Ceramic heaters for home

Often the media conduct surveys, where the overall winner is chosen among electric heaters. In one of telecasts battlefield remains for convector, with a vetroduvke told the sad story: We put on the table to drive away and evaporate the condensation with window glass, as a result had to change the plastic frame. Villain melted frame, if made from oil. Ceramic heaters for homes have no less capacity, but safer, more ergonomic and attractive. Today released hardware competitors, works differently.

Ceramic heaters, principle

Today it is easy to get lost in the mass of designed and invented designs. For example, quartz heaters involve:

  • infrared lamps made of quartz glass is extremely small mass;
  • bulky alloy plate of quartz sand with an internal helix.

First put on the floor more often hung on the ceiling or wall, the latter is used in a similar way, but there is a danger of falling.

Ceramic heater for the house

Ceramic heaters are difficult to directly correlate with the different type of devices. means:

  1. Bright gas ceramic heaters to give with an open grill, which is red-hot and gives off heat.
  2. Modern convectors ceramic-coated heating element complex configuration to reduce the combustion air.

Ceramic heaters called modern vetroduvki where a spiral with a special coating of hardened clay. This will allow to distinguish between old and new-fangled gizmos. In the first case, we see the potential fire hazard device not carrying the additional options in the second - modern equipment, protected by overheating and downs, worth a large sum of money and obespechivyuschee stunning looks-like acoustics speaker surround sound in style High tech.

The meaning remains the same - vetroduvka! Electric ceramic heaters contained within a pair of coils, fan cooled. Present air filter, a variety of sensors and devices for changing the microclimate. We do not recommend ceramic heaters to give similar designed for offices and apartments. Especially, taking into account the external design.

However, there are new models, confusion with ceramic heaters increases. Let us turn to specific examples.

Infrared heaters Ceramic Peony

Infrared heaters Ceramic Peony

Moscow industrial associations carried out extensive work in the field of manufacture of infrared heaters. Recently there was a ceiling-type construction, with tube disparate models. Since 2010, the company fitting Atelier Ltd. and you heat producing infrared heaters, ceramic called for the reasons mentioned above. The method of micro-arc oxidation on the metal surface a thin layer (30 microns) ceramic, behaves as a black body, which will be applied to the surface of the laws of physics.

What is the meaning: hanging from the top of infrared heaters Peony resembling a fluorescent light on the surface of the glass. This steel with a thin coating of ceramic serving radiating element.

At Peony Ceramic snow-white surface, in contrast to previous models, due to the anodization method acquires a slightly grayish hue. The new model is provided with two radiating plates, angled outward, it increases heating to 120 ° segment and increases the efficiency to 93%.

Just unprecedented performance. Let's talk about the operation of the device. According to the Director-General, within the low-temperature heating element. It is about 240 ° C. In this perspective infrared heater Peony Keramik is midway between man and portal Russian stove, operating in the wavelength range of 4 - 20 microns. Inside the flip side of the heating element is protected by two layers of ceramic insulation, paved sealing plates. Therefore, the energy rushes down.

Initially heated floor in the lighting area of ​​the surface convective heat manner starts to diverge around the room. Such an approach other things being equal capacity in comparison with other types of heaters will save up to 50% energy.

heater Pion

We see the positive in these infrared heaters, when compared with similar products:

  1. According to the manufacturer of micro-arc oxidation method allows just splice two pieces to yield cermet. This means that the strength of infrared heaters is much greater than the fragile lamp equivalents. It is possible to equip the Peony Ceramic children's rooms and other places with a high risk factor in terms of impacts with foreign objects. However, the 240 ° C - the temperature of a serious, consider options for security.
  2. Lighting angle of 120 degrees is very high. We cover a large area, sacrificing the time at which the temperature reaches the desired value.
  3. The bedroom has a heater with a ceramic heater does not interfere with a dull red glow to view the next dream.
  4. Peony Ceramic infrared heaters are fireproof. It will be possible on the basis of products safely perform home heating projects at the expense of only one type of equipment. If necessary, infrared heaters are supplemented thermostats and other auxiliary dial means. If the device works will fall on flammable material, it is equivalent to the fall of the iron. Anchorages suspension must be durable.
  5. Like other infrared heaters Ceramic Peony not hit more weight will not interfere underfoot as convectors. This makes the devices preferred for heating purposes.
  6. Peony Ceramic infrared heaters are easy to clean - a major advantage for indoor use only.
  7. Infrared heaters there is no need to remove the winter in the barns. The design is such that the model will pick up, not too adversely affecting the appearance of the situation. The heating season is gently rub the surface emitting semi-dry cloth, and you can start operation.

IR heater Peony Keramik

Negative aspects of infrared heaters Ceramic Peony:

  1. Too slow. Due to the low temperature of the heating element effect will be noticeable right away is not. It is recommended to use the devices at home, in a residential area, where the convection currents are not strong. Perceptible draft has a chance to blow off heat. This is proved by the fact that the plants used infrared heaters dark type, wherein the tubes are gas combustion products. As a result, the metal temperature reaches hundreds of degrees. 45 ° C for a huge plant in the winter is not enough.
  2. Some people like to sleep in the dim light. Dark infrared heaters Ceramic Peony not deliver such a pleasure and not give quietly in the night to go to the fridge without hitting objects along the way.
  3. Ceiling infrared heaters criticized for being too light on the person causing heaviness in the head and pain. It is recommended to suspend the higher instruments, in order to avoid negative effects.

As a result, we see that infrared heaters (refuse to call ceramic devices) Peony Ceramic have serious advantages against the background of a few shortcomings, which, depending on your point of view, can easily be transformed into advantages. Because the device would otherwise promising than tube infrared heaters. In general approval for equipment of heating systems in family houses and private homes.

In the line of a number of models of different capacities that are adapted to specific conditions. The manufacturer's website even provides optimal suspension height and other parameters for the proper use of ceramic heaters. equipment price fluctuates in 3000 rubles, which we deem average. One infrared heater is enough for 10 square meters (minimum). In this case, note that not all of the area of ​​the house must be within reach of the radiated heat. Conversely, some areas obogreem two devices.

Design features make infrared heaters Ceramic Peony durable. There is nothing to break, low temperatures will not cause burnout of the individual components. Such ceramic heaters require repairs any time soon. Check with your dealer if there are inside the relay, regulating temperature. The constant clicking of the relay will not install the equipment in the bedroom.

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