

In the model SMV23AX00R are missing:

  • contaminated water sensor;
  • interior lighting;
  • information through the display;
  • pointer time to the end of the operation;
  • indicator beam on the floor to work in the dark;
  • coasters for tall glasses (available separately);
  • additional extension hoses (available separately).

In the prototype versions, the above options are present in different versions.

SMV23AX00R control panel

Included lights near the special symbols on the control panel will help you to understand that household chemicals are running out in compartments or on certain mode: a tap indicates a set of water, arrows in the shape of the letter S - softening salts, a snowflake - rinsing agent, a brush - washing goes, waves - drying

A striking feature of Bosch technology is that it is practically not produced at Asian factories, but is assembled exclusively in Europe, for example, in Poland or Germany. Therefore, when faced with Made in China regarding the Bosch dishwasher, you need to treat the proposal with wariness.

Reviews of the machine from real buyers

Since the price fork of the dishwasher SMV23AX00R from Bosch is determined at 21-25 thousand rubles or so $ 450 for January 2018, the brand is considered very popular and is readily acquired by Russians or residents of the CIS. Regarding the configuration of discontent no one expresses. The model is recognized as qualitatively assembled, all the details are solid. Breakage almost does not happen.

Buyers consider the best solution to this development to be ease of use and the lack of sophisticated programs, which are almost not used and do not give a strong difference, but they influence the price.

Most of those who responded stated that they did an excellent job with dirty dishes on just one function - a quick wash in an hour. Ware after machine processing is much cleaner than after hand washing, it “squeaks” from cleanliness and shines brighter. The strongest pollution that had to be cleaned for a long time and with large losses (water, equipment, appearance of hands) is removed.

Some observations show a little more water consumption than stated, the difference may be 2-3 liters. According to the experience, the consumption of softening salt is within 1 kg for 3 months (it is laid immediately at a time and needs updating only after 90 days). Despite the fact that the filters are designated as self-cleaning, it is better to remove and wash them. This is done very easily.

SMV23AX00R filter

The SMV23AX00R dishwasher filter is located downstairs next to the rocker arms, salt compartment and rinse aid, it is easily removed and rinsed with running water. On the top of the photo is a filter funnel, on the bottom - a filter in a withdrawn condition

Some buyers noticed a tightly opening door, and also announced the possibility of selecting when buying a model with additional features. For example, the basic analog does not contain a floor beam, but some users have it on the aggregates. It was also noted that the total washing time specified in the instructions should be added 15 minutes to dry in order to get a real figure.

All those who bought the SMV23AX00R version declare that this is a very large construction, and it is advisable to keep it only for families of 4 or more people.

Sphere of use of capacious dishwasher

In kitchens where the dishes are used a little, the unit will not pay off, since even half load is very large. But for families, where frequent meals or a lot of cooking, such equipment went to "cheers"

“Contraindications” for Bosch SMV23AX00R

When purchasing a modification of the Bosh technology being studied, some mandatory conditions that are necessary for its full operation should be taken into account:

  1. The dishwasher of this series (as, indeed, many others) cannot be built in under the hob or near sources of strong heat - radiators, stoves.
  2. You should not have a microwave, electric oven, oven, kitchen appliances, all of them can fail.
  3. It is impossible to fill in a compartment for detergents not specified by the instruction of the substance, especially from the family of solvents, an explosion may occur.

In addition, the mechanism is not intended for use in regions that are above 4000 m above sea level.

What can not be washed in the car

In the dishwasher, you can not wash wooden products, painted glass, antique dishes, plastic containers with low thermoporns, dishes made of copper, tin, objects contaminated with ashes, paint, wax, fuels and lubricants, and things not related to dishes altogether

Along with the fact that it is impossible to do with an aggregate, there are several rules for what to do; on the contrary, it is necessary:

  1. Soften water with special salts, based on local features. The aqueous pH should be approximately 5.
  2. Before placing dishes in the tank it is necessary to clean it from very large food residues. Pre-rinse in running water is not necessary.
  3. Equipment should be regularly cleaned, wiped. And if it is supposed not to use it for a long time, it is better to open the lid so that there is no unpleasant smell inside.
  4. SMV23AX00R is intended only for private, home life. When applied in the context of catering, the concern does not give guarantees.

If there is a special detergent that combines a water softener, then there is no need to lay salt separately.

Differences model from competitors

Bosch washing units occupy the bottom positions in the TOP-10 of their category. But the dishwashers of the same company are considered the best among these, their place is always in the top three of any ratings. In terms of technical parameters, they can sometimes follow the prototypes of Asko or Siemens, but if they are included in the criteria and price, then the competitors always lose.

Dishwasher rating 2018

The annual rating is compiled by independent communities of experts on a combination of three indicators: the quality of washing and drying, functionality, ease of management. Price, as a rule, is not involved in the calculations of experts.

However, in the ratings of the best sinks in the category of 60 cm, most often gets the 4th series of Bosch. However, among the developments with the basic configuration, SMV-2-3-AX-00R is ranked at 1.2 position among any firms.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

Comparison of the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and real responses from buyers gives a more truthful picture. Advantages of the zero version 00R:

  • fully affordable price;
  • ease of use, which can be handled by a person who is far from electronics, for example, an elderly person;
  • real savings in water consumption for families, where they often cook a lot;
  • high build quality, the machine does not break, does not require constant expensive repairs.

You can also note that the modification is designed according to the wishes of consumers, and is sold with different configuration, allowing you to choose a more suitable option for your case.

Table Top Dishwasher

Bosch also produces compact versions of dishwashers - the models SKS41E11RU, SKS62E22RU, SKS62E88RU. The set of functions and quality are the same as those of large units, only the capacity is reduced to 6 dish sets, and the consumption of water and electricity is less than 2 times. Babies fit right on the table

Along with pluses, there are moments that for many have become flawed, but for someone they can serve as just additional information:

  • To install the equipment, a certain amount of free space is required; when installed in a cramped kitchen, you will have to abandon the required floor space in favor of washing;
  • washing takes a relatively long time, at least - 1 hour and 15 minutes, maximum - almost 3 hours;
  • in kitchens of medium activity, it is necessary to accumulate used dishes so that the process makes sense, and, therefore, on hand to have a second set of clean dishes while the first batch is processed.

And we repeat once again - for kitchens with low activity, the unit is not suitable at all.

It should be noted that for this kind of kitchen there are separate versions of dishwashers of compact and ultra-compact type.

A selection of competing models

This assessment of household appliances, like any other device, is best done in comparison. To do this, we offer to get acquainted with the competitors of the presented device As a criterion, we take an approximate equality of dimensions and a similar type of installation.

Competitor # 1: Kuppersberg GL 6033

The full-size dishwasher is designed for a large family. Its roomy bunker holds as many as 14 sets. If we consider that per day per person should fall on average 3 sets of plates / devices / glasses, the model is perfectly cope with the daily cleaning of dishes, which at dinner used by 4-5 people.

The Kuppersberg GL 6033 dishwasher has 8 different programs. It can wash the dishes in high-speed mode, perform pre-soaking, clean the surface of the pans with pans. Washed at half load, which saves water and reduce energy consumption. You can start the cycle with a delay of 1 to 12 hours.

Full protection against leakage eliminates damage to floors and disagreements with neighbors. Classification of drying and washing A, according to the energy efficiency data of the unit class A +. Controlled by electronics, display is installed to monitor the operating parameters.

The height of the basket can be changed, the model is equipped with a holder for wine glasses and a tray for appliances. The dishwasher is noisy at 44 dB, in the night mode even less. Water consumed during the standard cycle of just 9 liters.

The disadvantages include the relatively high energy consumption, the absence of a blockage from children and the not-too-affordable price.

Competitor # 2: Bosch Serie 4 SMV 44KX00 R

The model produced by the same manufacturer as the dishwasher disassembled in the article. It is designed to wash 13 dish sets at a time. Despite the presence of only four modes, the unit has gained consumer recognition due to the flawless performance of the main work. The dishwasher is equipped with full protection against leakage and against the intervention of children.

Managed by Bosch Serie 4 SMV 44KX00 R electronic system. Performance indicators can be monitored by a display mounted in the door. The timer allows you to delay the start of washing for a period of 1 to 24 hours. Among the possibilities there is a speedy and economical washing, there is a beam on the floor telling about the stages of work, sensors for the presence of rinse aid and regenerating salt.

The list of minuses includes not too economical power consumption, amounting to 1.07 kW / h, and water consumption, amounting to 11, 7l.

Competitor # 3: Korting KDI 60165

The dishwasher holds 14 dish sets for one-time processing. It offers its future owners 8 different programs. In addition to the usual washing, it works in express mode, gently cleans fragile glass wine glasses, and economically processes lightly soiled dishes.

The unit is controlled by an electronic system. You can activate its work with a delay of 1 to 24 hours. Korting KDI 60165 is fully leak-proof, complete with a tray for laying cutlery, height-adjustable basket and glass holder. In order to save water / energy / detergent, the hopper can be half loaded.

Sink with drying assigned class A, on energy efficiency the model received class A ++. There are indicators that determine the presence of salt and rinsing agent. Noise during operation only 47 dB. The downside is the absence of a lock on the participation of children in programming and the work of the machine.

The best deals on the market

It is safe to say that with a free kitchen, a large number of sets of dishes, many habits and / or often cook, especially for a large number of people (ranging from 3-4 people), Bosch SMV23AX00R is indispensable and completely pays off. In other cases - the case of the budget and personal preferences.

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