Which material for the washing machine tank is better

The tank is an important part of the washing machine. The quality of its production depends on the duration of operation of the AGR, because it constantly experiences stresses, as well as exposure to high temperatures. Therefore, it is important to choose the right material for the washing machine. Our article will help you to expand knowledge about the types of materials for the tank, understand how they differ, and make the right choice when buying.

Be careful! Do not confuse the drum with the tank. In the drum there is laundry during washing.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of materials
    • 1.1Enameled metal
    • 1.2Stainless steel
    • 1.3Plastic (polymer)

Types of materials

Below are the main types of materials from which the tanks for washing machines are made.

Enameled metal

At manufacturing the usual metal covered with enamel is used. It protects the metal from damage and corrosion.


  • The material is durable and reliable, withstands impacts and loads.
  • Not afraid of temperature changes.
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  • During washing, foreign objects can get in, which, as a result, damages the enamel. Therefore, in the future, the metal is corroded and starts to flow water.
  • CMA with a tank of metal is much heavier than with a tank of other materials.
  • Obsolete manufacturing technology. Therefore, if you fail, you can hardly find a suitable analog for replacement.

Which tank (drum) is better for a washing machine? Some users believe that in machines with vertical loading it is fixed better than with the front. This opinion is erroneous, since the fixing in both types is approximately the same.

Stainless steel

Durable classic. Washing machines with a stainless tank serve as faith and truth for many years.


  • High strength, excellent tolerance of temperature changes and contact with water.


  • Great weight.
  • High noise level (metal poorly dampens vibration).
  • Energy consumption, in comparison with other materials, is greater. It's because the metal does not hold heat well.
  • High price.

The stainless steel tank is not a priori cheap. With respect to manufacturing technology (welding and assembly), it will last for decades. Therefore, the low cost of SMA in this case should alert you.

Plastic (polymer)

Each manufacturer tries to stand out in the market. Therefore, all new types of polymers with different names are being developed. If you think that it is better - silicate or plastic, we will say that their main characteristics are similar, but there are minor differences.

  • Polyplex (Poliplex)in the washing machine. The polymer is not afraid of exposure to high temperatures, moisture, rust. The composite material perfectly absorbs noise, providing almost noiseless operation of the washer. Inexpensive polyplex has a good thermal conductivity, which allows you to spend less energy. But the plastic tank (drum) in the washing machine is considered quite fragile.

  • Carborane.Although it refers to polymers, its characteristics correspond to stainless steel. Strength, ecological cleanliness, resistance to high temperatures, corrosion. Unlike plastic, the polymer of the carborane is not afraid of mechanical damage.

There are also types of polymers in the washing machine, such as silitek and carbotek. Their qualities are similar to previous species. Summarize.

Benefitsplastic tanks made of polymers:

  1. Ease.
  2. Excellent sound and noise insulation. Therefore, the styaralka with a tank of polymers (plastic) works several times quieter than with a metal one.
  3. High thermal insulation allows you to save electricity.
  4. Resistance to temperatures, detergents, bleaches.
  5. Long service life. With careful attitude, it will last up to 30 years.


  • Breakage. Probability of cracks and splits. When transporting and hitting objects during washing, brittle plastic is often damaged and burst.

No less significant when buying is the cost of the machine and the shape of the drum. So, there are washing machines with a teardrop-shaped drum. Watch the video and decide which option to make:


Which material of the washing machine tank is best to choose, it's up to you. We hope that we helped to understand the characteristics and differences of materials.

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