AQUASTOP for the washing machine

Renovation is not cheap, it is now offered to the majority of apartments Ferris. How to protect your family, neighbors against differential pressure water supply capricious, often causing leakage? Consider now a number of devices used at times when help is powerless waterproofing washing machine. Hose inserted to supply the household equipment, called a weak spot. No wonder the inlet valve is placed, usually plastic. Does the protection Reliable, user-friendly every time wipe the sink if AQUASTOP for a washing machine need? Let's try to answer.

AQUASTOP for washing machines

UDI valve (Yudi) good swift elimination of the flood. Ordinary tube fitted with threaded ends. Within certain design that performs work by blocking the water flow. Patented tactics instantaneous stop the flow of water. Connecting a washing machine with AQUASTOP made, given the small tube that is placed at the entrance of the branch. Housing durable stainless steel device withstands hydraulic load, leave the excitement of the reliability of the connection.

When avkvastopa UDI operation for the washing machine is heard a click. The valve fulfills a sharp drop in the input pressure hose break branches off to the washing machine. Slamming occurs. The water no longer flow through the washing machine a maximum of one second.

Aquastop system

AQUASTOP washing machine system was tested revealing video, where the participant cut the hose with a sharp knife. Stream dried up in his eyes. Much faster diaphragm valves with electric control, discussed below, an obvious drawback seen. Triggering AQUASTOP washing machine of this species triggered by a sharp drop in pressure. Small leak valve powerless eliminated. product cost ranges from 500-600 rubles, subtracting delivery.

Housewives guard as rarely hose breaks immediately. For occurrences of a small leak invented AQUASTOP for washing machines, enjoying the powder base. Look a little more complicated, they are more expensive. Price starts from 1500 rubles. Powder AQUASTOP includes a hose for washing machines. One end of the apparatus included in the water. The opposite side of the washing machine is connected.

Unlike disposable device UDI, powerless to protect against sharp cliffs hose. Nowhere is described effects of the powder AQUASTOP. It comes the water uptake of the active agent, absorbent. Hose double, between the walls of the void. Occurs leakage of the inner wall, the water causes a violent reaction with the absorbent valve. Troubleshoot, blocking valve, then AQUASTOP for the washing machine stops act protected. Survive a couple of small breakdowns in different places. Cook 1500 rubles!


Readers have heard about the magical AQUASTOP washing machines, the work of the mysterious miracle of technology, not only are users. Is the same: within a sensor which detects the presence of a leak. Further depends on the sensor installation location, type. At times, the manufacturer glad to give publicity to the principles of operation of the equipment, give an external description of the two systems is common. The sensor detects the presence of water, a further algorithm is reduced to the skills of washing machines:

  1. Washing is interrupted when the water within the housing is fixed. AQUASTOP sensor system of the washing machine is installed at the bottom, the impact is high. Naturally, water, typed in a washing machine is on the floor.
  2. More complex functions AQUASTOP for washing machines with an auto shut off valve, standing at the beginning of branch water intake. Using special algorithms, the equipment gives a signal at the right time to close the valve controlled by an electric drive. Simple logic dictates: pointless detector is equipped with a bottom housing, a washing machine will be enough to stop the internal pump, cutting off the water supply. Apparently, the measured pressure drops in the path or AQUASTOP sensor is placed outside, in the legs. Approach will protect the actual washing machine, discover the underwater leak hose.


Consider two AQUASTOP system suitable washing machines, any occasions. Required to block the water faster entrust control of automation equipment help to make required.



Composition HydroStop AQUASTOP system: How it Works

technology formed the Latin name of the analogue AQUASTOP. Here the device: previously considered passive systems, sensors max. The kit contains:

  • phrenic type valve;
  • electronic valve control device;
  • sensors wired or wireless type;
  • the central control box.

The sensor signals reach the central AQUASTOP system control box. From this command is an electronic valve control device. The principle of operation of the washing machine AQUASTOP:

  • the sensor detects the presence of water;
  • signal is perceived by the central control box;
  • the valve control unit receives a command off the tap;
  • valve cuts off the water supply.

Central box AQUASTOP system to collect the plastic waterproof enclosure. Cover fringed perimeter rubber gasket that ensures tightness of the joint space. Under the wire there are special holes after laying wiring of flooded sealant technology. A variant AQUASTOP system wherein radio waves are used to transmit an alarm signal.

AQUASTOP system connection to the washing machine

Wireless sensors, but requires a battery to function properly. Gizmo may place anywhere, guaranteed aesthetic appearance. The absence of wires allows to walk freely around the room, the sensor is rearranged as needed. the battery level is carefully controlled central AQUASTOP system box. The sensor continuously sends the ready signal, the service information. As soon as the charge level drops, the box starts flashing LEDs in sequence.

Wire sensor is simply connected to the required terminals. The system is ready to operate. Wireless sensor must first bind to a central box. Called learning process, it is believed that the AQUASTOP avoid tripping caused by a neighbor's signal equipment. There are two reasons:

  1. For the operation of the household equipment allocated narrow frequency band, to go beyond where the law prohibits.
  2. Using a single frequency will allow to simplify the transmission or reception facilities, reduce the cost of technological cycles of industrial conveyors unification of products.

Sensors AQUASTOP HydroStop

Since the frequency of one every sensor in the manufacture of AQUASTOP gets a unique number, radiated information packets. Pulse Code Modulation signal. number of the sensor has to learn the central control box. To learn the system, inside the box is a special jumper to be close. AQUASTOP now ready to process. Sensor intentionally slightly moistened with water, three seconds later, the system will learn the number of the incoming signal.

Aquastop leak protection

Of course, the low probability of possible: work identical sensor neighbors, the equipment tunes in it. To avoid conflicts, it is recommended to check the system after training. Jumper, set at the beginning, are removed, the sensor is wetted with water again. Is heard ringing stable, valve, respectively, closes.

The working surface of the sensor resembles the sensitive area of ​​the keyboard buttons. Simply submit two letters W, with mutually inserted sticks. Each bukovki sticks than three - dozen. It turns out the tortuous maze. Water, wetting the contacts completes the circuit. There is an operation. Experienced radio amateur notice: copper oxidized by air in the bathroom humidity. Sensors AQUASTOP periodically cleaned. Akvastrazh system, discussed below, use of copper with gold plating. The problem of eliminating the oxides.

Transmitters are powered by the control box by wires or battery. The system uses 230 volts, it is impossible to equip a bathroom directly. The cable connecting the control box and the electric valve, rather short. Fine point of the system is called a fault. AQUASTOP backup power produced 12 volt battery, being part of. To complete, add, by wire system characterized by the presence of the wireless receiver, the transmitter in the control housing.

System AQUASTOP Akvastrazh

Flud washing machines provide Akvastrazh system. Composition resembles AQUASTOP HydroStop, there are key differences:

  1. The contact surface of the sensors are provided with gold plating, unlimited warranty.
  2. Nutrition conducted a battery of 12 volts, allowing you to install the system in the bathroom.
  3. Each sensor is designed LED control box that tells: the charge comes to an end. The wired models during the alarm LEDs blink depending on where in the leak.
  4. Control housing larger. It can be attributed to the shortcomings of Akvastrazh system. Filling accommodated motherboard stylish red color. Guaranteed control unit is 4 years.
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