How to choose a gas heater

Selecting the heater depends on the heating purposes. It should be borne in mind that the gas heater is not necessarily a fixed structure installed on a certain place. In the market, millions of infrared devices for natural gas, it is easy to transfer to either another location. These devices operate from gas cylinders. When the central supply of the heater can not be called a mobile device. Talk, how to choose a gas heater.

On the advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters

The disadvantages of gas heaters due to burning of fuel:

  1. Burn oxygen. In this case, if the furnace is open, air is sucked out of the room, due to which there is the cooling of the room.
  2. A fire hazard. Modern gas heaters are equipped with many protection steps, so unlikely to be a cause of fire if handled properly, but on habit appliances are considered dangerous. Gas heater for the home
  3. A third factor concerns devices with open combustion chamber, because of which combustion products leave the room. The gas contains hydrocarbons, and a lot of impurities, some of them are not just harmful and dangerous. For example, sulfur oxides and hydrogen cyanide. Subject to the rules of harm is not, however, save the products of combustion in a residential area does not follow. Frequent cases of poisoning by carbon monoxide, which is formed with a lack of fresh air.

The main question is combustion gases. Meanwhile rare from mobile devices are established means for discharging spent fuel. Gas cylinder is easy to place, but if there is no chimney, heat is the burning a difficult situation for the residents of apartment buildings. If the owner of a private house is entitled to break through the wall and withdraw the coaxial pipe here, at a distance of 10 cm from the vertical overlap, in apartment buildings a little differently. Snip issued regulating, what height and delete endure emissions outside the home, and local regulations that ban to spoil the appearance of buildings.

This is due to the fact that the abundance of carbon dioxide will harm residents. In addition, the combustion products contain much water, capable of forming frost in the winter. Procedure flue gases regulated F DBN v.2.5-20-2001 application. Note that the heaters for natural gas can not be placed in:

Heater on a blue fuel

  • corridors;
  • bathrooms;
  • communal apartments and other premises.

For details, see the document. With regard to the combustion products, the installation of the convectors, fireplaces and other gas heaters in homes in some cases permitted. Allowed combustion gases through the walls if the device closed firebox. We are talking about a coaxial pipe, often used by private landlords. After the inner tube is ejected, and from the street on outer climbs oxygen. We do not exclude the presence of other schemes. Installation of gas heater becomes a reality, if it is possible to go through the bureaucratic obstacles.

Important prerequisites for installing the gas heater:

  1. The combustion products produced by a special flue.
  2. To one chimney is permissible to connect no more than two devices, and the distance between them stroke length of at least 0.5 m.
  3. Vents are designed to remove combustion products, but can be executed next, separated by a partition at least 12 cm thick.

Add that chimneys are constructed according to standard requirements, it is prohibited from making horizontal (the more negative bias) along the portions of the combustion products. Material is taken appropriate to add this:

For chimney use only certified materials. If the path of self-made, not scary. Of paramount importance is attached to corrosion and acid resistance of the flue gas heater.

With regard to the exhaust pipe through the wall, it is prohibited to do so on the closed loggias and balconies, bay windows. The distance from windows and other building elements taken from the table rewritten from DBN, gas heaters specifications impose restrictions:

Table of distances from the outlet of the chimney to different designs.

Table of distances

Convenient gas heater

Disadvantages of gas heaters are the need to discharge the combustion products, but as we see, the problem is solved. It is not allowed to punch in the walls of architectural monuments, valuable for the city buildings, the facades facing the street. Invented a number of restrictions, see the complete list of them in Appendix J. Restrictions relating to schools, hospitals, can not be fed into the entrance of the exhaust. Advantages of gas due to high power heaters. In residential apartment set power input limits electric current, gas removes restrictions. Equipment permitted to operate up to 30 kW. This 15 oil heaters, and the price for energy supplies less electricity in specific terms.

Before you use gas heaters, you should consider the acquisition of cylinder. This fuel is expensive, its advantage lies in the absence of the need to install the gas pipe capable spoil the interior. It is not discuss facing sheet having a weight of negative moments.

floor heater

Choosing a gas heater

Resulted in a strong case showed how to solve the difficulties with the combustion gases. Due to the sulfur content is not worth doing masonry facade of brick or concrete walls poured chimney. Manufacturers sometimes offer gas heaters authoring options, or buy products from other firms. Criteria have already called: and acid corrosion resistance. In places where large leaks heat chimney should enhance thermal insulation.

As for the heater has been repeatedly shown in the surveys, how to calculate the approximate power devices. The calculations to understand how to choose a heater. The criterion is power. If it exceeds the capabilities panel, can not do without natural gas.

Pros and cons of gas heaters are shown, and it permissible to operate in apartments, portable model, it is necessary to decide on their own.

Choosing stationary gas heater, make sure it does not spoil the appearance of the room. Installed equipment for a long time, the dismantling of complicated and long. Note that produce several types of devices. The store will see the heaters and fireplaces. The first function on the basis of the movement of air masses, the second heat-radiating mass. There are models with built-in fans, they are popular in the country have not yet found, but can significantly increase the speed of warming up the room. It turns out that the electric heater acquires gas heating element with the consequences. And it is a great power, which is difficult to achieve at the expense of electricity.

It is interesting! On the market are water heaters for swimming pools, heated with firewood.

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