How to choose an electric heater

Today we will discuss how to choose the electric heater to no harm came of it.

The review authors to easily solve the problem. But you can not pass the reader's head. Do you want to - listen merchandisers and be content with advertising.

The choice of the oil heater

Let's start with a situation that could confound. This is the choice of the oil heater power for a typical room. To begin with loss calculation. To calculate the recommended program, supplement them with practical measurements. Calculation is carried out according to the conditions on the heat loss, then the calculated capacity of the heater that can balance the given conditions. The calculation formula is:

The formula for the calculation of heat loss

The formula for calculating the heat loss, where A - area of ​​the partition structures, the temperature in the room and external brackets, n and β - coefficients are fixed, the first selected according SNP II-3-79, the second given in the text, where the formula (SNP contained 2.04.05-91). R - resistance walling, deducted from snip II-3-7. A brief look at how to use the Act. Let's start with the resistance. Firstly, fences are divided by type, on the types of houses, including them. According to the first classification distinguishes windows, doors, walls, with the second - residential, industrial buildings and so forth. Choose on taste and color. Here it is necessary to calculate the parameter (for selection) as a degree-day heating period. The formula contains a SNP II-3-79, the values ​​of mean temperatures of cities and regions in SNP 2.01.01-82.

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Explains that in the Russian Federation according to the standards the resistance of the walls may vary by region, by type of building. Said parameter and are looking for conscientious designers lay figures in the construction of houses by the proper selection of the thickness of the walls, the insulation volume. The documentation requirements are the windows. If replacement tenant, will have to find the coefficients have to change categories. We add that the plastic windows, of course, the better the old wooden frames.

Oil radiator

Additional loss of β SNP 2.04.05-91 into account, for example:

  1. On which side of light exit windows and doors.
  2. Are exterior walls are built.
  3. The floors of the first floor and spans.
  4. Exterior doors and gates.

n ratio is selected from Table 3 SNP II-3-79. This results in heat loss for certain situations. It can be seen that the losses depend on the difference in temperature between the outside and inside walls. We add that the minimum values ​​of resistance to heat loss, see the documentation tables. For the attentive reader is recommended to calculate the formulas SNIP II-3-79 and compare the numbers. As a result, we see a number of values ​​to find the heat loss. room temperature measurement and the outer conduct only when the same power radiators. If the boiler succumbed to the heat, day omit.

Now, on a cold day, for example, required temperature by 2 degrees rise. Substitute into the formula instead of the true state of affairs and find the desired difference. The resulting output serves as a reference for selecting a heater. The next time you take measurements, make calculations, turn on the heater, wait until the device will enter the mode.

Home thermometer

We compare the temperature: is less more. Depending on this we can conclude whether the regulations are observed in the house. Be careful when determining the amount of the external walls. Depending on the result of this change. A similar experiment conducted in the closet gathering dust heater. Depending on the result of extrapolating the findings:

  1. Measured temperature without heating.
  2. Measured temperature with a heater.
  3. Losses equal the total power of the battery and heater. The first does not know the second value determined. Linear dependence, it appears that 1 kW of power adds a certain number of degrees. From said empirical relationship derive angle graph, without the need to dig in documentation count coefficient independently. For the future, remember how many kilowatts added at a certain temperature difference of indoor and outdoor air. Moreover, the power of the battery does not depend on the angle of inclination. For example, lowering the temperature of the radiator per degree can be represented as an equivalent exception sub-heater.

Output. By measuring the temperature in the room with heater and without, always specify how many kilowatt add on in the room to get the desired temperature.

Depending on this, select specifications of electric heaters, we define a desired mode based on the power of other kinds of heaters or heating elements. Authors seem, the method is simple and accessible. Lack only: power radiators depends on the temperature in the room, it is difficult to calculate heat loss correctly. Counting is carried out in tightly closed room, like behind the walls of the frost. We believe that with modern non-contact thermometers are solvable problem. Of course, we threw some little things, but the conclusions are valid for the majority of cases.

Power on mode is indicated in the passport. Product card contains the total.

Selection of electric heaters

Manufacturers of electric heaters are not standing still. Constantly there are new models. The above heating method of choice is good for oil heaters. In practice, it is not convenient to use the device. The unit will drain the air, heavy, angular. For other kinds of conduct simple calculation: the power obtained above is divided by cover band:

Electric heater

  1. For a band heater Micatermic by volume across the steel fence device plane.
  2. For vetroduvki - beam, in which the jet moves.
  3. In the case of the infrared heater a kind of pyramid, the base of the figure is easy to calculate the formulas manufacturer (for example, Peony Ceramic).
  4. Chimney reflector take the forward hemisphere.

Volume ratio will approximate the required power. How to set the temperature already described. Note that vetroduvka and other models are sometimes warm with only one hand. It is not comfortable. If necessary, choose a pair of devices, or arrange the furniture as necessary. Varieties of electric heaters combine with each other, add or subtract power. Nuances impose stamp. For example, vetroduvka by forced convection require power greater than calculated because of air being continual stirring. However, to take full set of calculation to raise the temperature of the room by mistake, if the device to send a man, the jet is too hot, uncomfortable.

Choosing an electric heater, be sure to try on the functionality of the local electricians, electrical panel. Not all apartments will pull the appliance power, say, a 3 kW. In the latter case, reduce queries, change the type of heater of Directed. For example, hang a quartz lamp over the bed, not warm oil cooler bedroom. So save money by spending less on electricity, waste is thrown into the atmosphere less heat.

Not say whether new types of electric heaters, but already being encouraged to use solar energy will be. And it's great.

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